Saudi Arabia

Saudi Media Outrageously Slanted toward Bush
Saudi Arabia

Check out this page from the Saudi news outlet "Gulf News." There's a story with a big headline proclaiming: "CLINTON BACKS BUSH ON IRAQ." You read the story and find that iClinton only backed the idea of confronting Saddam over WMDs - NOT the war. (Clinton thought the UN inspectors were doing just fine.) Another headline on the same page: BUSH STANDS TALL DESPITE FINDINGS (of 9/11 Commission). Read the story and there's nothing in there relevant to the headline. The fact that the Saudi's major English news outlet is so blatantly slanted toward Bush speaks volumes and explains why terrorists now believe attacks on Saudi Arabia are synonymous with attacks on the US.

Unholy Alliance: Now its Bush's Turn to Prop up his Pals in the House of Saud
Saudi Arabia

The most under-investigated relationship in the world today is that between the House of Bush and the House of Saud. These oily ties run deep - so deep that Bush was willing to let Osama Bin Laden roam free long enough to kill 3,000 Americans (he ordered the FBI to back off OBL in summer 2001). Prince Bandar made it plain he would manipulate oil prices to help Bush's reelection bid. Now that Saudi Arabia is being rocked by violent revolt from within, guess who is riding to the House of Saud's rescue? The Guardian reports: "With continuing violence in Iraq, Washington's priority is to prevent Saudi Arabia descending into similar anarchy, even if it means propping up a regime it [pretends that it] no longer likes or trusts. American demands [what demands?!] for reform have quietened in the past few months, which may explain their muted response to the clampdown on Saudi liberals last March."