Republican Dissent

Lifelong Colorado Republicans Endorse Kerry
Republican Dissent

Rocky Mountain News: "A number of lifelong Republicans gathered at Kerry-Edwards headquarters in Denver on Monday to endorse Democrats this year. Jon DeStefano, a Republican and former president of the Jefferson County Public Schools board, said, "Bush promised leadership and unifying America, but Americans are not working together."I am aware of the tragedy in Iraq. I don't believe there ever has been a president (who) has caused such a tragedy."Harold Anderson, co-owner of a small medical equipment company who actively supported Republican presidential candidates all his life, said, "This president is forgetting the middle class."We don't need a super leader, but a man who can admit when he makes mistakes."

Republican Women Rebel Against the Bush Regime: 'We Want Our Party Back!'
Republican Dissent

The Guardian: "George Bush's crackdown on abortion has inflamed women in his own party to the point where they are openly turning against [him]. Fuelled by a fear that a Bush victory in next month's election could lead to many states overturning 30 yrs of legal terminations in the US, several moderate Repub women are rebelling against the crusade against sex education and unmarried women's access to contraception. AZ State Sen. Linda Binder says she has rejected Bush his 'wacky, far right' position on women's rights. 'We don't want to go back to coathanger abortions... As legislators, my fellow moderates are feeling the push for more faith-based programmes on sex education and contraception coming from the Bush admin.' Binder is one of [many GOP] women renegades infuriated by Bush's slogan that the W in his name 'stands for women'. Mary Lou Halliburton, a Colorado Republican...helped create a group called Republicans Who Want Their Party Back."

Conservative (Not to be Confused with Rabid Rightwing) Repugs Blast Bush
Republican Dissent

AP: "When an influential group of conservatives gathers in downtown Washington each week, they often get a political pep talk from a senior Bush administration official or campaign aide. They don't expect a fellow Republican to deliver a blistering critique of Bush's handling of the Iraq war. But nearly 150 conservatives listened in silence recently as a veteran of the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations ticked off a litany of missteps in Iraq by the Bush White House.Conservatives, the backbone of Bush's political base, are increasingly uneasy about the Iraq conflict and the steady drumbeat of violence in postwar Iraq, Halper and some of his fellow Republicans say. The conservatives' anxiety was fueled by the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal and has not abated with the transfer of political power to the interim Iraqi government. Some Republicans fear angry conservatives will stay home in November, undercutting Bush's re-election bid."

Karl Rove Calls 'Club for Growth' Ads Attacking Snowe, Voinovich 'Stupid'; Both Parties Decry Ads as Illegal
Republican Dissent

Boston Globe reports: "The three-year-old Club for Growth, which received $50,000 from DeLay's political action committee last year, has drawn attacks from the White House, as well as upset Democrats. Presidential adviser Karl Rove said the group's latest television ads - which criticized Senators Olympia J. Snowe, Republican of Maine, and George V. Voinovich, Republican of Ohio, for pushing smaller tax cuts than President [sic] Bush requested - were 'stupid and counterproductive and not helpful.' Moore, who calls the club 'the conservative conscience' of the GOP, founded it in 1999 along with Dusty Rhodes, president of National Review; Ed Crane, president of the libertarian Cato Institute; economist Richard Gilder; and investment banker Larry Kudlow of CNBC's 'Kudlow & Cramer' Milton Friedman, former Jersey City, N.J., mayor Bret Schundler, and former GOP gubernatorial nominee Bill Simon of California."

McCarthyism-Lite: Pols Who Dare Oppose Bush are Not Just Considered Un-American -- They're Called 'French'
Republican Dissent

E.J. Dionne writes: "So let's move to what is even more insidious about a politics of intimidation draped in France's national colors. The Club for Growth has made itself famous by running ads against Snowe and Ohio Republican George Voinovich for forcing the Senate to reduce Bush's tax cut down to a measly $350 billion. I bet it never occurred to you that this vote had anything to do with the foreign policies of French President Jacques Chirac. The Club for Growth begs to differ. 'President [sic] Bush courageously led the forces of freedom,' the ad goes. 'But some so-called allies like France stood in the way. At home, President [sic] Bush has proposed bold job-creating tax cuts to boost the economy. But some so-called Republicans like'--the Maine ads mention Snowe, the Ohio ads Voinovich--'stand in the way'... In case you miss that link, the ad pictures a French flag flying next to the offending senator. Moore wants you to think that Snowe and Voinovich look French, too."

Republicans Plan to Silence County Chair who Opposes W-ar
Republican Dissent

In Missouri, "Boone County's Republican chairman said some party members have asked him to resign because of his public statements opposing war with Iraq. But Chairman Jack Walters of Columbia said he won't step down because he has a right to free speech. 'Isn't that my right? Isn't that your right? Isn't that the right of every American? I'm not relishing this ... it's uncomfortable to me, but I've fought all my life, and I'll continue to fight.' Don Bobbitt, treasurer of the county GOP committee, disagreed, saying Walters' personal view isn't shared by most local party members. Bobbitt said that if Walters doesn't resign, there will probably be a vote on ousting him next week... LaVerne Flatt, the committee's vice chairwoman, said she also has doubts about war with Iraq if the U.S. doesn't have strong support from key allies and the United Nations. 'I wonder if they'll try to expel me from my committee position for saying these things,' Flatt said." In the GOP, dissent is treason!