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Bush Vacationed While They Planned
By Mary MacElveen

If Bush being complicit with the GOP to use photos of him, especially the one of him making a call to Cheney on September 11th for fund raising tactics wasn’t enough, now we learn that he had advanced warning of a terrorist threat one month before that horrific day. While it is stated that he had no idea that planes could be used as bombs, do I have a report to show him. That being the Gore Commission Report on Airline Safety and Security. Please read the passage below.

The bombings of the World Trade Center in New York and the Federal Building in Oklahoma City are clear examples of the shift, as is the conviction of Ramzi Yousef for attempting to bomb twelve American airliners out of the sky over the Pacific Ocean. The second change is that in addition to well-known, established terrorist groups, it is becoming more common to find terrorists working alone or in ad-hoc groups, some of whom are not afraid to die in carrying out their designs.

Although the threat of terrorism is increasing, the danger of an individual becoming a victim of a terrorist attack -- let alone an aircraft bombing -- will doubtless remain very small. But terrorism isn't merely a matter of statistics. We fear a plane crash far more than we fear something like a car accident. One might survive a car accident, but there's no chance in a plane at 30,000 feet. This fear is one of the reasons that terrorists see airplanes as attractive targets. And, they know that airlines are often seen as national symbols.

Source Site: FAS.org: 'The Gore Commission Report'

This pretty much paves the road to how terrorists would use our airplanes for their own evil means. It also points out how terrorists would either work alone or in ad-hoc groups, also known as cells. Why did this administration not pay attention to a report that was filed on February 12th, 1997? Why did the Republicans fail to implement this report’s findings? Why did we bailout an industry that refused to have these implementations put in place?

We also must remember, that one month before this horrific attack upon our nation, Bush was on a month long vacation in Crawford, Texas where he seems to feel more at home. Wonder why? Knowing that there was this threat, the last place he should have been was on vacation. Did those who died in these attacks live to see future vacations? Will those left behind see joyous vacations with their dearly departed?

There are others that I hold complicit in this horrific attack that befell our nation. First, we must remember the five Supreme Court Injustices who circumvented the Constitution, and installed Bush as our president. We must also hold those responsible for this, those who were so greedy, because they were promised a big fat tax rebate back. They funded the Bush campaign in the first place. People like Kenneth Lay who is a good friend of this administration. We must also hold big corporations who funded and backed then candidate Bush as well.

Speaking of tax cuts, you know what, I would gladly have gone without my tax advance check and future tax cuts, if it meant those who died on September 11th would still be alive today. But then again, greed does not run through my veins as it does for those who voted for Bush.

People constantly ask if this attack would have happened under a Gore administration. Upon reading his insightful report, I highly doubt it. His administration would have been on the look out for many of these scenarios. People made fun of him because he was so smart, but my contention to them is that we need a smart man, a man who would listen to threats like this and act upon them as our president. We do not need a man who takes a month long vacation just before this horrific attack. If he dares blame the Clinton/Gore administration for this, I say that the blame falls squarely on them. It is about time that this administration stand up and take some responsibility.

In closing, it is almost before midnight here on the East Coast, and people have been standing in line to view the new Star Wars movie, and some of them have been doing so for days on end. They will take that time for a movie, but when it comes to voting, they are no where to be seen for the most part. Has our society made standing in lines for movies and lottos far more important than standing in lines to vote? Will Americans give Bush a pass on this? Sorry to be so pessimistic, folks but my feeling is yes. To me he is shielded in Teflon.