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A Hero For America
By Natasha H. (age 12)

Out of Ohio a long shot has come.
Voters greet him with a hearty welcome.
Fearful candidates hope he'll go away.
"Unelectable" they lyingly say.

Suddenly there's hope for health care for all.
America soon again can stand tall.
Total equality, he can secure.
For America's ills, he is the cure.

College for all will be affordable
If we believe our dreams are possible.
Jobs for Americans soon will come back.
Goodbye to W.T.O.'s job attack.

No more arsenic or nuclear waste
Nor cyanide in the water to taste.
Our environment now needs a hero
Who won't sell us out as his profits grow.

He will help us to restore our liberty.
No more Homeland spying on you and me.
He will save our civil rights from attacks.
He will stop the outrageous fascist acts.

Each of us needs to stand up for what's right,
Pulling America out of its plight.
We are the ones who determine who wins -
Not some conservative whose lies are sins.

We need a man who is honest and true,
One who will work hard for me and for you,
One who puts people above his campaign,
Who won't skip out on work for his own gain.

Dennis will make this a great place for all.
He's the right man. Are you up to the call?
Together we can make this country rich.
By choosing the best leader: Kucinich.

Copyright 2003 by Natasha H. All rights reserved.