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Al Gore Unleashed!
Nancy Lynn Nagy
A proud American and a Democrat from Tennessee!

Last night, I went to see the "Real President" Al Gore. Let me tell you, at first my friend Susan and I thought that we would be deeply disappointed, thinking that all we would hear tonight was a bunch of bull roar for Bush and his W-ar. But after hearing Al Gore speak tonight I came out feeling better than I have ever felt--even before the stolen election! Al Gore is back and he is fighting like I have never heard him before!!

I know by reading your letters that many of you, including myself, are deeply frustrated and disillusioned with the Democrats lately and rightly so. But I can tell you that after what I heard tonight from Al Gore all of us should rest assured that the Democrats have heard our cries and have finally begun to fight!

Last night I saw the "young" Al Gore Jr. The son of a decent 'Liberal' Senator, who has decided that he doesn't care what anyone thinks anymore, he's going to speak what's on his mind. While he said he still doesn't know if he will run in 2004, he said that he has been silent long enough and now it was time for him to speak out. His passion for our earth's environment could hardly be contained, while his anger for what Bush has done to further its destruction was collected but unreserved! I saw the US Senator Al Gore Jr., the Al Gore who wasn't afraid to stand before the Senate and fight for what he believed was right, even if it meant political death. Just like his father.

Al Gore Jr. made it very clear that he was not running from President Clinton anymore. He passionately referred to Clinton as his "partner" and "friend" several times. He also gave and accepted the credit for the 8 years of peace and prosperity that he and Bill brought to this country. Again, he could hardly contain the compassion he has for the people who have lost their jobs since Bush took office, while his anger for what Bush and the Republicans have done to destroy this prosperity and budget surplus he and the Democrats worked so hard to build was collected but in no way reserved. Al Gore was very clear and minced no words. He used no notes for his speech and could hardly keep himself behind the podium. Standing behind a podium is just not Al Gore! He is by no means "stiff"!

I always knew Al Gore was like this, since I had seen him speak many times before the 2000 $election. When many in the press were screaming "unleash the Big Dog (Clinton)", I was saying to myself, "Hell, unleash Al Gore"! Well I can tell all of you truthfully, Al Gore is off his leash!!

C-span is covering the speech. When I got home about 10:30 Central time last night they already had it up. So keep an eye out on C-span for the Tennessee Democratic Convention, I am sure that C-span will show it again.

CNN was there. Candy Crowley to be exact with her two cameramen in tow. My friend Susan and I wondered how CNN was going to report this rally because there was not one person there who wasn't extremely vocal about calling Al Gore "the Real President" and Al Gore didn't seem to mind at all. And these Tennessee Democrats are certainly not what Bush refers to as the "fringe"! Also Stella Parton, Dolly Parton's sister, sang at the rally and she too referred to Al Gore as the real President. She held up a bumper sticker that said "Re-elect Gore in 2004" and shouted "Let's do it"! Also the investigation of Enron got big cheers from a crowd that looked to be well over a thousand.

Keep an eye out for any reports from Candy. I am curious as to how CNN will report this, if they do at all.

I know that this year has been rough. And I also know that the Democrats and Al Gore have not been everything we think they should be. But I can tell you this, it does not seem to be the case now. Tonight I am going to sleep very well and so should you. I know it is not my place to say this, but I feel as though I should. I don't think we have time to do anything different. We must stick with the Democrats, it's all we've got. If we don't and we allow ourselves to be divided, Bush and the Republicans will win. I am hoping and asking all of you to help in any way you can. Let's do it and then when we get them in and the Repugs out we can petition them to see things our way!

PS I would like to let you know that I didn't let Candy Crowley leave the Democratic rally without hearing from me! When she passed in front of my friend Susan and me, with her two cameramen following close behind, I said loud enough for her to hear me: " There's CNN-- mouth piece for the Right"! Make no mistake about it, Candy heard me. She kind of hesitated a second, but then I guess she thought better and moved on! My friend and I laughed. Aren't you proud of us??