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Getting Away with Murder: GOP Dirty Dealings Grow Uglier by the Daywith Media Protection

It doesn't say much for any group if the only way they can make it to the top and try to stay there is through deceit, intimidation, and smear campaigns against the opposition. Yet this has been the GOP's modus operandi since Abraham Lincoln died and left Andrew Johnson in charge.

Just this week, it was discovered that two Republican operatives duped two youthful would-be political candidates into running for office in California as a way to tilt the win to the GOP. Now, with the corporate media as acting just like Igor to Dr. Frankenstein (the movie version), it looks like they can get away with anything - possibly even murder.

The Mysterious Death of Lori Klausutis

Unknown to most of Americams, soaked as they have been in Condit coverage, some weeks back, an attractive younge female aide was found dead in GOP Rep. Joe Scarborough's office in FLA. This comes just a month or so after Scarborough suddenly announces he is going to "retire." It turns out that the aide died of head trauma - written off as "hitting her head on a desk." Yet there are no questions asked...no nationwide media coverage a la Condit- except in Democrats.com and other Internet news outlets.

Dear Democrats.com,

I read your report concerning Lori Klausutis and the theory given by the "associate" medical examiner to explain her sudden death IN THE OFFICE OF A U.S. CONGRESSMAN.

"Medical examiner says woman hit her head during fall, killing her."

OK - well I guess that just about wraps it up then. Obviously, there is no chance that foul play was involved because the politician IN WHOSE OFFICE HER HEAD WAS BASHED IN belongs to a Republican. Now, if this was Chandra Levy's body found in Gary Condit's office and a similar explanation was given I'm sure you would all agree that the case should be closed as an unfortunate "accident". Yeah, right - and I just saw a flock of pigs flying over my house!

The media attention given to potential or manufactured scandal involving Democrats is staggering! If this was a Democrat's office your town would be a veritable fiesta of satellite broadcast trucks and crews! There wouldn't be a hotel room available for 40 miles! GMA from Pensacola! This is Today on NBC in the panhandle of FLA! CNN live from the murder scene!

But if a young healthy girl has her head bashed in behind the doors of a REPUBLICAN's private office it passes unnoticed by more than a local reporter for a small town daily, who parrots whatever he is told by "the authorities". I'm sure Lori's parents, like Chandra's, are perfectly comfortable with the explanation given. Odd, though, the media hasn't seen fit to even ask for their comment.

Lori was from Niceville, right? Is that anywhere near Pleasantville? (homage to Hollywood)

David Bolton
Orange County, CA

Mainstream Media Lets Child Molestor Off Scott Free

The Congressional attack dogs and media drooled, growled, and snapped for MONTHS over Bill Clinton's little fling with Monica Lewinsky, the 22-year-old and oh-so-willing aide. They wanted to string Bill up by his you-know-whats. Now, with Gary Condit, the same group of thugs are not only circling like vultures, they WANT to discover him guilty of murder. Meanwhile, they are playing up his affair with this young woman - who was even older than Monica - like it was the first legislator to ever stray.

Meanwhile, NOWHERE except in local papers in CT will you find any coverage about GOP Mayor of Harford Philip Giordano, who is currently being HELD WITHOUT BAIL for molesting little girls as young as 9 and 11. Doesd this mean the GOP sanctions child molestation, but can't cope with adult affairs?

Dear Dems,

I live in Danbury, CT and I am getting more disgusted by the day at the big news folks, like NBC, CBS, Fox, et al and also the New York Times, and other nationally-read newspapers.

As you at Democrats.com know, the Mayor of Waterbury, Philip Giordano has been picked up for illegal sexual activities involving minors, whom he conspired to take across state lines, where he would molest them. Some of these girls were just grade school age. Everyone I know is totally disgusted and appalled that a man in his position of power, not to mention the fact that he ALMOST made it to the senate (he lost to Leiberman) would prey on children.

We are also totally disgusted by the fact that we keep seeing Condit coverage every night on the news, but no news show is giving any coverage to this crime against children because this man is a Republican. I can tell you, CT isn't going to vote for any Republicans again very damn soon.

J. Billard

Note: On 8/7, all the major networks gave huge coverage to the crime of child pornography and how the feds are rounding up all the creeps. NOT ONE WORD about a politician using his power to prey on children. Are they condoning Giordano's behavior - i.e., it's allright to prey on children if you are A. a politician and B. a Republican ?

Tom Scam

Remember how many weeks the GOP and corporate media spent on the subject of Al Gore making a few fundraising calls from the White House (like the Vice-President of the United States is supposed to run to the phone booth across the street!)? You'd think he robbed a bank!

However, NOWHERE in the mainstream media will you find coverage of Tom Delay's outrageous predatory scam targeting doctors. His tactics are so reprehensible, that warnings against him and his outfit are now being placed in physicians' journals.

Now that the public has been alerted, Delay is apparently trying a newe pool of targets: independent businessmen. Once again, seems like if you are a Republican, you can raise money any damn way you please. What's next? Armed robbery?

TOM DELAY'S OFFICE JUST CALLED ME!! I am an independent stockbroker so I am listed somewhere as a business owner. I read about the Doctors being invited to join a special advisory committee as a scam to get money. She called -- identified herself as an aide from Tom Delay's office and asked me to listen to a taped message from Delay. Between what she said and the message said - I was invited to join the New Business Advisory Council because they need key business leaders like me. I was not just asked to be a member but also an honorary co-chairman AND I was going to get an award, a National Leadership Award, they even offered to send a press release to my local paper to announce my appointment. She really laid it on thick about what a great man and leader I was, I am not sure how she knew me so well, but boy was I honored. She said I would be invited to key meetings and briefings with political leaders; wow!

Then she let me know there would be no time commitment, but insured me this is a major award. Then she said "this has nothing to do with the award, but we are asking the Co-Chairman (remember I was invited to be an Honorary Co-Chairman, not just a member of this important new council) to give $300 to $500". Of course reasons were given about the changes that have been made and the need to continue the changes with Bush's agenda.

Well I let her know that the last 6 years or so my business was going very well, but these "changes" have sent my business spiraling downward and was not sure I wanted any more of these changes. Well, then she went on and began ratcheting down her request, by the time we were done bantering she was begging for 50 bucks and I said no. Just being a telemarketer I did not want to be nasty to her, but boy, what a sleazy tactic.

She did let me know that they were planning a major media campaign to support Bush's agenda, so we can count on more lies and propaganda -- and virtually no one to counter the lies. The left needs a network.

Thank you,
Dale Drogseth