My poems cover many aspects of life, including animals, special events and places, some of which are in The International Library of Poetry. This is my first poem about politics, which focuses on the sad events of our past year. It points to the 2000 "elections" and highlights several events that bring down prosperity enjoyed during the previous presidential administration.

Position Denounced
Vincent Franco

Presidential election of 2000 held
Political uprising conflicts geld

Voting tally questioned unfair
Supreme Court froze it in midair

Many suffering felt democracy lost
Gainers cared less about methods or cost

Case closed but never forgotten
The resident president made economy rotten

Swift tax cuts for rich put country debt in ditch
Energy oil prices soured to justify this pitch

Coincidental revisit to war Father left unfinished
Terrorists strike twin skyscrapers until diminished

People perished in thousands across races and religions
As corporate media glorified impostor decisions

Financial surpluses were eliminated one way or another
As polls support his movement toward big brother

God help us restore our democracy and live in peace
Bring us new leaders who do not thrive in grease

© 2001 Vincent Franco

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