John Poindexter

When Will John Poindexter Be Held Accountable for His Life of Crime?
John Poindexter

After "taking the fall" for Iran-Contra to protect Reagan and Bush, John Poindexter "moved into the private sector to pursue his passion for electronic surveillance. In the 1980s, Poindexter had pioneered electronic surveillance in the US through a 1984 initiative known as National Security Decision Directive 145. This gave intelligence agencies the right to trawl computer databases for 'sensitive but unclassified information', a power Poindexter later expanded to give the military responsibility for all computer security for both the federal government and private industry... Under this resident Bush, Poindexter expanded the surveillance of US citizens to unprecedented levels, designing programmes that would not only track trillions of emails, text messages and phone calls but even send agents into public libraries to compile information on what Americans were reading." When will Poindexter be prosecuted for Crimes Against Democracy?