conscientious objectors

US Soldiers Fleeing to Canada Escape Illegal Iraq War Seek International Refugee Status
conscientious objectors

CNews: "Brandon Hughey, 19, fled Fort Hood, Texas, in March because he said he doesn't believe the U.S. war in Iraq is legal or moral. He and another U.S. soldier have filed refugee claims, asking to stay in Canada and not be returned to the United States where they could face sentences in a military prison for desertion. Hughey said at a news conference Friday he believes under international law, he has a strong case for refugee status. But he's also part of a campaign to get public support on his side, asking Canadians to lobby Ottawa to give safe haven to U.S. soldiers resisting the war in Iraq. MP Libby Davies, who represents a Vancouver riding, said given Canada's record of allowing war objectors into the country during the Vietnam era, Canada has a duty to support war resisters. She said the NDP will be working to bring the issue forward in Parliament. 'I think Canadians were tremendously proud that we made a decision not to participate in the war in Iraq,' Davies said. "