transportation issues

Say NO to Bush's Dangerous Plans to Piratize Air Traffic Control!
transportation issues

"A back-room deal between the Bush administration and Congress threatens air safety--and tens of thousands of jobs. This legislation would privatize the air traffic control tower jobs and maintenance currently done by employees of the Federal Aviation Administration. Who will help land the airplanes if air traffic control is privatized? The lowest bidder will. Air traffic control work will be done on the cheap instead of by skilled union air traffic controllers and maintenance specialists. This bad deal also threatens U.S. jobs. Another part of the legislation would, for the first time ever, allow foreign air carriers to compete with U.S. airlines.... And with the Sept. 11 anniversary reminding us all of the need for security in air travel, the Republican leadership in Congress slipped a provision into the legislation to gut anti-terrorism training requirements. Please fax your representative and senators about this outrageous legislation by clicking on the link below."

Amtrak - A Question of Priorities
transportation issues

"According to the Pentagon, a missile attack ranks lasts among those potential threats to the U.S. On the other hand, the failure to fund Amtrak would constitute a threat to hundreds of thousands of jobs, increase dependence on an already over-burdened airlines system--which incidentally we managed to find $14 billion to bail out--and further distance those who depend on this transportation system for work. It would also increase dependency on the automobile to further complicate an already stressed system while helping to further segregate rich from poor-- which seems to be the whole point of the Bush administration." So writes Les Aaron

Send A Message To The GOP Leadership To Stop Playing Politics With Airline Safety And Start Protecting The American People!
transportation issues

"The U.S. Senate unanimously passed the Aviation Security Act, which would federalize aviation security personnel, provide background checks on all potential employees, and provide better training of screeners and better security of the airports, airplanes and flight crews. Despite a 100-to-nothing vote in the Senate, conservative House Republican leaders are working with the White House to defeat the Senate bill...Security staff in overseas airports is better trained, better qualified, and better paid. Even the president of the Airline Security Association is critical of the low wages and airline supervision of airport security...The Republican House alternative to the Senate bill lets airlines continue to use private security firms. White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer says President Bush is opposed to 'screeners on the federal payroll.' Which is more important to you: protecting your family or protecting the airline security companies?"

Congress to Decide Fate of Environmentally-Friendly Rail Service
transportation issues

In 2000, while Americans spent $33 billion dollars on highways and $14 billion on air transport, they spent just $500 million on passenger rail. Yet, writes Charles Reuben of New Mexico's "Alibi News," "Highways and airports do little to generate money that will support their own infrastructure. They contribute to urban sprawl, congestion, pollution, and the mortality rate. They are also the most fuel-inefficient means of transportation." Trains, on the other hand, reduce pollution, congestion, sprawl, have few fatalities, and are the most energy efficient form of transport. Amtrak's ridership has risen dramatically in recent few years thanks to its low fares, its "satisfaction guarantee" (the only guarantee of its nature in the travel business) and its new frequent rider program. "So why on earth would we want to disband Amtrak?" asks Reuben. Yet, unless the High Speed Rail Investment Act (S.250) now before Congress passes, Amtrak may be in trouble. Write or call your Rep and show your support for Amtrak.

Statistics the Shrubcheney Corp Doesn't Want You To Know: Public Transportation Growing at Fastest Rate in 40 Years
transportation issues

When the US Transportation Dept. released its figures on commuter travel for the past year, the stats were, as ever, confusingly categorized and bizarrely manipulated. It appeared from their figures that the US has little or no interest in public transportation. However, an analysis of commuter stats by the American Public Transportation Association (a nonprofit, international group) reveals that not only is use of public transport growing -- it is growing at the fastest rate in 40 years. While it climbed a total of 3.5% last year, this year it has already climbed 2.8% in just the first quarter of 2001! Sort of takes the wind out of the Bush energy "crisis" sails – especially their projections that gas consumption is on an upward spiral.

The Troubled Relationship between America and Its Cars: A Challenge for a New Democratic Vision
transportation issues

Underlying our most critical problems - fuel shortages, urban sprawl, traffic congestion, and public safety - is the passionate yet dysfunctional relationship America has with the private car. To solve this problem, contradictions must be reduced and an entirely new national ideology must emerge. To achieve this, a strong Democratic leadership with a consistent, unalloyable vision for the future must emerge.