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Breaking through the Corporate News' Iron Curtain: The Success of 'Outfoxed' is Driven by the Public's Hunger for Truth

This week, in an unheard of "reverse progression," the movie "Outfoxed," which exposes the systemmatic manipulation of the truth by FOX News, is moving from video stores and into movie theaters across the nation. The film will be screened in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and D.C. The incredible demand for the film has taken many by surprise - but it shouldn't. The truth, once glimpsed, as a power of its own...

The U.S. media has failed America and failed it miserably. It has systematically blocked, twisted, and slanted the truth. It is largely responsible for the fact that American soldiers are now dying at the rate of two per day in sweltering land where they are not wanted. It is responsible for the fact that the worst U.S. administration in history has a stranglehold over the nation. It is responsible for all that has followed from helping that administration into office: trashed environmental regulations, ruined international relationships, rampant greed and accelerating corruption among corporations, skyrocketing poverty, homelessness, and the loss of the good-paying jobs that enable Americans to aspire to more than subsistence.

If the media hd told the truth over the past decade - the whole truth - and when the truth was in doubt actually sought to find what the truth was - America today would be a far different, far finer place. But the coverups and "coverage-for-cash" policy continues and has intensified. For example, never before in the history of American elections has a candidate been given less coverage, and especially, less positive coverage than John Kerry. And never in the history of the nation has a corrupt and failed administration been given more positive coverage, less scrutiny and held less accountable.

The public KNOWS something is very very wrong, but, kept in a dark limbo by the media, is not sure what that something is. That uncertainty is the ONLY thing that keeps Bush's approval ratings even as high as 40%. Thanks to the media, no one knows who the hell John Kerry is. The Convention - the one opportunity the man has had to break through the media's iron curtain - was limited to a pathetic three hours of material that was carefully cherrypicked by the networks. The networks now work hand in glove with the print media and their counterparts on the Internet. Their headlines are all the same, as is what is emphasized and what is downplayed. This is not by chance. Recently, a 'media command center" set up by the Bush campaign bragged that it maintained hot lines to the media and fed them not just Bush press releases, but suggested headlines and spin for Kerry coverage. Of course the media has routinely been using rightwing propaganda outlets posing as "think tanks" as its primary source of "experts" for years now: the Heritage Foundation, the Hoover Institution, the American Enterprise Institute, the Cato Institute, to name the most frequent, and most heavily corporate-funded.

Wants some glaring proof that the media slurps up what they are spooned without question? A few months back, the Bush campaign circulated the rumor that Kerry wanted John McCain for his running mate. Instead of checking the story out, the media ran the story - it showed up in some form or the other on every newscast, in every newspaper. Then, the follow-up rumor that McCain had turned Kerry down was also circulated and unquestioningly run. None of it was true, as it turns out - Kerry not only had not considered McCain for VP, he never asked him, so of course, was never turned down. But the story ran, right on Bush "media command center" schedule, right before John Edwards was asked to be VP, in order to make Edwards look like a second choice. If you trace the worst lies and most blatant propaganda-posing-as-news to their source, you will find the slithery trail leads to A.P. (Associated Press or, as I call them, A.merican P.ropaganda). Remember that and, when seeing "AP" before a story, take it with a heavy dose of salt. Yet a high percentage of newspapers and network news outlets use AP as their sole wire source for stories. One Bushie size fits all.

At last, however, the truth is begininning to come out - first through 'Fahrenheit 9/11' which sent home the message that what the media has shown America for the past 3 1/2 years and what is REALITY are two very different things. So, when 'Outfoxed' hit the video stores, word soon spread that the answer to the dark "media mystery" every vaguely sensed was at hand. "Outfoxed" exposes the cynical, systematic manipulation of America's news. Although it is focused on FOX News, FOX is hardly alone - it has always just been more blatant. CBS, NBC, CNN, et al. - and now even NPR - all operate in the same way, just at different points on the same continuum. But, as I have always firrmly believed, truth has a life of its own. Once glimpsed, it is recognized. As a result, Outfoxed and Fahrenheit 9/11 have been like wildfires - once the spark was struck, they have blazed across the landscape.

So, help insure that your fellow Americans get a chance to glimpse the truth. Call your local movie theaters (the same ones that screened "Fahrenheit 911" would be a good place to start) and ask them to screen "Outfoxed."

You can also help by calling your local network news affiliates and regional newspapers (the ones running national news) and demand accountability. Make a list of the stories you find on line in sources like the BBC, Guardian, or in progressive news blogs like Democrats.com that seem important (the Halliburton and Enron corruption stories, for example, that just never seem to get a tiny fraction of the coverage that Martha Stewart or Bill Clinton have gotten for much, much smaller offenses.). Then compare this list to what is covered on the network news or in newspapers. You will start to notice how many stories are consistently missing while others are slanted or have gaping holes in them, compared to more complete honest versions. Then confront your news outlets - every day if you have to! Let them know that the free ride on America's good will is OVER!