Public Access TV has become one of the far right's most effective tools - and we need to begin using it as well. In cooperation with and Deep Dish TV we are proud to announce a new version of the 30 minute documentary "Raining on the Parade" which you can order. The new version is a powerful documentary of the Counter-Inaugural events in January and is also an effective promotional vehicle for the May 19th Voter March demonstrations in favor of election reform. The demonstrations will be held in Washington and in San Francisco. The videotape you buy to get on local public access TV is different than the one you can order to watch on your home VCR, but if you get it on your cable system thousands more people will see it. Please help us reach out beyond the Internet activists to reach the population at large. Announces VideoActivism:
Take Back Public Access TV

In cooperation with, we asked legendary video activists Deep Dish TV to produce a new version of their 30 minute documentary "Raining on the Parade." The new version, addition to being a great documentary of the Counter-Inaugural in January, also promotes the May 19th VoterMarch demonstrations for election reform that are being held in Washington, DC and San Francisco.

We want your help getting the program on your local cable system, which if you have checked recently has been overrun with right wing propaganda. Please go to the store and click on "tools for activists" to order a copy of the video. Be aware that the videotape you purchase to get on a local cable system is not the same format as the videotape you would buy to view it on your home VCR and that the version for your home VCR also includes another documentary called "Not My President" that was produced by the Independent Media Center. We have set the price for each videotape at $20 and can also overnight the tape to you if necessary.

If you order a copy you should also join your local chapter so you can coordinate with other members. We would also appreciate it if you would let us know via e-mail at so we can keep track of our progress.

The best way to find your local Public Access coordinator is by calling your local cable system, but be prepared for it to be a struggle. You can also take a look at a partial list of "Public Educational and Governmental Access Organizations" which contains only the PEG stations that have a Web site. In addition to that list, here is another good list. If your cable system is not on this list it only means that they do not have a Web site. Use your cable bill or the telephone book to find their phone number. If you want to find the list of cable systems in your area you can go to a library and consult the Broadcasting and Cablecasting Yearbook.

This is our first attempt to move away from talking to people on the Internet and getting on radio and television. Even a few hundred commited activists could get some very effective alternative television programming in front of millions of Americans. Please help make this first step a success, and see you in Washington or San Francisco on May 19th!

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Citizens for Legitimate Government

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