Cheryl Seal writes: "A courageous and conscientious citizen in Northern Minnesota who has tried repeatedly to get this revealing information out through the usual channels (FBI, NTSB) with little luck relates how mechanics heard Wellstone's plane circle the Eveleth Airport twice, a plane in distress with multiple systems failures. Meanwhile, CNN and the other media continue to disseminate the 'tired pilot-ice' red herrings. Why?"

Courageous, Conscientious Citizen Comes Forward with Suppressed Information on the Wellstone Crash

NOTE: has been amassing facts for its citizens' investigation of the Wellstone crash and asking anyone with any information to please come forward. The results have so far been very encouraging. One letter from an anonymous weather forecaster with NOAA indicates that an entire hour's worth of data for the Eveleth area (for the time of the crash) was temporarily "unavailable" shortly following the crash. Another anonymous letter came from someone with the FTAA, who reported that ice had nothing to do with the crash. Now we have received a letter from a citizen not afraid to give his full name, address, and phone number. We will keep on top of this case, and should any of the people who provide us with information suffer retaliatory action for their courage, we will most certainly expose that fact and make sure it becomes public knowledge!!!

-Cheryl Seal

Dear Cheryl:

I work as a Reservation Sales Agent at the WorldPerks Service Center of North West in Chisholm, MN and heard from a co-worker that the mechanics in Eveleth at the airport during the Wellstone crash actually heard a plane going over the airport twice. They asked themselves if it was a mail plane or something else. No, they decided it could only have been the Wellstone plane. One of them, David Sereda, was advised by the FBI not to say anything or the media would harass him.

This is a coverup. It only remains to be determined what kind--innocent or evil. The public, though has a totally skewed idea of happened. It wasnt just a plane coming in low and slow, off course, with a pilot who was sleep deprived and lied about his hours flown on an application who got iced up stalled and went down. This was a plane which had a major systems failure involving communication and navigation that wasnt even trying to land--witness the landing gear only 15% down--but circling the airport in distress which went down facing away from the airport .

I called the NTSB--public affairs--202-314-6100 and told my story. The spokesman promised to relay it. What really interests me is whether the NTSB has interviewed the mechanics and whether that all will appear on the final report in 6 months. There is something you can follow up on! This is all I know.


John Munter
Warba, MN

Dear John,

Thankyou so much for speaking up. I will make sure that this information gets out to the public!! I only wish there were more conscientious citizens with courage like yourself out there. If there were, we would not be in the current mess we're in now!

All the very best,

Cheryl Seal

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