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An Open Letter to CNN: Stop Your Propaganda Campaign Against Democrats

Jim Walton, CNN News Group President
Eason Jordan, Executive Vice President and Chief News Executive

On behalf of the 250,000 readers of Democrats.com News, I am writing to find out why CNN refuses to report the results of YOUR OWN latest CNN/Time poll, which shows Bush's lead over Howard Dean dropping to only 5% (51%-46%), down from 12% in November. Since this poll has a margin of error of +/- 4%, Dean is nearly tied with Bush.

Suppose the 2004 election for president were being held today and you had to choose between Howard Dean the Democrat, and George W. Bush, the Republican. For whom would you vote?

Date: Bush - Dean
01/04 51 46
11/03 52 40
09/03 52 42

CNN/Time Poll conducted by Harris Interactive. Dec. 30, 2003-Jan. 1, 2004. N=604 likely voters nationwide. MoE +/- 4.

The obvious headline should be: "Howard Dean is Nearly Tied with Bush."

Time included this poll in this week's magazine but it does not appear on CNN's web site, and it was not highlighted in any political reporting over the weekend.

We have no doubts why CNN did not report its own remarkable poll: because reporting this clear and simple fact would incur the wrath of Karl Rove, who wants you to convince the American people that Howard Dean is "unelectable" - in direct contradiction to the truth.

The fact that you refuse to report the results of your OWN poll confirms what all Democrats know - that CNN is just one more propaganda arm of the Republican Party, barely distinguishable from FOX News.

If you believe this criticism is unjust, we would welcome a meeting with your political editors to discuss your thoroughly biased coverage of the Democratic Party.

Bob Fertik, Co-founder