Here are two reports of our President Gore Birthday Party at the Anaheim Convention Center (site of the 2001 Democratic Party State Convention) from Ruth and from Gina Record. We had a big sign we made up, and we handed out over 150 flyers. We're going to get the photos we took developed tonight, including pictures of the cakes (and our kids with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who also signed the "card"), and then mail them all to Al Gore tomorrow in a secure box.

Great Birthday Party at the Convention

We had a great time at Al Gore's Birthday party at the California Democratic Convention. Alexandar and Natasha and Mark and I and Gina Record and David Sanchez brought lots of cake and signs and cards and literature. The sheet cakes said "President Gore, Happy Birthday Al," "Happy Birthday President Gore," and "The People Want Al Gore." We were also joined by Vicki Wilson and Eric Goren and Kim, who brought bumper stickers and literature.

We collected over 200 signatures on a notebook-style birthday card with the label "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT GORE WE ALL KNOW YOU WON FLORIDA AND THE 2000 ELECTION." Gina also collected lots of signatures on a poster card. Gina had poster size enlargements of the letter from the kids to Laura Bush (asking her to have her husband resign) and of the trustthepeople-cadems poster that Darrias designed.

The highlight for my nine-year old daughter Natasha was when Maxine Waters hugged her. Maxine posed for pictures with both Alexandar and Natasha and signed Al's card. Maxine would make a great running mate for Al Gore when he runs for re-election in 04.

Incidentally the sign we had behind the table with the cake said "CELEBRATE PRESIDENT GORE'S BIRTHDAY; EVICT THE RESIDENT FROM AL'S HOUSE." Other signs included, "Re-elect Gore in 04" and "Vote Democrat in 2002; Impeach the Crooks in 2003." Gina had a stop sign that said "Stop Bush."

Many people at the convention thanked us and told us they were very glad we were doing this. People said that they felt something like this needed to be done because Al Gore worked really hard for us and deserved our appreciation.

It was a great day.

Ruth Hull-Richter

Oral Majority, Trust The People, Citizens Against Bush, and were well represented at the Convention Center in Anaheim. We met and took pictures with Maxine Waters. We signed a guest book full of birthday wishes for Al Gore. We got more signatures for the Children Fight for Democracy letter. We spread the word about National Strike One and suggested that everyone start attending as many baseball games as possible and taking banners that read "Resign Mr. Bush" to hang over the rail. One lady said she has front row seats at the Yankees Game and she is definitely going to be doing that.

Someone stole our "STOP BUSH" sign!!!! They took it. I guess it really upset someone. Maybe we should turn every stop sign in America into a "STOP BUSH" sign.

We passed out literature about Leave Out - the other strike that is being called for by an organization of disabled persons at 1 PM Eastern, 10 AM Pacific on Tuesday April 17th - the day after tax day - "to remind our government that when business as usual means discrimination, we want no part of it." We got a huge response and after 6 hours of talking on our feet non-stop, we are about to crawl under the covers for enough sleep to go right back out there again tomorrow. The children were wonderful. Natasha wrote a story last night that I am looking forward to reading.

Tell Al Gore we have the most beautiful multi colored protest birthday card for him. It says "We the People Want Al Gore" and people were lined up to sign it and send him warm greetings all day long. We certainly hope you had a wonderful day, sir. We passed out 4 full trays of bite sized pieces of birthday cake in your honor. The photographs are in the mail. The People Want Al Gore!

Regina Record

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