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The 2000 Election Catastrophe: Where Do We Go From Here: EVEN MORE Letters from our Readers!

Dear Interested Americans,

Eyewitness Acount of Mistreatment of Protesters in Florida

As a Democrat who attended the Bush rally to voice my discontent with the Republican attempt to "pump" his "targeted" tax cut this past Monday, I found it curious that the media made absolutely no mention of the raucous heckling foisted upon the former Texas Governor... Loud derision caused the P[sic}resident to pause and attempt to make light of (us), the demonstrators on no less than three separate occasions... This made for TV (national evening news) event that never made it on the news, I would have to conclude (perhaps naively) never made it to the intended audience due to the fact that the audience could not be trusted to behave! Could it be that the Bush people nixed the "go" for the evening news? There were but perhaps 15 of us total...Small in number, but loud enough to be heard!

We laid it out w/ catcalls of "Hello deficit spending, illegitimate president, 70% of the tax cut going to those w/ incomes in excess of $900K...etc. He responded...On No less than three separate occasions... Two elderly women and a gay activist were arrested...One 81 year old man was shoved to the ground (a Democrat) and suffered a gash to his head...This was reported in local papers.

Blindly Loyal Bush followers incapable of understanding basic mathmatics, recent history, and Economics 101 were allowed to bring signs, cameras, video cameras and tape recorders into the stadium...Those not so easily persuadable/blindly loyal were not afforded such "freedoms" Please explain the lack of coverage ... The media was there! Has there been more of this... type of activity which has gone unreported? I realize that you are very busy... My hope is that you will at least read this and keep it on the backburner for future reference...

I would have to believe that we were not an isolated incident... I live in Dade City, Fl near Tampa... I am in Healthcare...Consequent to this, I have heard many first hand accounts from patients and family members (since election day); of election day shenanigans which are appalling/disheartening, ...Eventually the whole truth will be revealed... I await the whole story! Please you must believe that what happened on election day in this state was engineered far in advance of election day itself. Florida was not merely a comedy of "innocent errors" ! The attitudes that foster this type of activity are more representative of the 1950's...

My name is John T. Russell, Dade City, Fl. I thank you for your time...

Supreme Court Behaved Treasonously

I strongly urge you to initiate a complete investigation of the actions taken by the Supreme Court to ensure George Bush's election to the Presidency. I feel that they were treasonous, and that once proven so, those involved should be impeached and disbarred for obstructing Democracy.

Mary Garripoli L.A, CA

If Shoe Were on Other Foot, GOP Would Already by Impeaching Gore

I agree wholeheartedly..if the shoe were on the other foot -- Gore had taken Florida the way Bush did, illegally, impeachment charges would have been brought by now. It's time we had some strong Democratic leadership stand up and take control of the situation. Do something, anything! Start some investigations. Appoint a special prosecutor to look into the underhanded dealings of the supreme court (I can't even capitalize them anymore -- I've lost such faith in them). I'm from Florida and very involved in Florida politics and most of us Democrats and a few Republicans all know that Gore took Florida. Between Dumbya's brother and Cruella (Kathryn) Harrison, they kept their promise on election night to make sure his fraudulancy took Florida by hook or by crook. Do something! You know darn well the Rs would.


Let's Get the Ball Rolling on Investigations!

What would it take to get Daschle to start hearings on What the US Supreme Court did? I would be interested in getting signatures or whatever else. I'm tired of my party rolling over and playing dead on these issues. What can be done?

Brian Bell bebell@cbpu.com

P.S. What would it take to get Daschle to start hearings on What the US Supreme Court did? I would be interested in getting signatures or whatever else. I'm tired of my party rolling over and playing dead on these issues. What can be done?

Don't Get Mad, Get Even!

I just read a few of the readers' comments to you about "where do we go from here?" I'm from Venice, FL and I'll tell you what we're doing. A group of us who volunteered for our Democratic candidate for Congress (he lost) were so disgusted with the final results of the election and the Rehnquist 5 decision, we decided to start a democratic club. We met in January for the first time with 63 attending. You must understand we are a heavily Republican area. We now have 82 dues paying members. Our goal: to get every Democratic registered, made aware of the candidates, teach them how to use the new voting machines, and last but not least, GET THEM TO THE POLLS TO VOTE. If every Democrat who has rightfully complained since November of the outcome of that election would put the energy of that anger into finding two Democrats who didn't vote in the last election and get them to the polls, we can unseat Jeb Bush in '02 and get that imposter out of the White House in '04. DON'T GET MAD, GET EVEN!!!


We the People Must Show Our Strength and Fight for Justice

Thank you for your words of wisdom. I still am fuming. I say let's show the world that this cannot happen in the United States. Coups don't happen here. We are the model that the world looks up to. We, the people, must show our strength and our fight for justice.

Many of our fathers and grandfathers fought for the rights that were stolen from us by the extreme court. Many of our grandmothers fought for the right to vote. This is an outrage that something hasn't been done already.

Sherri Fraser

BuVince Bugliosi's Book a Must Read

I strongly recommend that Mr. Beyrau read Vincent Bugliosi's book, 'The Betrayal of America' that details the Rehnquist 5's treasonous behaviour.


Don't Let Votes Remain Stolen!

Start the hearings now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do not let all those votes remain stolen. Make them count now more than they could have ever counted if they hadn't been stolen!