Newt Gingrich

The Secret Life of Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

"Newt Gingrich has been leading a secret life. Night after night for years he's been slipping out of the headquarters of the vast right-wing conspiracy, wolfing down spy novels and then reviewing them for Amazon.com. So prolific and proficient has he been at this pursuit that he has attained the coveted title Amazon Top 500 Reviewer. Newt is number 488... But you can also tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps. Gingrich shares the rank of Amazon reviewer #488 with 'boudica' who describes herself as 'Witch and Editor of the ZodiacBistro.com and a free lance reviewer.' She's also a 'Craft teacher with the CroneSpeak.com group' who has 'recently published article in the Llewellyn Wicca Almanac.' Gingrich is slightly outranked by 'Comrade Radmila', who doesn't 'claim to be an expert on literature, films, or music.'"

Gingrich's Bogus 'Center for Health Transformations' is another Corporate Front Scam
Newt Gingrich

Newt "Greedy Fraud" Gingrich cares about Americans' health, alright - the health of their wallets! Now the key architect of the NeoCon takeover of Washington is putting his latest scam into place: The Center for Health Transformations is a "think tank" (as most rightwing corporate front operations describe themselves) supposedly dedicated to "improving American healthcare" while lowering the cost. We suspect the Center was put in place to be ready for election 2004, so the GOP would have a new stable of "experts" for the clueless mainstream media to elicit statements from - statements undermining any Democratic position on real healthcare reform. For example, one Newt's reports is entitled "Government Healthcare Is Not the Answer." Which, of course, means that corporate health care is....NOT! Check out the pseudo-healthcare babble... As they say - know thine enemy!

DeLay's Scam of Using Kids to Bilk Citizens was Created by Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

Cheryl Seal writes: "Gingrich, one of the primary crafters of the current Rightwing Regime, was disgraced in the late 1990s for a host of offenses, ranging from lying to Congress to using a charity allegedly intended for poor inner city kids (the Abraham Lincoln Opportunity Fund) to illegally channel money to a GOP election/propaganda. This scheme, which ended up costing $1.6 million dollars all told consisted of the dissemination of rightwing corporate propaganda designed, by Gingrich's own admission, to stack the House of Representatives with rightwing Republicans and, as a longer term objective, to take over every branch of the US government. To finance the scheme, Gingrich, using the GOP Action Committee (GOPAC) stationary letterhead, personally induced big donors to make out checks to the Abraham Lincoln Opportunity Fund. As soon as they were deposited, these funds were transferred right to Gingrich's operation."

IRS Restores Tax-Exempt Status to Abraham Lincoln Foundation that Paid Gingrich for Lectures
Newt Gingrich

"The Internal Revenue Service has restored the tax-exempt status of a charitable organization that helped pay for lectures by Newt Gingrich... The decision was sweet vindication to Howard H. Callaway Jr., 76, a prominent Georgia Republican who served in the House and was secretary of the Army under President Gerald R. Ford. Mr. Callaway... had battled the I.R.S. for nearly five years over the charity he had headed, the Abraham Lincoln Opportunity Foundation, now defunct... Mr. Callaway said he had not asked Mr. Gingrich or any friends in the Bush administration to intercede on his behalf but had called Representative Mac Collins, Republican of Georgia, who is a member of the Ways and Means Committee, ... Mr. Callaway said that Mr. Collins had telephoned Charles O. Rossotti, the commissioner of the I.R.S. until he stepped down in December after a five-year term. Mr. Rossotti said in a telephone interview that he would not discuss any matter regarding an individual taxpayer."

The Record Shows It Clearly: the Abraham Lincoln Opportunity Foundation Under Gingrich was a FRAUD
Newt Gingrich

The ALOF was founded in 1984 by the Colorado GOP supposedly as a fund for inner city kids, but kept alive only long enough to win votes. It was then used as a front for channeling money to Republican candidates nationwide. GOPAC encouraged wealthy donors to pay a minimum $10,000 in annual charter dues--and gain a tax write-off--by giving the money to the ALOF. The contributions were then turned right over to GOPAC. In a May 31, 1990, letter on GOPAC stationery, Gingrich described ALOF as a "nonpartisan, nonprofit educational foundation...This organization has been given 501(c)(3) status by the IRS and your contribution is deductible on your income tax form." Trouble is, under the formerly honest IRS, any use of 501(c)(3)funds for political campaigns was ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL...until now under the Bush Reich.

Newt 'Robespierre' Gingrich and the Jacobin Neocons Turn on the Moderates
Newt Gingrich

Watch out Senators Snowe and Voinovich! Newt's off his meds and out of control and Ann "Madame Defarge" Coulter is knitting your names alongside Colin Powell's, the neocons are at their Jacobin moment. In their assessment, they have dispatched the ancien regime. Now they must turn on their Dantons and Marats, their fellow evolutionaries who have failed to get with the Jacobin program. All prudent Republicans must now swear allegiance to Wolfowitz and Rove. If they dont, Newt Gingrich - like Robespierre, a provincial second- rater with delusions of grandeur and an affinity for ruthlessness - already tinkering with his chopping block.

Gingrich Accused of Idiocy, McCarthyism for Criticism of State Department
Newt Gingrich

AFP reports: "Newt Gingrich, already under fire for his scathing attack on the US State Department this week, was pilloried anew in two separate, withering dressings down. As the White House and fellow conservatives distanced themselves from Gingrich's accusations, the head of the union that represents US diplomats said [he] had descended to McCarthyist tactics. And... a senior State Department official labeled Gingrich 'an idiot' and called his allegations 'garbage.' John Naland, the president of the American Foreign Service Association, said Gingrich's broadside attack -- in which he accused US diplomats of actively trying to sabotage Resident George W. Bush's foreign policy agenda -- was unfair, inaccurate and bordered on slander. 'You have essentially accused these employees of treason,' Naland wrote in a letter to Gingrich a day after three former US ambassadors fired off angry missives to Congress urging that lawmakers ignore their former colleague's remarks."

Newt Gingrich, America-Hater
Newt Gingrich

TAPPED compares "Tom Daschle's much-attacked criticism of the Bush administration's diplomacy with Newt Gingrich's apparently dandy criticism of the Bush administration's diplomacy. What a difference a month -- and a rapid switchover in right-wing talking points -- can make... Folks, you are watching the Mighty Wurlitzer in action. A month ago, to criticize the administration's bungled diplomacy -- bungled because Bush tied Powell's hands and because administration hawks worked feverishly to sabotage our relations with our allies, not because Powell is incompetent -- was treason. Today, with the war more or less over, and conservatives looking to expand their territory within the administration, it's OK to attack the State Department. It's really quite amazing."

Newt Gingrich: Hypocrite of the Century
Newt Gingrich

Once again, Repugnicant Newt Gingrich proves that the concept of "family values" the GOP supposedly holds so dear just doesn't apply to them. Newt Gingrich's wife #2 - for whom he left his cancer-afflicted first wife, and whom he dumped for a much younger congressional aide he was dallying with on the side - was shocked to receive a letter from Atlanta's archdiocese indicating that Newt is trying to annul his second marriage! Newt claimed it never existed because Marianne Gingrich had been married before. Hey Newt, remember when you blamed the so-called moral breakdown of our country on the Democrats?? Well, who's responsible for your lying, cheating, weasel-like immoral behavior? Take a look in the mirror, you disgusting slug!

GOP 'Family Values'? Newt Wants an Anulment
Newt Gingrich

The AP reports, "Newt Gingrich is asking the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta for an annulment of his second marriage, which ended in divorce after 19 years. Gingrich's second wife, Marianne Gingrich, said Thursday through her attorney that she learned of the request this week when she received a letter from the archdiocese. The letter, given to The Associated Press, says the annulment request is based on the fact Marianne Gingrich was married previously. Archdiocese officials did not immediately return a call seeking comment 'We were married 19 years, and now he wants to say it didn't exist,' Marianne Gingrich told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution." So would that mean that Newt was having sex out of wedlock for 19 years? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE, BILL BENNETT?

It's Not Just an Issue of Brains, But Does He Have the Heart to Win?
Newt Gingrich

The LATIMES takes on the question of whether or not Bush has the heart to wage an all out campaign for President. Despite a top notch team of spin doctors and strategists, the candidate prefers the comfort of his ranch to the rigors of the campaign trail. And he likes his naps too.

Isn't it Lovely! Newt the Adulterer Gets Hitched for the Third Time.
Newt Gingrich

Ah, Newt Gingrich is forever young. His secret, keep having affairs and keep getting married. Congratulations are in order once again. The Newtster just wed a congressional aide 23 years his junior, with whom he was having an adulterous affair while he scurrilously attacked Clinton for having an adulterous liaison. About 150 guests attended the wedding in Alexandria, Virginia. His new bride, Callista, might want to keep some pin money around. Newt divorced his second wife a short time back after he learned that she had Multiple Sclerosis. He delivered divorce papers to his first wife while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer. Best of luck to the happy couple!