The phenomenal success of the Broadway adaptation of Mel Brooks' classic film "The Producers" has inspired a newswriter to pen a more timely version of the classic song.

Springtime For Dubya
(To the tune of Mel Brooks'
"Springtime for Hitler")

Freeperland was having trouble
What a sad, sad story
Needed cue card reader
To wave around dear "Old Glory"
Where, oh where was he
Where could that chimp be?
We stole the crown
And leashed it 'round
The Chimp for you and me!

And now it's...
Springtime for Dubya and Che-e-ney
Dutchland is so anti-gay
We're marching to a faster pace
Look out, here comes the master race!

Springtime for Dubya and Che-e-ney
Winter for poor folks and plants
Springtime for Dubya and Che-e-ney
Come on, Freepers, get into your rants!

I was born in New Haven
But they still like to call me Tex
Don't be AWOL, be a smarty
Come and join the Moonie Party!

Springtime for Dubya and Che-e-ney
Twelve-steps are new steps today
We're making the pie high again
This land is up for grabs again!

Springtime for Dubya and Che-e-ney
Dick's heart is beating once more
Wells filled with toxic waste!
Springtime for Dubya and Che-e-ney
Means that soon we'll be going
We got to be going
Smirk sez we are going to war

By Ted Kahl,
with inspiration from the Mel Brooks original

P.S. Enter "nazi" in our "Compass" search engine to learn about the Bushes long history with the Nazis. Try another search by entering "moon" to read about the Bushes and Reverend Moon.

P.P.S. There is an earlier, pre-election "Springtime for Dubya" by R. Wacko .

You can also see the lyrics for the Mel Brooks original here.

Talkin' Bob Barr Blues
Dutchland, Dutchland
Uber Alles!

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