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Police Attack Four Elderly Anti-Bush Protesters In Florida
Carolyn Hachquet

In a display that has become typical of George W. Bush and the Republican Party's violent, non-conservative, non-compassionate treatment of the millions who are protesting America's stolen election, four elderly protesters were roughed up and questioned at a non-violent protest in Florida on June 4th at Legends Field.

"So Much for 1st Amendment Rights, Family Values or Care of the Elderly," stated Grandmother Suni. Although the public was not informed, Bush and his Administration had sent out an order banning any anti-Bush signs from Legends Field. When arriving at the checkpoint at the airport, Grandmother Suni was informed she could not use her sign that simply said "Booo!" But after a brief conversation with a second elderly person who was attending the protest with Grandmother Suni, the Security officers decided that she could take her signs if they were taken off the sticks. The eight signs were tucked in her purse and she ventured into the baseball field.

Moving close to the front with the four other elderly who had come with her, Grandmother Suni came face to face with George W. Bush's huge security men who were dressed in suits and shouting, "all littleliggers up front". Having misunderstood the security guards pronunciation of the little leaguers and questioning him about it, she realized she had mistaken what he was saying. She immediately apologized for her misunderstanding.

The Security guard began telling Grandmother Suni that she could not hold the signs she was holding. Grandmother Suni quickly pointed out the large signs over in the stands across from where they were standing. The Security guard made it very clear that he didn't want to hear about it. Nothing was said about signs being banned from the ballpark and in fact many signs were visible throughout the stands. "How could that be when it was so plain on ABC TV at 7:30AM a man was making a sign for this very event?" asked Grandmother Suni.

Grandmother Suni had caravanned to the park with Maurice, Dave and Jan and Walter. Walter is an 81-year-old man who had ridden to the ballpark with Jan since both were from Pasco County. As they stood waiting for all the members of their group to gather, a second, larger security officer came over to these elderly and informed them they could not use the signs they were holding. Grandmother Suni told the officer that security had checked her purse and allowed them to have the signs. The Security guards grabbed Grandmother Suni's letter sized paper signs and started going through her purse looking for more.

According to Grandmother Suni, "Next thing you know, there were the police officers trying to get Maurice, who has a severe health problem similar to Muscular Dystrophy. They tried to make him give up his sign that read, 'June is Gay Pride Month'. Some of the Rethugs said, 'No wonder they are protesting. They're Gays.' One of the two Bush Security men told Maurice to give up his sign and take a pro Bush sign instead. He refused."

Grandmother Suni continued, "With that, all H__L broke loose. A police officer came and told us we had to leave. We said we had a right to be there. We said other people were holding signs much bigger than ours. Large poster signs flashed all around the stadium for Bush. We had a right to be there as well as anyone else. We had tickets. We didn't do anything wrong. Why were they taking us away - in handcuffs? All we did was show our small signs. I just couldn't believe it.

"They put handcuffs on Maurice and we were afraid he would pass out. He was shaking in the way I had seen him do once before. His health is so fragile and I was afraid he would be very hurt. Jan and I hung onto his arms as he asked us to do. Then Maurice went limp and fell down dragging me with him. When we were on the ground, the same woman I questioned earlier about her grandma kicked dirt on me.

"I looked for Jan and she didn't fall with us. Instead a very large policewoman, who was much shorter than Jan but muscular, had her handcuffed and used our Jan as a shield to bludgeon her way through the crowd. She pushed her through with such force that she knocked over our new friend Walter who rode in the car with Jan to this event Walter Olson is 81 years old and carried one of my little orange signs that said "Investigate Florida Votergate". I was so angry at what this officer of the law did to this old man that I told her so. I said-Why did you do that? To which she answered 'Assault on a Policeman!' And they handcuffed me."

"We were pushed through the crowd to a room under the stadium where 6 or 7 other policemen sat at round tables. I turned around to look at Maurice and he was handcuffed on the floor with sweat dripping from his brow. One kind police officer offered him a drink and Maurice took a sip from his prone position. Then the officer asked if he wanted some water on his brow. I said loud a clearly I want to know your badge number so I can tell others there is a humane police officer in Tampa.

"After getting some non-uniformed security person to let go of my shoulder that was recently operated on for a torn rotator cuff, we were seated and they changed our cuffs to the front of our bodies where we maintained some comfort. We were questioned regarding our names and addresses and, the officers filled out forms charging us with a misdemeanor. It was my misfortune to have my paperwork done by the bludgeoning bombshell who had attacked 81-year-old Maurice. Ugh, using our dear Jan as her weapon.

"What can I expect in the future from all of this? Do I live in America? Whatever will I tell my grandchildren???? Grandma Suni was handcuffed in Tampa because she held up the wrong sign? Heil to the thief who stole our democracy!"

Now I have to ask you: after reading this true story of an attack on elderly non-violent protesters in Florida, when did America, George W. Bush or the Republican Party remove the First Amendment Rights of American voters? Has Jeb Bush or Katherine Harris pulled a rabbit out of their laughable bi-partisan hat and passed new laws in Florida that override the First Amendment Rights of the people who live within their state? This story makes the "terror tactic" stories that were announced during the theft of our past election in Florida all the more believable. These Nazi-like tactics have to stop and stop now!