Dennis Kucinich

Kucinich Endorses Kerry, Will Speak at Convention
Dennis Kucinich

CNN: "With the Democratic National Convention set to begin next week, U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich on Thursday will announce his support for Sen. John Kerry as the party's presidential candidate, representatives for both Democrats said. "We are very pleased he made the decision," Kerry spokeswoman Allison Dobson said. Another Democratic official praised Kucinich's decision as well as the timing of his announcement, which will occur in Detroit, Michigan."Not only does this clear the Democratic field with the convention days away, but it gives Kerry another bridge to organized labor in Ohio," the official said. Kucinich is scheduled to speak at the convention Wednesday. "

Kucinich Takes Roads Less Traveled
Dennis Kucinich

WashPost: "For several months, Kucinich has made it a point to visit some of the most forgotten corners of the country -- public housing complexes, down-and-out main streets and the like -- to call attention to poverty, which he calls 'a weapon of mass destruction.' At each turn, he launches into lengthy discussions on the need to pull out of Iraq, the invasion of which he voted against, and his proposals for a Cabinet-level 'Department of Peace,' which would apply Gandhian principles to curbing violence, both domestic and global...after the primaries and caucuses in Maine, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon, Kucinich suddenly had 70 delegates. ..Kucinich is hoping that those delegates will help give him a platform on which to discuss why the country should leave Iraq, and how. 'This is why I've stayed in the race,' he said."

Kucinich is Still the Progressive Choice
Dennis Kucinich

Ronnie Dugger: "Last month the top general of the Army said we may have to keep troops in Iraq another three years... in Des Moines on February 14, Kerry said that during his first 100 days as President he would send over 40,000 more US troops. Kucinich demands that we turn the situation in Iraq over to the UN and get our 130,000 soldiers back home in ninety days. Otherwise, he forecasts that the $155 billion war we didn't have to fight will cost us a trillion dollars, and the 550 dead Americans will become thousands--not to speak, as usual, of the tens of thousands of Iraqi casualties... More than 40 million of us have no health insurance, and another 30 million have only minimal coverage. Kucinich introduced legislation for nonprofit, single-payer national health insurance for everyone. The minimum wage would be replaced by a much higher living wage. 'When I'm elected President,' Kucinich says, 'it will be a workers' White House.'"

Kucinich Aims for DC Primary Victory
Dennis Kucinich

While the media focuses on Iowa and NH, there will be an unofficial primary in DC on January 13. Dennis Kucinich is campaigning aggressively in DC, and promised to introduce legislation this year to make DC a state. And when he is elected President, Kucinich will use his first State of the Union address to ask Congress to deliver DC Statehood. You Go, Dennis!

Kucinich Steps Up to BuzzFlash Interview
Dennis Kucinich

BuzzFlash conducts the best interviews of any progressive zine. Buzz wants to interview the Dem candidates for President, but they're all dodging Buzz - except Dennis Kucinich. "It's true, I am an idealist. But why should we assume that our ideals do not have a practical basis? I'm idealistic about peace. But what could be more impractical than war -- particularly this war in Iraq? I support health care for all. It's an ideal, but it's very practical too because there's so many people without health care today because of a for-profit system. We could turn this around and say that war is cynical, and that war profiteering is cynical, that unemployment is cynical, and all these things lead to despair. My candidacy is about a celebration of hope. It's about an end to cynicism, an end of despair, an end to fear and the beginning of hope. We have to have confidence in the authenticity of our ideals. We have to have confidence that we can make those ideals part of the life of our nation."

Past Defeat and Personal Quest Shape Long-Shot Kucinich Bid
Dennis Kucinich

NY Times profile: "By the time he was 17, Mr. Kucinich had lived in 21 places, including an orphanage, where he and his siblings spent Christmas one year while their mother fought post-partum depression. Between apartments, the family stayed in a car. 'The car,' Mr. Kucinich recalled, 'was parked near a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant. My mother would go down to the store and ask them to heat up a bottle for the baby. We'd go to a delicatessen and buy processed foods and come back and eat. My dad was trying to keep working. It was total chaos.' Out of that chaos came a populist streak that has characterized Mr. Kucinich's career since he first ran for office in 1967 at age 21, taking on a veteran City Council member. He pulls out his union card - he is a member of the cameramen's union - every chance he gets. As president, he says, he would withdraw from NAFTA and the WTO. He advocates universal health care, through a single-payer system."

An Analysis on Kucinich Electability
Dennis Kucinich

An analysis of the 2000 election based on the generally-accepted 40/40/20 rule -- 40% Democrat, 40% Republican, 20% independent -- shows that there are only about 5 million so-called "centrist conservatives" who voted for Gore. In a further commentary, Dan Brown uses Voter News Service's exit polling data, to prove the earlier analysis... There are barely more "conservatives who voted for Gore" at risk than there are Nader voters - the real strength of the Democratic Party lies in its left-leaning populists. More importantly, it means that only Dennis Kucinich or another core, liberal, traditional Democrat can make the race with Bush a race solely based on retaining previous Gore voters.

Kucinich's Committed Supporters Can Boost Him Out of Iowa
Dennis Kucinich

Doug Ireland writes, "Kucinich supporters tend to be more deeply committed than those of other candidates, meaning they'll have more sitzfleisch - Yiddish for staying power - to keep them in their seats right to the end of the lengthy caucus process, giving them importance beyond their numbers. If Kucinich does manage an unexpected impact in the Iowa caucuses - and, given the grassroots enthusiasm he's generating there with help from singer Willie Nelson and the FarmAid crowd, that's not entirely inconceivable - it would send a message to the party's national leadership and the eventual nominee that the party's left cannot be ignored... Kucinich's supporters like to cite the formula urged by the Texas sage Molly Ivins: Vote with your heart in the primaries, and vote with your head in November. When you think about it, that's not bad advice at all."

Kucinich Has MoJo
Dennis Kucinich

Charles Bowden writes that Dennis Kucinich "uses no notes, never falters. He never skips his points: bring the troops home now, cut the Defense budget by 15 percent, found a Department of Peace, withdraw from NAFTA and WTO, cancel the tax cut, fully fund health insurance, sign the Kyoto Accords and the land-mine treaty. And always, take back our country. He plays off the word 'fear' as if it were a chord in a blues song. He began sounding like someone in a high-school speech class, then became a union rabble-rouser, then soared into some ghostly presence of Huey Long, and now he is walking through the crowd with the smile and grace of Phil Donahue. Their eyes say this is too good to be true, too good to ever win the nomination much less the presidency. Hector Elizondo (Chicago Hope, Tortilla Soup) confides that Kucinich can't win but 'he's got big cojones.'"

ABC News Pulls Reporter Off Kucinich Campaign
Dennis Kucinich

From the Kucinich campaign: "The day after Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich took ABC debate moderator Ted Koppel to task for avoiding questions that would be useful to voters in favor of questions about endorsements, money, and polls, ABC pulled its fulltime 'embedded' reporter from the Kucinich campaign, a reporter who had been given no warning that such a move was coming and who had discussed at length yesterday with the Kucinich campaign staff her plans and her needs for the coming months. ABC has reportedly also pulled its reporters from covering the presidential campaigns of Rev. Al Sharpton and Ambassador Carol Mosley-Braun. This appears to be another instance of what Kucinich criticized at the debate, namely the media trying to pick candidates, rather than letting the voters do so. In a democracy, it should be voters and not pundits or TV networks who narrow the field of candidates."

Kucinich Wins Endorsement, Kiss From Date
Dennis Kucinich

AP: "A much-watched first date for presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich ended with kisses on the cheek and an endorsement. 'Gina, we'll talk,' Kucinich told Gina Marie Santore after the two had breakfast Thursday with a gaggle of reporters and photographers nearby. A political Web site, PoliticsNH.com, chose the New Jersey woman over nearly 80 other contestants for a date with the twice-divorced Ohio congressman. He had joked recently about what he wanted in a potential first lady."

Kucinich Supporters Sing Out!
Dennis Kucinich

Just in time for the holidays, you can buy 2 CD's of songs inspired by Dennis Kucinich. "Peace Is Possible: A Tribute To Dennis Kucinich" features 10 original songs about Kucinich by Gil Raviv. "We Want Kucinich" features 10 original songs about Kucinich by 8 Independent Artists. Sample the MP3's, and order the CD's to show your support for Kucinich!

Are Dems Shooting Themselves in the Foot in 2004 By NOT Opposing the Occupation?
Dennis Kucinich

"In Monday's presidential debate only Congressman Dennis Kucinich spoke out in favor of ending the occupation of Iraq. Only Kucinich spoke, and received applause for speaking, for disarmament and the work needed to create peace. Today Kucinich released this statement: 'While various candidates posture and pretend to have opposed the War on Iraq more consistently than they did, they are missing the opportunity to oppose the occupation. Holding a debate months from now over who supported the occupation more than another will do nothing for the lives that will be lost in the coming days and weeks. The time to begin the end of the occupation is now.'" Kucinich is right - the occupation is wrong. It's not only killing our troops and innocent Iraqis AND making our country and the world less safe... it also gives Bush an issue to demagogue in 2004. We say, Bring the troops home NOW! UN in, US out!

Who Wants To Be First Lady?
Dennis Kucinich

On 11/5/03, Dennis Kucinich said, "As a bachelor, I get a chance to fantasize about my first lady. And you know maybe Fox will want to sponsor it as a national contest or something. But in any event I would want definitely want someone who would not just be there by my side, but be a working partner because I think we're in a day in age when partnerships are imperative to making anything happening in the world. And I certainly want a dynamic, out-spoken woman who was fearless in her desire for peace in the world and for universal single-payer health care and a full employment economy. If you are out there call me." So... "Our national contest aims to help him find his perfect First Lady. We will post profiles of interested single women, and at some point we'll let our readers pick the best Kucinich running mate. If Kucinich agrees, PoliticsNH.com and LiberalHearts.com will fly the winner in to meet him and treat the two candidates to dinner. We're looking for serious people only."

Kucinich's 'Prayer for America' Climbs Near Top of Best-Seller List
Dennis Kucinich

Slowly but surely, Dennis Kucinich is having an impact on America. Kucinich has been consistently right on Iraq - that's why Bush summoned Bremer to emergency meetings to figure out how to get out of Iraq asap. Now Kucinich is winning another battle - the battle of the bookshelf. His "Prayer for America" just hit #17 on the NY Times bestseller list. Let's kick it up to #1 - buy copies for Christmas presents!

Dennis Leads the Way - to Hawaii
Dennis Kucinich

The Maui News: "When Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich stops on Maui for a two-day visit beginning today, he will be meeting with at least one of his biggest supporters: part-time Maui resident Willie Nelson. There apparently is a significant number of other supporters of the Ohio congressman to be found on Maui, which is the reason he will be among the few presidential candidates for a major party to appear on Maui over the past 40 years... His record is what attracts supporters such as Ave Diaz, a teacher who is coordinating the Kucinich stopover... A member of Maui Peace Action and an avowed 'social advocate,' Diaz said she learned 'what Dennis is for, and what he stands for and about his standing as a political leader.' 'When we learned who Dennis was and about his platform, about his positions on the environment, for social justice and social equality, we had to get involved,' she said."

Kucinich: The Great Left Hope?
Dennis Kucinich

David Moberg writes, "'It's fair to say progressives haven't consolidated around Dennis,' acknowledged Kucinich consultant Steve Cobble, who argued that the party's fractious left has rarely consolidated around any candidate, especially this early. Judged on the issues alone, Kucinich can convincingly lay claim to being the most authentic progressive standard-bearer in the race. Besides his hallmark opposition to the war, the PATRIOT Act and continued U.S. presence and military spending in Iraq, Kucinich has argued for single-payer universal health insurance, vowed to withdraw from NAFTA and the World Trade Organization, pledged to cut military spending to fund education, and proposed rebuilding the manufacturing sector and using government research to create new high-tech industries. He promises to promote labor unions, break up corporate monopolies, fight privatization of government, and stimulate the economy with new public investment in roads, bridges and new energy systems."

Kucinich Announcement Tour Energizes Activists
Dennis Kucinich

"Dennis J. Kucinich jetted in and out of a dozen states in three days, speaking to enthusiastic crowds at every stop and formally announcing his campaign. The tour has been a phenomenal success in building volunteer support, recruiting endorsements, collecting contributions, and awakening the mass media to the excitement growing at the grassroots for this campaign. Dennis launched this tour on Monday, Oct. 13, with an eloquent speech in Cleveland City Council chambers lasting three-quarters of an hour and laying out his plans and his platform. Watch the speech or read it here. In Detroit, Congressman John Conyers introduced Dennis to the crowd. In Manchester, actress and author Mimi Kennedy and Dr. Patch Adams spoke. In Madison, former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed Garvey lent his support to the event. Kennedy participated at every stop along the tour but Detroit. Listen to her audio postcards."

Kucinich Starts to Get Media Respect
Dennis Kucinich

Most newspapers pretend Kucinich is not in the race, or dismiss him as irrelevant. But the Pentagon Post is starting to show some respect, and other newspapers are following suit. "Kucinich formally announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination here Monday with promises to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq immediately and to pursue a broad agenda that includes universal health care, universal preschool day care and free tuition at public colleges and universities. The fiery Kucinich spoke to a wildly cheering hometown crowd of several hundred in the same wood-paneled City Council chamber where, as mayor of Cleveland in the 1970s, he waged titanic battles with the city's business establishment. 'I'm running for president of the United States to challenge this system, which traps so many of America's children and adults in fear, violence and poverty, and makes us pay for wars we don't want and causes us to sacrifice our children's future,' he thundered.'"

Kucinich Makes It Official
Dennis Kucinich

"Dennis Kucinich, the liberal four-term congressman who has been steadfast in his opposition to the Iraq war, formally launched his long-shot bid for the White House. 'America cannot put its foot on the accelerator of war and advocate peace,' said Kucinich, who envisions the creation of a Cabinet-level Department of Peace and devoted much of his speech to rail against the U.S.-led war. Kucinich made the announcement in his hometown of Cleveland, the first stop of a 12-state tour that will include Michigan, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Iowa. 'I'm running for president of the United States to enable the armies of peace,' Kucinich told some 300 supporters... The candidate has stressed several themes during his months on the campaign trail: his opposition to the U.S.-led war against Iraq and his call for American troops to return home; his desire to end the North American Free Trade Agreement that he argues costs U.S. jobs and his support for a single-payer, universal health care system."

Kase Klosed: Why the Antiwar Crowd Should Rally Behind Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich

Daniel Patrick Welch writes: "What now? The question has hung over the antiwar movement like a thick fog. Activism has continued to grow in exciting directions, of course. But the impending election circus always sucks all the energy from otherwise rational people, who throw themselves into the quadrennial Dance of Death, tripping over each other with a curious zeal for candidates who don't share their interests-and who indeed, on both sides of the grisly political ledger, aim to co-opt or quash the antiwar fervor that is gripping the world. Enter Dennis Kucinich."

Dennis Kucinich's Acceptance Speech for the 2003 Gandhi Peace Award
Dennis Kucinich

"...Light always shines in the darkness. And [what with] darkness has dropped upon our country, upon our Constitution, upon our highest aspirations for America, upon our historic traditions-the light of truth will shine in that darkness, and the darkness will neither comprehend nor overwhelm it. So we are called upon at this moment, to be witnesses for peace, for truth, for light, for love, for compassion, and for the potential of humanity to evolve from a condition where some believe that war is inevitable, to a condition where our knowledge that peace is inevitable becomes the defining paradigm of a new century and a new world. How do we get to that point. Today we're being offered a competing vision. One vision holds America as a nation involved in a Manichean struggle at war with the forces of evil. Gandhi of course said the only evil that exists in the world is that which is rattling around in our own hearts..."

Kucinich Urges Ohio to Yank FirstEnergy's License
Dennis Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich "asked officials in his state to revoke the operating license of FirstEnergy Corp., saying mismanagement at the utility appeared to have played a major role in last week's blackout. 'It is clear that FirstEnergy is a monopoly that has not effectively served the residents of Northeast Ohio,' said Kucinich, who represents a Cleveland area district hit by the power outage. [He] said a 'long history of mismanagement and neglect' prompted him to ask the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to revoke the company's license to operate in northeast Ohio. 'As a result of deregulation, FirstEnergy, like many power companies, has been driven by a motivation to put profit above the public interest,' he added. 'This culture has led to a lack of maintenance and deterioration of their infrastructure. These factors, not new to FirstEnergy, appear to have played a major role in last week's blackout that caused 50 million people to lose power.'" You GO, Dennis!

Power to the People - The Story of Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich writes, "If there was ever an example of the failure of necessary regulation by the government of an investor-owned utility, it is found in the government's failure to regulate FirstEnergy... The blackout which affected an estimated 50 million people may have begun in the FirstEnergy system. I've been familiar with First Energy and the challenge of utility monopolies for over 30 years. Early in my career, in the 1970s, I watched FirstEnergy's predecessor, CEI, as it was hard at work trying to undermine the ability of the City of Cleveland to operate its own municipal electric system. CEI conducted a tireless crusade to attempt to put the city's publicly owned system, Muny Light, out of business... I organized a civic campaign to save Muny Light. People gathered signatures in freezing rain to block the sale. I ran for mayor of Cleveland on a promise that if elected, my first act would be to cancel the sale of Muny Light. I won the election. I cancelled the sale. "

Kucinich: the Real Soul of the Democratic Party?
Dennis Kucinich

"Supporters of Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) defy definition, spanning independents, Greens, veterans, students, peace activists, consumers and environmentalists. Kucinich won by 70% in 2001 in a traditionally Republican district. Willie Nelson is recording campaign ads for him and doing concert fundraisers with Ani DiFranco. Grassroots campaign organizations are spreading like smoldering prairie fire across the country. While other Democrats tinker with cosmetic changes, Kucinich is the only candidate proposing universal, single-payer healthcare, including dental, vision-care, mental health and long-term care... While other Democrats waffle or evade about Bush's tax cuts and war, Kucinich remains a David boldly challenging Goliath, declaring. 'When they say tax cuts what they really mean is giveaways to the wealthy who don't need it and service cuts. It's wealth concentrated into fewer and fewer hands and we have less democracy.'"

Kucinich Blasts Ohio's FirstEnergy - the Company that Bankrupted Cleveland to Punish Him in 1978
Dennis Kucinich

Investigators now believe the nation's largest blackout ever may have been caused at a power plant run by the Ohio-based First Energy, a utility long criticized by Congressman Kucinich. Kucinich described the history of FirstEnergy, which forced Cleveland into bankruptcy in 1978, when then-Mayor Kucinich refused to sell Cleveland's Municipal Power & Light company to them. FirstEnergy has systematically underinvested in its plant and equipment in order to make a fast buck for its investors - including negligent maintenance of its nuclear power plants. Kucinich says this is all a result of electricity deregulation and corporate profiteering, which he will try to end as President.

In Minnesota Visit, Kucinich Invokes the Legacy of Wellstone
Dennis Kucinich

Despite 90 degree temperatures on a Saturday night, 800 people packed a hall in Saint Paul (MN) to bask in the warmth of Dennis Kucinich's vision for this nation and the world. "In a pre-rally news conference, Kucinich was quick to invoke the name of the late Paul Wellstone," the only Senator who was a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, chaired by Kucinich. "Kucinich says he mentions Wellstone not out of opportunism, but because he's the only one running a true Wellstone-type progressive campaign." Kucinich clarified, "Paul Wellstone would support the 15-percent reduction in Pentagon spending that I've talked about. Paul Wellstone would support the repeal NAFTA and the WTO. Paul Wellstone stood for so many progressive ideas that are congenial to who I am." You go, Dennis!!!

We Were Just Talking: (Yet ) Another Conversation about Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich

Daniel P. Welch writes: "The DLC types think they can do it their way--it won't work. The Democrats have not won a majority of the white vote (except for LBJ's post-assassination landslide in 1964) since 1948. This is never going to happen again. Big deal! Now don't get me wrong--some of my best friends are white people. It's just that, as demographic and political trends are zooming off in one direction, the Democrats, as has become usual, are running just as fast in the other. The Republicans have it right: they know they are a dying breed: the people hate them and their policies. The only way they can win is by muscling through redistricting plans, funding recalls, suppressing the black vote by voter list purges and other planned and targeted schemes, terrorizing the electorate, lying and just plain stealing the vote when they have to...so they do it! They correctly read the last election as a center-left vote, a rejection of even the milder policies Bush espoused in the campaign."

Kucinich Gets Green Support
Dennis Kucinich

"Dennis Kucinich supports legalizing gay marriage, repealing the death penalty and the Patriot Act, withdrawing from the WTO and scrapping NAFTA, implementing national ranked choice voting and publicly financed political campaigns, ending the occupation of Iraq, creating universal single-payer health care, forming a Department of Peace, cutting the Pentagon budget by 15 percent, legalizing medical marijuana and upholding legalized abortion... Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Global Exchange and Code Pink Women for Peace and U.S. Senate candidate for the Greens in 2000, told The Examiner that Kucinich is 'as green as you can get.' 'He's so genuine, you wonder how this guy ever got to Congress,' Benjamin said. Peter Camejo, California's Green Party candidate for governor, said if Kucinich were to win the Democratic nod, he 'would favor calling an emergency national convention of the Green Party' to discuss how to support the progressive candidate."

The Unelectability Myth
Dennis Kucinich

Natasha H writes: "Would you vote for a killer who had married a married woman? Would you vote for a guy whose views were so liberally radical that his election would ensure the polarization and the probable breakup of the country? Would you vote for a man who wanted to change our capitalistic systems and institute socialistic government programs? Would you vote for a man whom a large segment of society believed would initiate World War III? The attack word bantered around the most in the current election cycle is the word 'unelectability.' But what does this word mean? The men described above should have been unelectable. Yet they were among our most popular Presidents."

In Debate, Kucinich Challenges Dean and Gephardt on NAFTA and WTO
Dennis Kucinich

At the AFL-CIO presidential debate, "Long-shot contender Rep. Dennis Kucinich stood out from the crowd, delivering a rousing performance, challenging Gov. Howard Dean on why he wasn't willing to cut the defense budget and demanding that Rep. Dick Gephardt tell the audience whether he'd revoke NAFTA and pull the United States out of the WTO. After the debate Kucinich insisted that it wasn't impractical to cancel NAFTA and pull out of the WTO. 'No one here answered that question.... None of them would say it - not even Dick Gephardt who is trying to rely on support from labor to become the next president.' Dean said after the debate, 'I don't think we should cancel the WTO or NAFTA, but I do think labor and environmental standards have to be part of that. And if nations we trade with aren't willing to embrace ILO standards, then I don't think we can trade with them. We certainly can't have open-border trade with them.' Gephardt declined to answer Kucinich's challenge."

A Hero For America
Dennis Kucinich

Natasha H. (age 12) writes,

"Out of Ohio a long shot has come.
Voters greet him with a hearty welcome.
Fearful candidates hope he'll go away.
'Unelectable' they lyingly say.

Suddenly there's hope for health care for all.
America soon again can stand tall.
Total equality, he can secure.
For America's ills, he is the cure.

College for all will be affordable
If we believe our dreams are possible.
Jobs for Americans soon will come back.
Goodbye to W.T.O.'s job attack.

No more arsenic or nuclear waste
Nor cyanide in the water to taste.
Our environment now needs a hero
Who won't sell us out as his profits grow.

He will help us to restore our liberty.
No more Homeland spying on you and me.
He will save our civil rights from attacks.
He will stop the outrageous fascist acts."

The Fire This Time: Why Kucinich May be the Right Guy at the Right Time
Dennis Kucinich

Daniel Patrick Welch writes, "Kucinich may be the only guy who can win this [US Presidential] election. Sounds far-fetched, right? What the Brits would call Loony Left delusional thinking. The U.S. press would just ignore the whole thing, naturally, until it's no longer possible. Just plain crazy. But is it? Every finely tuned ear has recorded the spike in interest every time someone has had the guts to speak up about various aspects of the nascent fascism we are confronting. From Gore's early comments breaking the taboo of criticizing Bush to Byrd's articulate blasts, mainstream politicians have received a grateful roar from the rabble with each thrust, the bolder the better."

Dean Gets the Cream, But Kucinich Gets the Endorsement
Dennis Kucinich

"Ben Cohen, who with Jerry Greenfield founded Ben & Jerry's Homemade ice cream in Burlington, VT, said he is supporting Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. Describing himself as a VTer, entrepreneur, Grateful Dead fan and longtime peace advocate, Cohen said only Kucinich represents the values most important to him. 'While others discuss incremental change, only Dennis Kucinich advocates changing the way our government is run in order to reflect the values of America's people,' Cohen said. Cohen added that his endorsement was an individual decision and does not 'imply that there will soon be an ice cream flavor named Kucinich Kreme.' Kucinich said Cohen's endorsement sends a signal to progressive activists that his campaign is gaining momentum. Dean will be honored Monday by the 'Maple Powered Howard' sundae that Ben & Jerry's will be selling in honor of the formal kickoff of his presidential campaign. The sundae will be sold only in Ben & Jerry's six company-owned stores in VT."

Kucinich Says Bush Lied to 'Manipulate the Election'
Dennis Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), who has introduced a Resolution of Inquiry about Weaponsgate, continued his pressure on Bush. "Last October... the Administration urged action against an imminent threat. So Congress voted, only weeks before the 2002 election. Some Democrats voted for it thinking there would be an opportunity to refocus on domestic issues. Instead national security and Iraq's so-called imminent threat became the divisive issue in the election. The question became: who was patriotic and who wasn't. Now it is becoming apparent that there were no massive stockpiles of WMD in Iraq. There was no imminent threat. The Administration capitalized on the fears of Americans. They misrepresented the nature of the Iraqi threat. They misled Congress. They misled the American people. By pushing for a quick vote before the election they changed the election and manipulated the outcome of the 2002 election. The Resolution of Inquiry will establish the truth once and for all." You GO, Dennis!

Kucinich Rocks the House at 'Take Back America' Conference
Dennis Kucinich

Salon's Michelle Goldberg writes, "The most impassioned applause of the day was reserved for Kucinich [who] took the stage to John Lennon's 'Imagine' and proceeded to conjure the heyday of American progressivism by promising a new version of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's WPA. 'We're gonna rebuild America's cities, and we're gonna do it with America's steel,' he roared, his voice far larger than his elfin frame. In his spellbinding speech, Kucinich laid out a lefty's dream platform: Medicare for all, money pulled out of the Pentagon budget to pay for schools and other domestic programs, and 'total nuclear disarmament.' He spoke to the crowd's fury over the war in Iraq, getting a screaming standing ovation when he cried, 'This war was wrong! This war was fraudulent! We must expose this administration!' When he was finished... the crowd adjourned to a party, many daring to imagine voting for a candidate not because he seems electable, but because they want to elect him."

Kucinich Seeks Videotape of Lynch Rescue
Dennis Kucinich

AP reports, "Rep. Dennis Kucinich called on the Defense Department on Tuesday to release the unedited footage of the rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch from an Iraqi hospital and to answer questions about her injuries. 'Nothing the administration has said about Private Lynch has been verified by private news reports,' Kucinich, D-Ohio, said Tuesday. 'It's time to find out the truth.'... A BBC report and AP interviews with Iraqis who were present suggested the dramatics surrounding Lynch's rescue were unnecessary. A Defense Department official speaking on the condition of anonymity said Tuesday that it's unlikely that the full tape of the rescue would be released. It was unclear whether the additional questions about the rescue would be answered. Pentagon officials have played down suggestions that Lynch's rescue was staged or that details were exaggerated. They have never claimed there was fighting inside the hospital, but have said U.S. troops were fired on outside the hospital."

New York Times on Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich

Carl Hulse writes for the NY Times: "'The administration's illegal attack on Iraq is not just about Iraq,' he said. 'It is about Iran, it is about North Korea, it is about Libya, perhaps it is about Syria.' Mr. Kucinich credits himself for helping inspire a majority of House Democrats, 126, to vote last fall against the resolution authorizing Mr. Bush to use force in Iraq. Unlike many of his colleagues, he continued to voice opposition once the conflict began. 'It is not logical to say you oppose the war and once the war started, you support it,' he said. He is also re-emphasizing his argument that the nation's military buildup, coupled with the p-resident's push for tax cuts, is draining money that could be used for critical domestic programs. And this month he reintroduced his proposal to create a cabinet-level Department of Peace."

Kucinich Confronts the Major Global Challenges
Dennis Kucinich

The Progressive's Ruth Conniff writes, "Kucinich denounces the Bush Administration's whole political philosophy of 'projecting aggression into the world.' The issues of his campaign are empire versus democracy, globalization versus equality, war versus peace, a private health insurance system that leaves seventy-five million people intermittently uncovered versus national health care, the Patriot Act versus the Bill of Rights... 'We have a foreign policy that's setting the stage for new wars. We're talking about first use of nuclear weapons. We still have chemical and biological weapons, which disqualifies us from the chemical and biological weapons treaty. The polar ice caps are still melting. Islands in the Pacific are seeing the water rising. Meteorological changes suggest that global climate change is here to stay. The Kyoto climate change treaty is urgent. The U.S. has to recognize the interconnectedness, interdependence, of the world."

Kucinich Introduces Legislation to Create Cabinet Level Department of Peace
Dennis Kucinich

"With our nation at war in Iraq, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), today, reintroduced legislation to create a cabinet level Department of Peace [that] would serve to promote non-violence as an organizing principle in our society, and help to create the conditions for a more peaceful world. Domestically, the Department would be responsible for developing policies, which address issues such as domestic violence, child abuse, and mistreatment of the elderly. Internationally, the Department would analyze foreign policy and make recommendations to the President on matters pertaining to national security, including the protection of human rights and the prevention and de-escalation of unarmed and armed international conflict. 'Our current foreign policy makes our nation less safe and will make it impossible to meet our domestic needs. This legislation offers an path towards peace and prosperity.' The bill already has 47 original co-sponsors in the House of Representatives."

Kucinich Denounces W-ar Before Huge Audience in San Rafael
Dennis Kucinich

SF Chronicle reports, "The US still has a chance to pull away from a war that can have devastating consequences for the country, Rep. Dennis Kucinich told a Marin County audience this weekend. 'We see what war has already wrought. We know where it's heading,' the Ohio congressman said. 'It's time for America to step away from the abyss. It's time to end this war now.' Nearly 2,000 people gave the unabashedly liberal Kucinich a standing ovation at the beginning and the end of his talk at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in San Rafael. The parking lot at the Marin center was jammed with cars, many sporting peace symbols and anti-war bumper strips. In front of the hall, vendors hawked 'Impeach George Bush' buttons and stickers... 'This policy that makes the US the policeman, judge, jury and executioner of the world must be reversed,' he said... Kucinich always brought the topic back to the war in Iraq, where he said he 'supports our troops, but not their mission.'"

Kucinich is First Presidential Candidate to Call for an End to the Iraq War
Dennis Kucinich

At a press conference on 3-28-03, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) became the first Presidential candidate to call for an end to the Iraq War. "This Administration has never made its case for war against Iraq. It is an unjustified war, which the Administration continues to misrepresent and exaggerate... This war must end now. It was unjust when it started last week, and is still unjust today. The U.S. should get out now and try to save the lives of American troops and Iraqi citizens. Most importantly, ending the war now and resuming weapons inspections could salvage world opinion of the United States, which has been deteriorating since the talk of war began. After all, the greatest threat to the United States at this time is terrorism, which is breeding from this war." Kucinich, who chairs the House Progressive Caucus, organized the speakout for anti-war Representatives, including Sam Farr (D-CA) and Barbara Lee (D-CA).

Dennis Kucinich and Marianne Williamson Announce DC Peace Conference April 6-8
Dennis Kucinich

"At this critical time in our nation's history, righteous action is the antidote to despair. Please participate in a powerful citizen lobbying effort to create a U.S. Dept. of Peace, sponsored in the House of Representatives by Rep. Dennis Kucinich. This bill establishes nonviolence as an organizing principle of American society, cultivating an array of peace-building policies and procedures. On April 8th, this historic legislation will be introduced for a second time; whether or not it becomes law is dependent on whether we, the people of the US, take the time to make phone calls, lobby our Congresspeople, and in other ways create the political will to make it happen. Please join us, either in Washington D.C. for the bill's introduction and our initial lobbying campaign, or in your local area, as we blanket every Congressional district with a strong message of support for a Dept. of Peace. Let us stand as passionately for peace, as some now stand so passionately for war."

Kucinich Denounces Shock and Awe as 'Horrific Acceleration of the US' Unprovoked Attack against Iraq'
Dennis Kucinich

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), who leads opposition in the House to the war in Iraq, said "Today is a sad day, the US has begun its 'shock and awe' air campaign against Iraq. By all accounts this attack will rain thousands of bombs down on a heavily populated area.' 'The 'shock and awe' air campaign is a horrific acceleration of the US' unprovoked attack against Iraq. This air campaign is designed to aim the full might of the US military apparatus at the center of a civilian population. Today, my thoughts and prayers are with the coalition service men and women serving in the region and with the innocent Iraqi civilians. We must end this unjustified war.' Congressman Kucinich will issue daily statements on the war in Iraq. Please pass these statements on to your friends. Help empower America's leading spokesperson for peaceful resolution of international conflict."

Dennis Kucinich: 'This War is Wrong'
Dennis Kucinich

"This is a sad day for America, the world community, and the people of Iraq. Tonight, I hope and pray for the safe return of our troops and the end to this unjustified war. President Bush has launched an unprovoked attack against another country. Iraq does not pose an imminent threat to the United States or any of its neighboring nations. Iraq was not responsible for the terrorist attacks of September 11. Tonight, President Bush has commanded U.S. forces to go to war in violation of American traditions of defensive war that have lasted since George Washington. This war is wrong; it violates the Constitution and international law."

PentaPost Censors Kucinich for Saying 'It's About Oil'
Dennis Kucinich

Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich writes, "Is President[sic] Bush's war in Iraq about oil? Of course it is. Sometimes, the obvious answer is the right one: Oil is a major factor in the President's [sic] march to war, just as oil is a major factor in every aspect of U.S. policy in the Persian Gulf... Oil obviously drives U.S. policy in the Middle East. So who can doubt that this war in Iraq concerns oil?" Alternet adds, "Although Dennis Kucinich was aggressively attacked by Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen for suggesting that the preemptive strike on Iraq was based on oil, the Post refused to print the presidential candidate and Ohio Democrat's response. This was especially frustrating, since the Post editorial stance and balance of editorial page columns have been decidedly pro-war. You can tell the Post how you feel about this omission at ombudsman@washpost.com."

Kucinich Clobbers Richard Perle on Meet the Press
Dennis Kucinich

Defense Policy Board chair Richard Perle is one of the key architects of Bush's W-ar in Iraq and the broader Bush Doctrine of Global Domination. Until now, Perle has never been challenged by the press or a Democrat, because everyone is afraid of him. But on Meet the Press (2-23-02), Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) courageously went head to head with Perle. Perle was nasty, smarmy, and dishonest - as always - but Kucinich did not give him an inch. Kucinich chose his words carefully, presented the facts, articulated core American values, and stood his ground. Dennis' key point - that the U.S. faces no imminent threat from Iraq that would justify immediate war, and that diplomacy can bring about Iraq's disarmament - went unrebutted by Perle, thus making Kucinich the winner. Ths is a powerful start for a progressive Presidential campaign. You go, Dennis!

Kucinich Becomes Pro-Choice
Dennis Kucinich

Cleveland Plain Dealer reports, "Dennis Kucinich opened a long-shot bid for the White House yesterday by altering one of his long-standing positions, promising Iowa Democrats he would be 'pro-choice' on the question of abortion. Kucinich... said in answer to a question that 'as president, I would protect that right [to abortion], and I would also make sure that appointees to the Supreme Court protected that right.'... Kucinich conceded that he had expanded his view on abortion. He said he had grown 'increasingly uncomfortable' with debates in Congress that focused narrowly on that issue while ignoring the needs of poor families... 'He said it very clearly that it is hypocritical for those who say they are for life, if they are not willing to support the baby after it comes out of the womb,' said Holly Berkowitz, a 50-year-old writer who lives in Iowa City." Kucinich, like Jesse Jackson Sr. and Dick Gephardt, switched to pro-choice on the road to the White House.

Kucinich Declares His Candidacy 'A Struggle for the Soul of the Democratic Party'
Dennis Kucinich

CNN reports, "Rep. Dennis Kucinich said Monday that he is 'ready to run for president' on an unabashed liberal platform that opposes the foreign policy championed by the Bush administration, including a possible war in Iraq... Kucinich described himself as 'an FDR-type Democrat' who would work to 'make sure people have jobs [and], universal health care, and protect Social Security... He broadened his criticism to include some within his own party. 'I think that we need to bring back into the debate the old-time Democratic values. This is a struggle for the soul of the Democratic Party, which in too many cases has become so corporate and identified with corporate interests that you can't tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans. 'Well, in my case, you will be able to tell the difference. I'll be there on the side of workers, on the side of the environment, on the side of fair trade and on the side of peace.'" You GO, Dennis!

Inner Space - Dennis Kucinich at F15 NYC Rally
Dennis Kucinich

"Two hundred and fourteen years ago the First Congress standing upon the holy ground of a new Constitution met in this city. Their permit came from the Declaration of Independence. The same High Power which entrusted them entrusts us with the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We call upon the Spirit of the Founders to guide us as we create a new world where all may live in peace. The United States, brought forth by the power of human unity, seeks to be reborn. We invoke the Spirit of Freedom. We hear the cadence of courage echo across the ages: 'Life, Liberty, pursuit of Happiness'. Once again, the hour has come for us to stand for unity, even as our government tells us we must follow it into war. Once again the hour has come for us to be strong of heart. The direction of human unity is forward. We are on the march. It is our government which must follow, or be swept aside. Thank you."

Kucinich Will Launch Presidential Bid
Dennis Kucinich

John Nichols reports, "US Representative Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, confirmed Sunday that he will launch an exploratory committee in preparation for a presidential bid. One of the most outspoken foes of war with Iraq in Congress, Kucinich appeared at Saturday's anti-war rally in New York and then traveled to Iowa, the first Democratic caucus state to headline a planned rally in Des Moines. A former mayor of Cleveland, Kucinich says his candidacy will be about more than just opposition to war with Iraq. But the Ohio added that, unlike several of the other Democratic contenders, he will not hesitate to address questions of war and peace bluntly. 'We need to start asking why is war considered to be an instrument of policy,' argues Kucinich. 'Inspections are an adequate substitute for war, diplomacy is a substitute for war, human relations are a substitute for war, and so I think that there is no case made for war.'" You GO, Dennis!

Kucinich Tells Bush to Renounce 'First Strike' Nukes
Dennis Kucinich

"A news report in today's LA Times indicates that the Administration is considering the use of 'first strike' nuclear missiles in Iraq. Today, I call upon [Bush] to publicly renounce the use of such weapons. Such discussion serves only to destabilize an already fragile region, and could further deteriorate the crisis in North Korea. Nuclear rhetoric such as this also sends a dangerous message to other nuclear countries such as India and Pakistan, and sets the United States at odds with nuclear powers China and Russia. [Bush], as the man whose hand is on the nuclear button, must publicly renounce loose talk of a 'first strike' nuclear attack. Such rhetoric is irresponsible and not worthy of a great nation. At a time when the United States is seeking world support nuclear 'first strike' rhetoric runs counter the UN Charter and would violate the intent of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty... America should be leading the world in getting rid of nuclear weapons not using them."

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) Gives Another Powerful Speech Against W-ar
Dennis Kucinich

"Iraq has not committed any act of aggression against the US. Iraq was not responsible for 911. No credible evidence exists linking Iraq to Al Qaeda's role in 911. Iraq was not responsible for the anthrax attack on our nation. The UN has yet to establish that Iraq has usable weapons of mass destruction. There is no intelligence that Iraq has the ability to strike at the US. According to the CIA, Iraq has no intention to attack America, but will defend itself if attacked. Why then, is our nation prepared to send three hundred thousand of our young men and women into house to house combat in the streets of Baghdad and Basra?... There is no answer which can separate itself from oil economics, profit requirements of arms trade, or distorted notions of empire-building. War with Iraq is wrong... We must be prepared to stand up, to speak out, to organize, to march, to demand an end to the war, or to demand an end to an administration which insists on war."

Dennis Kucinich Calls for 'A Second Renaissance'
Dennis Kucinich

On 9-14-02, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) gave a powerful speech in Berkeley, CA. "We are at a critical and creative moment in human history where we have it within our power to change the world. It is about evolutionary politics which follows an evolutionary consciousness. We can do it be changing the way we look at the world. By contemplating and realizing the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of all persons. We can do it by tapping our own unlimited potential to think anew. Imagine if we could look our nation with the same daring with which our founders gazed. Imagine if we could regain the capacity of spirit which animated freedom of speech, the right to assemble, the right to vote, freedom from fear, freedom from want. I tell you there is another America out there. It is ready to be called forward. It is the America of our dreams. It is the America of the flag full of stars. It is the America which is in our hearts and we can make it the heart of the world." Read the full speech!