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The Destructive Republican High School Groupie Mentality
Carolyn Hachquet

While America still reels from the first selection of a President by five Justices from the United States Supreme Court, most watch in amazement as the Bush Administration passes one destructive bill after another. Even those who voted for the selected President are angry. Even those who would like to call themselves conservative are a bit appalled at the actions of this angry little man and his henchmen. Even so, when you trace the Republican actions back to their roots, the basis for these devastating actions should surprise no one.

Anyone who has ever attended school should remember the actions of their fellow students. These learned actions are what we popularly call peer pressure today and it is interesting to note that many of our school shootings are blamed on the ugly side of this element. In Elementary School the students whose friendship became most sought after were the ones who were attractive, even though often not the most attractive. They were the youth approved of by parents and teacher, even though they were not the brightest in the class or even the nicest. These were the youth who possessed the most appealing toys, clothes or whose Mother could be a Room Mother because she did not work. These children became the nucleus of the entire class, often dictating the actions of their classmates. Especially since it appeared that they could do no wrong.

Right outside the nucleus of this popular group was another group of youth who seemed to desperately strive to be just like the most popular kids. These were the ones who could never quite measure up to the glory for one reason or another but who had redeeming qualities such as a great personality, tremendous sense of humor, a vivid imagination or could always get all the answers right. These were not the most popular children but they were treated with a bit of respect since the most popular youth could find a use for them from time to time. On the outside fringe of this peer group was the youth who would eventually be termed by the other two groups according to their actions. This group held all the free thinkers and today would include such people as Einstein, Van Gogh or Alexander Graham Bell. They were the children who, for a multitude of reasons, knew they would never fit into the mold that had been cast for the other two groups by either the adults or their peers. Knowing this, the fringe group chose their own identity and refused to conform to being led like sheep into the group mentality of the other two groups.

While the two outer groups were prone to the ridicule of the popular group, the fringe group most often became the victim of their cruelties. By the time all these students reached High School, the popular group had become well known for their shrewdness. They were known to have the best parties with sex, alcohol or drugs without parental interference. On occasion when they were caught displaying such actions their parents quickly forked out the cash to have it all hushed up or blamed on someone from the other two groups. The not-so-popular group and the fringe group quickly learned that the popular group did not have to pay for their mistakes.

If you apply these well-known facts about peer pressure to the Republican Party and the Bush Administration you can quickly begin to understand the mean spirited, selfish actions they are taking. It has been easily discerned that the Republicans holding office today are certainly not the brightest. Too many to count have acted without discretion more than once in their lives and completely been exempt from normal prosecution. Many Americans who are voting for these candidates are those whose High School mentality is still telling them to try to be popular or stay on the good side of the (exempt) popular. When you consider that the most outspoken in the Republican Party are those sheep who can only focus on themselves and how each action they take will reflect on their monetary condition, you can begin to see just how much truth there is in this article.

A good example of this would be the fact that Republicans love to call themselves compassionate conservatives. According to the dictionary the word conservative means disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., and to limit change, cautiously moderate or traditional in style or manner. Compassion is defined as a feeling of sympathy for anothers misfortune. It is obvious that the Republican responsible for deeming their party members by using these terms was not capable of reading a dictionary. There is nothing compassionate or conservative about the Republican sponsored bills which are being passed that are specifically geared to causing irreparable environmental damage. Is this what the Republicans and the Bush Administration consider disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., and to limit change, cautiously moderate to mean? Perhaps the only part of the definition of the word conservative the Republicans chose to understand is traditional in style or manner. To Republicans it appears to be traditional in style or manner to consider only the I, Me, My, factor which is part of the learned response they picked up as adolescents.

Where does the word compassion or conservative fit into a country where polar ice caps are melting, holes in the ozone are growing and both arsenic and mercury levels are rising in drinking water? Where the children and grandchildren of the very people who are passing these bills will have to suffer the devastating results of their destruction... Where new animal species are reaching extinction daily and Supreme Court Justices are selecting Presidents... Where drug cost are rising well beyond the means of the people who need those drugs to live and Social Security is about to be high rolled on the stock market... Where Public School programs are being cut to the bone in the wake of a voucher program to aid not the majority, but only those who can afford to send their children to private schools... Where law enforcement programs are cut that once aided in keeping Americans informed and safe... Where the last segments of protected land that are responsible for the very oxygen we breathe are being breached and presented as an answer to a problem when in reality it is only a quick fix that will provide the greediest of corporate moguls with more monetary compensation... Where states filled with Americans are being punished by the Administration in charge simply because the majority who live in that state did not vote for these compassionate conservatives in the election...

Just how compassionate or conservative could anyone consider a tax cut that will bring major benefits to the wealthy while denying the less fortunate a seriously needed and deserved break that could create a real positive change in their conditions of existence? How compassionate is the person who would turn over the majority of programs that would aid the American needy to the churches who can pick and choose who they help? It is a well known fact that most religious factions in America tend to believe their way is the only way and many subscribe to the belief that those of their religion are the only ones who will ever see Heaven. Where is the compassion in the spreading of lies and hate about anyone who has the intelligence not to agree with this assault on Americans? As was recently seen when Senator Jeffords of Vermont left the Republican Party no one is exempt from the Republican mean spirited attacks. Nothing could have saved Chelsea Clinton from the Republican slime spreading had she ever pulled the stunts being orchestrated by the Bush twins today. The nasty disposition of these Americans can be found just as predominantly in the media as in the general Republican sheep population. I do not doubt that the actions of this Administration will bring Americans closer to God. But it will have nothing to do with Compassionate Conservatism or the Christian movement in America. Instead it will have much more to do with the Bush Administration and the Republican Parties acceleration of the destruction of our planet!