genetically-modified organisms

Blair Buried Health Warning on GM Crops, Says Sacked Minister
genetically-modified organisms

The UK Independent report: "Michael Meacher, the former environment minister, has accused Tony Blair's spin doctors and ministers of systematically ignoring or rubbishing the evidence that genetically modified crops could be a health hazard or could harm the environment. Mr Meacher's warning is calculated to ignite the public debate on genetic modification as the Government prepares an official report that is expected to clear the way for GM foods to go on sale on supermarket shelves... In one of the most damning passages, he says: 'The only human GM trial, commissioned ironically by the Food Standards Agency, found that genetically modified DNA did in fact transfer to bacteria in the human gut. Previously many scientists had denied that this was possible. 'But instead of this finding being regarded as a serious discovery which should be checked and re-checked, the spin was that this was nothing new and did not involve any health risk.'"

Field Testing of Genetically Modified Organisms Proceeds Recklessly and May Step Up Under Bush-Monsanto Regime
genetically-modified organisms

Bioengeered crops can cause exotic and/or deadly allergic reactions in humans, can cross-pollinate with normal crops and wild plants with serious consequences, and may negatively impact animals, both wild and domestic. Yet the USDA allows hundreds of field tests of genetically modified organisms each year, a large number of them on "secret farms," which may abut on the land of unalerted private citizens. This scary situation will worsen without doubt under Bush, whose cabinet is stuffed with former lawyers, executives and big campaign donation recipients (esp. Ashcroft and EPA Deputy nominee Linda Fisher) of Monsanto. Monsanto has requested more field tests for GM organisms than any other company. Wanna make a bet they will also get the most approvals, too?