"Newspapers attack the truth tellers on the record. You are the proof that America no longer exists, because what you do is not citizenship, but willful anarchy whose goal is to smother democracy in its crib. You care nothing about the disenfranchisement... A nation without faith in its means of voting is a nation falling apart and not unlike what would happen if faith in our currency were destroyed. Voting IS the currency of a democratic nation. And this currency is now counterfeit. No one should be defending the counterfeiters. In business, we fire these people on the spot. In politics, we coronate them and surrender our freedom to think to them." So writes Bevin Gilmore in a Democrats.commentary.

Open Letter to the New York Times: You are the Proof that American No Longer Exists
Bevin Gilmore

To whom it may concern:

You have a picture in your offices of a man taking the oath of office.

He lied about the patients' bill of rights law in Texas.

He will not come clean on his missing time in the military, which appears also, until further notice, to have been connected to a medical exam, or lack thereof, which led to his being grounded after the taxpayers had trained him to be a pilot. (We spend thousands training someone, and he ignores his obligations without consequence? This is the Pattern of Behavior we have seen with those who live off their sense of privilege and little else. The theft to the taxpayers is nothing to them).

He did not know that Social Security was a government program.

He actually thought there was something called an Inter-ballistic missile system.

These are not ordinary stupidities. They are extraordinary achievements in stupidity. You cannot have lived through the past few decades without reading a few headlines, knowing a few things by sheer osmosis, if not studied analysis. One of them is that Social Security is a government program. Another is buzzwords like antiballistic missile system or intercontinental ballistic missile system.

These are the stupidities of the Ignorant Privileged. ...Who see other people's money as their private stock, the taxpayers' credit card as their own little fiefdom ...Lifelong parasites who consider it their birthright to raid this stock. They do not believe they have to be knowledgeable. They believe it is OUR obligation to recognize and serve their noble birth only. And you snap him salutes like good little slaves hoping for some table scraps.

What do you make for your hard work, good slave? It is minuscule compared to what this man got merely with his name and insider trading. He is set for life. Even if we throw him out in three years, your taxes and those of your children will be appropriated to provide him a pension for life. He will never have to pretend to work again. You and your children toil for HIM to do nothing and be nothing. Leave your children lots and lots of money or a heady name, friend, for this fool pretense of a leader says it all on the condition of meritocracy in our society. It does not exist, and the product of your labors and your alleged scholarship is illustrative. So let the doctors and the lawyers and the assembly-line workers follow suit - all those who can sabotage the product they will sell you without your knowledge of this ineptitude - this is the supreme and REWARDED example of the land now. Incompetence is in. Let us all follow the example of our president and let meaningless ideology substitute for our medicines, our legal advice, our railroad lines, the engines in our automobiles, the hospital care for our loved ones, which has ALWAYS depended on the buddy system even when our Presidency was based on a meritocracy (trust me on this one). How can you ask anyone to produce anything better than this fool you protect and worship? Your hypocritical demands are noted. But your president is an apparent fool. Why should anyone strive for more? To what end? We share nothing now.

What do you make for your hard work, good slave? And where does it say in our contracts that you have the right to submit to slavery? You had a moral constitutional obligation NOT to.

He demanded $1.3 trillion in tax cuts largely for the rich while we still have 30 years to pay on the $1.3 trillion in S&L bonds, largely benefiting the rich, that his father insisted on sticking to the country back in 1990. One can see that the candidacy of this hack, this walking testament to the disfigurements of drugs and alcohol, could easily be characterized as coming from grateful crooks eager to steal more - and not just an election at that. And that is PRECISELY WHAT THEY DID, albeit with your help. I have just learned that the origins of the Whitewater investigation began in the White House. How very very telling. The psychiatrists will tell you that the bigger the fraud, the greater the denial, and the more forceful the desire to continue the fraudulent behavior. So the administration that gave us $1.3 trillion in debt over 40 years launched the $60 million taxpayer-funded investigation of a man in order to show that HE was an S&L crook. This is where they added insult to injury, taking their own crimes and making Americans continue to pay in order for them to finger an innocent man with those crimes. A case of classic misdirection. Talk to any cop in America: They see this kind of behavior day in and day out, a dime a dozen. And the press went along for the ride, protecting the true criminal and joining the mob action against the innocent man. These are descriptions of anarchy, not democracy, and the worst in government and society. And certainly they are no paean to the fourth estate. You have nothing to be proud of in this record, giving the crooks a pass and joining the unjust feeding frenzy with the Arkansas man, without so much as an apology for everything you got wrong. I have no doubt what Moses and Christ and Mohammed would have called this.

This from the biggest protector of S&L crooks in the nation, the man with the title and the responsibility, who stood by and covered up early attempts to stop the hemorrhaging. No wonder his battle cry for President was "No New Taxes." He had to protect the false profits for his friends. They would abandon his claim and tenuous hold on "fame" if he had not. They are now poised to do the same thing again -- to apply the same scam -- to the nation's natural riches, legislating their worth into their coffers, regardless of the consequences to human and natural life and community contracts. They are parasites. And you stand by giving them a pass for their crimes, over and over again. (Make your excuses to your God in your respective houses of worship. Maybe He will understand. I do not). This is Godless country now, a Godless and blasphemous country devoted to Christendom.

That is who runs this nation now. So instead of making amends in a timely fashion between economic classes, which a good nation would consider, we brace for another assault by thieves on our productivity and our natural resources. These are the miscreants we give titles to and parades for, people who make a mockery of the Ten Commandments and every decency ever taught to any school child. These wretches would say: Let us blame the WRITER of the Tablets, not us, for our inefficiencies and ineptitude! He forgot to qualify, Thou Shalt Not Steal Even When Done in White Collar Fashion. We are off the hook! And we can STILL claim Jesus as our friend and chief promoter. OK, says the elder, so when the head of the Bank Board told me of the crimes going on in Texas thrifts, I ignored him and I smeared him for his display of integrity, ultimately saddling all of you with $1.3 trillion in debt. But it's okay, because I was stupid and inept, not conspiratorial! Just like Florida today! Of course, I will do absolutely nothing to make this up to you because you are too stupid to figure it out!

I join the Mormon leader Walsh in condemning these frauds and in proclaiming that this government has been stolen by evil evil people.

But it is like others say, a variation thereof: In their heart of hearts, when the cheerleaders are home relaxing with their spouses and families, pondering their meager moral lot in life, they know that they defend the worst of the worst, and in so doing they lie to their neighbors and friends, and cheat them materially and morally with the wholesale lying necessary to protect the House of Fraud.

Tammany had nothing on them; it at least helped the poor. Teapot dome had nothing on them; it was not anywhere near so pervasive.

We have a completely and utterly corrupt government, in which you take your marching orders. We have a Supreme Court that fixed the election, enabling special rights for one candidate. Violence has been rewarded, racism has been ratified, lawbreaking is victorious, and apathy is advised. No, apathy is DEMANDED. It is spit out at us with the pseudo-smart phrase, "get over it," as if this fighting comment, an invitation to a fistfight, was now a studied tenet of critical thinking that we claim we want our educators to teach our children. Reform education? WHY???? An educated electorate would see right through these impostors and liars and send them packing as the traitors and common thieves they are. They depend on ignorance, and they know it. And they DEPEND on people who get vicarious thrills from their material power. And they depend on liars to advance their cover story.

Newspapers attack the truth tellers on the record. You are the proof that America no longer exists, because what you do is not citizenship, but willful anarchy whose goal is to smother democracy in its crib. You care nothing about the disenfranchisement. You betray no concern. You act indignant that someone has noticed the impolite perfidy. In short, laziness, stupidity, and unprofessionalism has become something to defend, not lament and chastise. Your righteous indignation is confined to the judges of these failed, corrupt governors and the pathetic discharge of their duties. A nation without faith in its means of voting is a nation falling apart and not unlike what would happen if faith in our currency were destroyed. Voting IS the currency of a democratic nation. And this currency is now counterfeit. No one should be defending the counterfeiters. In business, we fire these people on the spot. In politics, we coronate them and surrender our freedom to think to them. Only in politics will you see grown adults, allegedly sexually strong human beings, worship before incompetence and corruption and assaults on our principles -- who with a straight face accept the "special rights" and "special advancement" for one very privileged man. What kind of manhood is this?

You have watched while you and your fellow American citizens were divested of their citizenship and reduced to subjects. You - they - count for NOTHING. Your opinion does not count because your opinion can no longer reliably be translated into a meaningful vote. It concerns a simple matter of mathematics. That is the meaning of democracy. It is where everyone is part of the whole and can advance their opinions and have them heard, even if they are not the controlling argument. There IS no more democracy in America because America cannot count. America is PROUD that it WILL NOT COUNT. It glories in a sarcastic, dismissive judge who ordains that IT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO COUNT! (What kind of manhood is this that trembles in passive agreement before this blatant tyranny against all that America was founded upon? Do you scream out the name of God in communion with these tyrants? Forgive these comments. In an older age, before Freud, we would have politely avoided this angle of aggressiveness in nature and how it becomes distorted by a lack of talent, the failure to be excellent in anything, the inability to do better or be seen better than an obvious superior rival like the last freely elected President. Today we are not so shy in exposing these deficiencies).

So money talks, and the judge tells us, sarcastically, dismissively, that the people can take a walk. You buy that kind of language coming from a Judge? The kind of cheap comment I could get from any two-bit thug back on a street corner in Brooklyn? (Do you tingle and tremble before this man who substitutes sarcasm, belittlement and ridicule for critical and informed thought?). I have changed my mind. No apologies for this angle. It is a legitimate claimant in the differential diagnoses.

The facts of the record will not be ignored, and the perpetrators of these facts and this record will receive no "social promotion" by those of us who can still think, here and abroad, and are not impressed by unfulfilled judges who resort to ridicule to explain their positions. (Anyone can do that). They have failed; democracy was struck a lethal blow, and no amount of explanation or excuse can change the record.

And with democracy goes the rules and guidelines we agree to abide by. Rules and understandings and contracts we have taken for granted. Some say this is what makes a mass of people a civilization. I look at you and others around me and I see subjects, people less than human now because it the State* that rules supreme and not their collective belief in a shared society. Their vote did not count, so they do not count. And you are among them.

(*They tell us this one man is the ruler, and you place his picture on the wall. But I know of no one who believes he is running anything. Do you? You see, we accept this lie and allow it to thrive unchallenged. How pathetic we have become).

The underlying fraud and its racism and classism: "Citizens" were not disenfranchised in this scheme of viewing America - Blacks were. And underneath all of this is the subtle message that Blacks and Latinos count just a little bit less than the real citizens, despite the fact that YOUR vote did not count either. And so we have a little bit of a victory here for the partisans -- those hinterland folk who believe exactly that -- that Jews, Blacks, even Catholics, count less than "us," are not true full-bodied citizens like the rest of "us." This despite the fact that YOUR claim to citizenship is now rather silly also.

Is it shocking to say that if I passed the vice president on the street in the throes of a cardiac arrest that I would walk right past and do nothing to help him? It is certainly shocking to ME, as I work in the medical field... and there are rules of decency. Or, there WERE rules of decency and citizenship. Now I see nothing wrong or immoral with letting him die unattended. When we do not agree to even disagree, it is not even immoral to kill. In a civilization where citizens share a common goal of the extended national family, such things are even considered immoral. But without that framework, that participatory agreement, you have either friends or enemies, and no more than that. That which is moral or immoral becomes very particularized. This is also called a state of war.

We can get over this, that is not the problem. African Americans can get over and survive the theft of their votes and their tenuous hold on America. White Americans who also lost their vote (though may not know it because they have confused having their choice prevail with having their vote counted) can also get over it and survive. But the one thing that will not survive and CANNOT survive is the United States of America. This assault upon its conceptual institutions strikes to the very heart of its existence. America is no more. Or, more accurately, the United States of America is no more. It has been reduced to a horrible, cackling misnomer. We unite in NOTHING when we tear apart the very basis of our existence, the ligaments connecting our once proud collective goals and aspirations. A vote is not just a right of expression. It is the language of democracy, and each and every one is the building brick of a community and a nation. You stand by silently as, brick by brick, it is being torn down.

Our faith in American democracy is confirmed not only by its results, but also by its methods and how it safeguards its free expressions, the vote being one of the most important of all... which also safeguards against revolution. The methodology in Florida was one of willful neglect and deliberate disenfranchisement. You do not need a conspiracy when shared privilege is "in the air." A soldier will prove his cowardice by NOT acting at a given moment. That is our situation here. But you choose to subtly attack those with enough faith left in America to look at the record and call it to account. The incompetents are granted social promotion.

Look at the record like the professionals you allegedly are. Whatever coin you are paid in to serve as a laborer in tearing down the foundations of democracy brick by brick, it is payment from thieves and haters of this country. This country is now solely owned by those who believe that our toil and our money, and that of our children, is theirs alone. They will twist this controlling principle here and that controlling principle there to fashion any legal hypocrisy that serves their interest. You record the endless lies without protest or exposure. Consider this quote from a Republican on the US Civil Rights Commission report: "Sometimes people who believe that their cause is a correct one lose sight of the procedural violations and believe that the means they pursue are justified by the goodness of the ends they desire."

I second his analysis.

Yes, they overlooked – and willfully disregarded -- the law on mandatory machine recounts, they overlooked the duties of election supervisors to prepare for projected volumes of voters, they overlooked established precedent and legal guidelines on ballot design so that their designs were misleading, stupid and illegal, but not illegal enough for prosecution in the eyes of some judges, they overlooked their professional obligations to vet a list of alleged felons, even when the concerned company told them that THAT was an integral part of using the list, they overlooked the laws and guidelines applicable to procedures on election day, they overlooked the laws on absentee ballots, they overlooked the purpose of machinery by disabling one of its features, they overlooked the laws against violence that allowed a mob to shut down a hand count, and they cheered when a corrupt few stopped a hand count, an integral part of an election. They not only overlooked these legal matters, they willfully disfigured them. ALL of this has been rewarded instead of punished, as it should have been. So much for the free market ensuring quality. The free market of ideas and public discussion is now owned and controlled by liars and crooks and their helpers, and the end-product will reflect these conditions. Throw out the hand count? Then you throw out the entire election. Anyone who thinks a hand count should be stopped gives his or her consent to the end of democracy. This one is on the bathroom wall, and always has been for a free people.

In short, they walk well in a yoke, and stupidly think their corrupt actions on behalf of their masters will benefit them and their neighbors. This is not ordinary stupidity. This is Olympic Achievement in Stupidity.

Yet you choose to defend these people and criticize those with enough faith left in America to look at the record and call it to account. That is what you consider a day’s work.

God Save the United States of America.

Bevin Gilmore

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