Kerry's Vietnam Service

Call Bob Dole's office 202-654-4848 and tell him to apologize to Kerry!
Kerry's Vietnam Service

Mike Hersh says, "I just called in, and got right through to a friendly and helpful aide. I kept my tone sad but respectful as I told her how unhappy I was to see Bob Dole repeating incorrect information about Sen. Kerry's wounds. I explained that it was wrong for Dole to politicize medals this way. The woman wrote down my comments and asked for my name, state, and phone number. She said Dole will get the list of calls complaining about his anti-Kerry comments. Add your name to that list now. Call Bob Dole's office 202-654-4848 and tell him to apologize to Kerry!"

Confront Swift Boat Liar John E. O'Neill Online Thursday, Aug. 26 at Noon ET. Submit Questions Now
Kerry's Vietnam Service

Washington Post: "John E. O'Neill, co-author of _Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry_ will take questions and comments on Thursday, Aug. 26 at Noon ET." Be sure to submit tough questions and well-informed comments ahead of time to slap down this lunatic - hand-picked by Nixon's dirty tricks chief Chuck Colson to slam John Kerry decades ago - and who's wasted his life ever since on obsessive hatred of John Kerry.

Kerry Unveils Ad Countering Attacks - Military Records, Witnesses and Swift Boat Liar's Own Comments Expose Lies, Ties to Bush Campaign
Kerry's Vietnam Service

Washington Post: "John F. Kerry's campaign unveiled ... a new ad accusing President Bush of using the same smear tactics that he used against Sen. John McCain in 2000, as partisan surrogates swamped the news shows to argue about Kerry's Vietnam service, an issue that has dominated the campaign for more than a week." Kerry vs. Bush: "On ABC's 'This Week,' former White House chief of staff John D. Podesta tackled Bush's National Guard service during Vietnam. 'Senator Kerry carries shrapnel in his thigh as distinct from President Bush who carries two fillings in his teeth from his service in the Alabama National Guard, which seems to be his only time that he showed up,' Podesta said."