Joshua Bolten

Bush's 'Personal Law Firm' Gets Yet Another Crook off the Hook
Joshua Bolten

G. W. Bush, along with his Daddy and Ronald Reagan have enjoyed the services of their "own personal law firm": O'Melveney and Myers. The controller of the US budget, Joshua Bolten, was drawn from the O'&M pool. Michael Powell is also a former O&M man. O&M's CEO Arthur B. Culvahouse was Reagan and Bush I's chief legal advisor for everything from Iran Contra to devising ways to increase presidential war powers. Culvahouse is now part of an obscure arm of Homeland Security known as "The Working Group for Strengthening Federal Response." (http://www.homelandsec.org/WGstrength/bios/culvahouse.htm) Now O&M lawyers have gotten yet another corporate crook off the hook with a slap on the wrist: Lloyd Silverstein, of Computer Associates. O&M also represented Enron crook Jeffrey Skillings. Btw - O&M's profits have soared since 2001. What an amazing coincidence! (http://www.findarticles.com/cf_dls/m5072/8_24/91090422/p1/article.jhtml)