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The Men Who Will Send YOUR Children to Fight and Die in Iraq
Joe Citizen http://joecitizen.org

George W. Bush (1), Dick Cheney (2), John Ashcroft (3), Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz have all said that we must launch a preemptive attack on Iraq.

Andrew Card will try to make a potential invasion look good to both public and (p)resident. He is lost without Karen Hughes. John Bolton will try any diplomatic means to locate or negotiate possible allies.

Karl Rove, Mark Racicot and Mitt Romney will want to make "GOP patriotism", even more of a campaign issue than it was before. Newt Gingrich and Gary Bauer will help mobilize the right flank of their party. Ted Olson and Ken Starr will investigate and litigate, if there are any legal or constitutional issues. Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas will agree to hear their cases.

Tom Delay, Dennis Hastert, Trent Lott, Phil Gramm, Mitch McConnell and Don Nickles will bring up bills in Congress in an attempt to appease the so-called opposition and convince the American public about the urgent need to invade.

Roger Ailes will decide what the public needs to know. Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Britt Hume will likely succeed in pleasing Roger Ailes. Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzer will tell you more about what Roger Ailes has decided you need to know, even though they are with different networks. George Will and William Kristol will decide to give you slightly more information, but only if it helps support their point of view.

Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter will continue to say whatever comes into their crazyheads, no matter what the facts are.

Jeb Bush will do anything to please his brother, but couldn't remember whether he was supposed to declare martial law in Florida on Sept. 10th or Sept. 11th 2001.

Rudy Giuliani, "America's Mayor", will give his blessing on it all, but only if it helps continue his new found popularity with the GOP with his eye on 2004, 2008 or 2012.




(1) George W. Bush had his daddy get him into the National Guard. He served 4 years of his 6 year term during which time he was apparently AWOL for six or more months and had his pilot's license revoked for failing to complete a medical screening for drugs.

(2) Dick Cheney was busy starting a business.

(3) John Ashcroft was busy teaching business ed.

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