Family Values

Cross Dressing Republican Runs in Texas
Family Values

A candidate for the Texas House rejected calls to withdraw from the race after photos of him in women's clothing began circulating. .. Sam Walls, 64, said he will not give in to ``blackmail'' from opponents who are trying to use ``very old, personal information'' to force him out of the race... As a leading businessman and former party chairman, Walls once seemed the favorite to win. But GOP leaders urged him to withdraw when the pictures surfaced last week in two communities south of Fort Worth

Family Values, GOP Style
Family Values

Here is a quick list of those conservatives bringing Honor and Integrity back to the good old USA. 1) Republican activist Randy Ankeney 2) Radio Personality "Republican Marty" 3) "Republican of the Year" Mark A. Grethen and 4) Mayor Philip Giordano. Besides being staunch Republicans, can you guess what these gentlemen have in common? Yup. They're all child molesters.