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The Best of the Best: Black Commentator Shares Its Top Stories, Commentaries, Cartoons and Art from 'Vol. 101'
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We have watched with awe as the "Black Commentator" has evolved over the past two years since its debut in April 2002. There are now few political sites on the web that can rival it in content, look, and creative diversity. We have often drawn on its stories and commentaries, grateful to find a source of hard-hitting, beautifully written material by writers unafraid to speak to truth to power, even when it was -quite literally - dangerous to do so. This is American free speech at its finest.

A Field Guide to Bush Supporters: A List of the Top 22 'Species'
Democratic Voices

Cheryl Seal writes: "Having followed the policies, decisions, and manipulations of George W. Bush closely for over three years, I found myself wondering, with daily growing amazement: Who on God's green Earth still actually supports this man? Well, yes, of course, the nation has been lied to by the media on a daily basis, which has made seeing through the scum on the White House pond more difficult. And the same media has spun every action and statement made by Bush into something that doesn't LOOK like it should smell as bad as it does. Even so...! After pondering four years worth of my own interactions, pro-Bush postings at various websites, and the comments of callers to rightwing talk shows and C-SPAN, I have identified and compiled the following list of Bush supporter types...."

Why 'Liberal' is a Dirty Word to Rightwing Repugs and their Corporate Pals
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Brian Morton writes: "What is a liberal? A liberal is someone who believes that there is a place for government, and the Constitution clearly outlines it. A liberal is someone who knows that unchecked private power leads to inequality, corruption, graft, and hatred. African-Americans are still the biggest fans of good, honest government. We, predominantly, are unapologetic liberals." Why? "Liberals know that the only check on the robber barons of Halliburton, the criminals of Adelphia, the stock swindlers, and the inside traders is the strong regulatory mechanisms of a diligent government. We know that when government does its job there are no savings-and-loan collapses that cause thousands, if not millions, of honest, hard-working people to lose their life savings while two or three white-collar criminals get away with millions and short stints manicuring the greens at Allenwood federal penitentiary...".

Garrison 'Lake Wobegone' Keillor Says Democrats are the Party of 'Basic Decency'
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StarTribune: "In an improbable combination of grey suit and red tennis shoes (which pick up nicely on his red tie) Keillor pitches his belief that Democrats are the party of 'basic decency' that believes government can help ordinary people have better lives. 'It's been a pretty good summer for the president so far,' Keillor deadpans. 'He's managed to stay close to Sen. [John] Kerry in the polls and he's the star of a new hit Hollywood movie.' This reference to the fiercely anti-Bush Michael Moore film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' elicits an appreciative chuckle from the audience. 'It's one thing to grasp power in order to do favors for one's friends,' says Keillor, without specifying whom that might describe, but another to 'serve the common good,' which he makes clear Kerry wants to do."

Move Over Leonard Bernstein! Ted Kennedy Conducts the Boston Pops, Serenaded by Celebrities - Including Bono
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The same night Senator Kennedy wowed the Democratic Convention, he also wowed the audience at Symphony Hall, acting as guest conductor for a rousing edition of "The Stars and Stripes Forever." "Outfitted onstage in a white jacket handed to him by Ben Affleck ("one of your constituents"), the senator led it like a pro, delighting the audience by crouching for the quiet parts and later going bananas to encourage the trombones; at the end, as Old Glory and cascades of balloons descended, he turned to face the crowd and flashed the famous grin. The occasion was a tribute to Kennedy's long career, and it brought out a stageful of celebrities, representing the arts, which Kennedy has so mightily supported. They included Glenn Close, who served as host; Bono; Yo-Yo Ma; Audra McDonald; Brian Stokes Mitchell; John Williams, the Boston Pops, and Keith Lockhart. Collectively they represented classical music, Broadway, Hollywood, and rock."

Convention's Glorious Diversity of Opinion Proves the Difference between Dems and the 'You're With Us or Against Us' Repugs
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Most of the delegates at the Dem Convention are against the Iraq war and don't agree with Kerry on many points . But one thing the convention has made clear - the Democrats know how to agree to disagree, and to work through differences. As Clinton observed, while the Republicans NEED a divided America to promote their right-skewed agenda, the Democrats don't - they prefer and shine with a united America. The Boston globe reports: "Unlike Kerry, who opposes same-sex marriage, 62 percent of the delegates say gay and lesbian marriages should be allowed by law. And only 26 percent of delegates share the view expressed by Kerry -- a supporter of abortion rights -- that life begins at conception. The delegates are also deeply critical of the war in Iraq. Kerry initially supported the war, but now questions the Bush administration's handling of it." In short, we Dems TRULY reflect America in all its glorious diversity!

Garrison Keillor Says 'A Democrat knows that the leaf turns'
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Garrison Keillor writes, "People are united in a civil compact and we know it, even if we don't talk about it. This compact is powerful in the Midwest, and when we midwesterners travel to New York or London or Paris, we wonder: if we were struck by a car and lay bleeding in the gutter, would people stop and help?... This is Democratic bedrock: we don't let people lie in the ditch and drive past and pretend not to see them dying. Here on the frozen tundra of Minnesota, if your neighbor's car won't start, you put on your parka and get the jumper cables out and deliver the Sacred Spark that starts their car. Everybody knows this. The logical extension of this spirit is social welfare and the myriad government programs with long dry names all very uninteresting to you until you suddenly need one and then you turn into a Democrat. A liberal is a conservative who's been through treatment. "

The Grand Old Man of the Senate Delivers Scalding Condemnation of the Bush Administration
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We here at Democrats.com have a special place in our hearts for Sen. Robert Byrd. This is a man who, unlike so many of his rightwing adversaries, has shown the capacity to transform and grow with the times. From intolerant, even racist Blue Dog, Byrd has undergone a complete metamorphosis over the years to become one of the most gallantly outspoken champions of true Democracy and progressive ideals. He has spoken out when other Dems cowered in fear. Back in the dark days of 2001 and 2002, when Democrats.com was blasted as "anti-American" for continuing to speak out, Byrd supported us. Now Byrd has released a new book, "Losing America: Confronting a Reckless and Arrogant Presidency" that delivers a stinging indictment of the worst administration this nation has ever had. We salute you, Senator Byrd!

Ron Reagan Slams Bush Policy on Larry King
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News24: "Ron Reagan, the younger son of the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan, criticised George W Bush's foreign policy, saying he believed Bush misled Americans to gain support for the Iraq war. "We lied our way into the war," Reagan said on CNN's Larry King Live on Wednesday, referring to allegations that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and direct connections to the al-Qaeda terrorist network. "It's a terrible mistake, a terrible foreign policy error." Reagan, 44, is a vocal opponent of his father's conservative politics. He said he would vote for anyone who could beat the current president. " Go Ron, go! We salute your courage and independence!

Ted Kennedy to Host a Monthly Public Affairs Talk Show
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AP: "U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy will host a monthly public affairs show on cable access stations across Massachusetts beginning next month. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is penciled in as the Democrat's first guest, and the two will discuss the economic impact of next month's Democratic National Convention, a spokesman for the state's senior senator said. Kennedy will tape six shows initially and then decide whether to continue, spokesman David Smith said. 'It's a pilot project,' he said. 'We want to see how well it works, and what the response is.' The first show will be taped June 25 at Emerson College with the help of graduate students and is scheduled to debut in early July, Smith said. The tape will be offered to 152 public access stations, which can decide whether to air it."

Dems Called 'Partisan' for Demanding that the Pentagon be Accountable to the American People
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On 5/21, General Richard Myers appeared before the House Armed Service Committee to answer questions (supposedly!) about the situation in Iraq, including Abu Ghraib. However, the Republicans and their media cheerleaders (this AP slab of propaganda, for ex.) seem to have forgotten that A. Myers works for the American taxpayers, who fund his paychecks and B. the Armed Service Committee, its members paid by said taxpayers, is supposed to be the watchdog for the Pentagon. When Dems like Ellen Tauscher and Kendrick Meek got tired of hearing Repug committee head Duncan Hunter blowing Myers kisses and started asking REAL questions - the sort Americans are demanding the answers to - the Repugs started to whine, as did their reps in the corporate media. Keep speaking up for the people, Nancy, Ellen, Kendrick, et al! We have never been prouder to be Democrats!

Senator Mark Dayton's Eloquent Statement on the War in Iraq
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Mark Dayton stated on May 18, 2004: "War causes deaths and destruction. The enormous deadly forces of modern weapons cannot be perfectly directed; their effects are devastating on both intended targets and unintended victims. More war causes more deaths and destruction. How would that improve the present situation in Iraq? Over 2500 years ago, an enlightened leader wrote, "Hatred can never put an end to hatred. This is an unalterable law." The human race has still not learned to obey that law, and its punishments can be severe. I worry that we have not yet suffered our consequences from the war in Iraq. Our decisions now will make them either better or worse. I will vote for better."

MoveOn a Force to Contend with, Mimicked Even By Its RNC Bashers
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Boston Globe reports: "Today, [MoveOn] has 1.7 million members -- as many as the Christian Coalition at its height. Its members discuss issues and set the group's priorities on the site, and MoveOn sends regular news updates. It has raised millions of dollars in small contributions from those members -- for Democratic candidates, full-page newspaper advertisements, and prime-time television spots that criticize the Bush administration. MoveOn's Internet techniques were adopted by former governor Howard Dean of Vermont to power his formidable fund-raising machine. Dean's rivals -- and even the GOP -- are now using them in ways that are revolutionizing political activism and campaign finance."

Trippi Says He Plans to Organize a Broader Political Movement
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LA Times: "Joe Trippi, former campaign manager for presidential candidate Howard Dean, gave a spirited defense of his work for the foundering candidate Monday, saying that he lost money by devoting himself to Dean and that he planned to organize a broader political movement... The Dean campaign was just the first stop in an inevitable process of change, he said. And Trippi intends to be part of whatever comes next. 'I'm not going to sit on the sidelines,' he said. He said he had registered a now-dormant Internet Web site, ChangeForAmerica.com, and was trying to decide what to do with it. Trippi said he was convinced that the Web would play a major role in harnessing support for the eventual Democratic nominee, but that such an effort might not prove a unifying and lasting force."

'The Brainwashed Woman and the New Dawn'
Democratic Voices

Dan Brown writes: "'LIBERALS LOSE!,' she croaked. Panic sets in, as the self-loathing centrist, beaten down by 16 years of Reagan, Bush, and Bush the Stunted, repeats the lines she's been taught to say. The conflict in her mind clouding her commitment, clenching her teeth, nearly spitting out the hated words. 'We are the losers. Liberals are evil. That's what the Heritage Foundation, and the Federalist Society teach us in the 'Bush Accountability Schools'.' She picked up a rock, ready to throw it at the man. 'Go away now. You're different from me. You don't understand your place.'" "The Brainwashed Woman and the New Dawn", a short story by Dan Brown about recognizing progressive power and keeping progressive hope alive.

Robert Redford: 'I've Never Known an Administration More Narrow, More Limited and More Mean'
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"Actor and longtime conservationist Robert Redford criticized the Bush administration's energy legislation, calling it one of the worst bills he's seen in his lifetime. '[The Bush-Cheney Energy Bill is] one of the greatest disgraces in my time... It's a bad bill, it's a horrible bill. I believe that now, for my lifetime, I've never known a time more threatening and dangerous to the American people at large or the country at large' on a wide range of issues, he added... He accused the administration of misleading the public by calling its air quality legislation the Healthy Skies Initiative. 'As far as I'm concerned, when I hear the words 'we're out to protect the American people' I realize not only is that not true but we're harming the American people,' Redford said... 'I've never known an administration more narrow, more limited and more mean; the lack of respect and the meanness is beyond me,' he added." Now that's a real star -- unlike posturing creampuffs like Willis, Lowe et al.

New Book: 'George W. Bush vs The SuperPower of Peace'
Democratic Voices

"How a failed Texas oilman hijacked American democracy and terrorized the world. Featuring 'A Prayer for America' by Congressman Dennis Kucinich. For those who love liberty and cherish peace, these are dark days. In this collection of essays spanning the last three years, columnists Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis chart the rise of the Bush Junta, the Republican overthrow of American democracy, the suppression of civil rights, the destruction of the environment in the interest of oil-industry profits, and the continuing threat to world peace posed by fundamentalist right-wingers. But there is hope -- and it begins with the Truth found within these pages. Truth can crush tyrants, kick down prison doors and walk the world back into the sunshine of freedom. Bush himself has handed an organized, focused and optimistic SuperPower of Peace the tools it needs to get stomping."

Al Franken, US Senator?!?
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Newsweek: "Schwarzenegger's victory is prompting talk that a new wave of celebs will enter politics, among them Dennis Miller, George Clooney - and now Al Franken. The Minn. native and 'SNL' alum has played politics for chuckles in best sellers that skewer loudmouthed conservatives while lampooning his own admittedly over-the-top ego... But this is no joke: responding to entreaties from home-state friends, Franken isn't laughing off the idea of running for the US Senate. A friend of the late senator Paul Wellstone, Franken [is]... 'intrigued' by the idea of taking on Wellstone's successor, Norm Coleman (R). 'Republicans always say, 'How dare Susan Sarandon and Martin Sheen get involved in politics!' Franken tells NEWSWEEK. 'Then Arnold showed up and it was 'Oooh! Arnold's running! Oooh! The Terminator!' Well, 'F' you!' So, is he serious? 'I used to say I'd never run because I'd be a terrible officeholder. Now I don't want to say that, because it would look bad if I ever did run.'"

Who Really Lost California?
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Natasha H. (age 12) writes: "Did the people in the most liberal state in the nation suddenly get invaded by body snatchers or suddenly remember their Nazi roots or suddenly decide crimes against women were a status symbol or was Gray Davis simply in the wrong state at the wrong time?... So how did California lose it's mind on October 7, 2003? Despite the moaning of the Democratic Party about what a bad candidate Gray Davis was, it is important to keep in mind that Davis did significantly better than any other Democrat on the ballot on October 7th, 2003. Davis (no on recall) received 3,668,076 votes while Schwarzenegger received 3,850,804 votes. Bustamante, the next highest Democrat, only received 2,504,481 votes. Only 8,204,338 million votes were cast in the recall. The majority of the 21,833,141 Californians who were eligible to vote sat out this election."

Submit Your Vision of America to 2020 Democrats
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"Become a 2020 Democrats member by submitting your Vision for America... Your vision will be added to our database, and utilized as we endeavor to create a constantly evolving and improving consensus vision. In order to create a consensus vision... we hope to receive individual visions that address specific concerns, challenges and policy areas. You may have something to offer due to your work, your family, your studies--whatever it is, we want to hear it, and share it. Some questions you may want to keep in mind while writing are: What is right with the United States? What is wrong with the United States? Describe the United States you hope to see in the year 2020. Which policy approaches are most likely to get us from here to there? We hope you will share a Vision that depicts life and society within the United States, that conceives of our country's role and responsibility in the world, and that highlights the connections between these two realms of policy."

Republican Policies Hurt U.S. Homefront
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"Democrats charged on Saturday the policies of Bush and his fellow Republicans in the U.S. Congress were hurting cities, suburbs and rural America. 'It's time we asked some questions about our priorities,' Douglas Palmer, mayor of Trenton NJ, and head of the National Conference of Democratic Mayors, said in the address... The Democratic radio address is normally given by members of Congress. But the party reached out to a mayor on Saturday as it makes the case in Washington that Republican budget priorities and tax cuts largely for the rich have turned the financial screws on states and localities. Palmer said he and fellow Democratic mayors offered a sweeping plan in January to invest in the nation's cities and people, but Republicans who control Congress have ignored it. 'Let's prepare a federal budget that builds our future, instead of loading it down with debt and neglect,' Palmer said. 'Let's listen to all our moms. Let's take care of home first.'"

Ben Affleck Blasts Bush, Fears Schwarzenegger's Election Signals Roman Empire-Like Decline for US
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"Ben Affleck has attacked George Bush's 'dangerous right-wing' policies, which he said were eroding civil liberties. Speaking in Los Angeles, Affleck, 31, was accepting an award from political group, People For The American Way. He received the Spirit of Liberty award for his work on behalf of children's rights and voter registration. Affleck also compared the current state of US politics to the last days of the Roman Empire. Referring to fellow film star Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent election as Governor of California, he compared "the dawn of the Schwarzenegger era in American politics" to the empire's decline. Other stars attending the People For The American Way event included Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis [this rightwing Bush Lover was there? Weird] and the Dixie Chicks."

A Heartening Visit to Texas, Home of the Original Bush Whoppers
Democratic Voices

Bernard Weiner writes: "The Democrats I met here on my brief, three-day stay are quite aware of the forces they're up against. They realize things have changed muchly since the heady days when Democrat Ann Richards -- she of the brilliant fresh mouth -- was governor. The Democrats now definitely are in the minority, and are treated roughly by their Republican opponents. But the glorious thing is that the Dems are still kicking and fighting...The audience seemed to be truly interested in the heavy material I was laying on them [about the neo-cons in charge of U.S. foreign policy] -- as well as in the final, more hopeful part of my talk, about the things we all could do to ensure Bush's defeat in 2004 -- and the Q&A session that followed was filled with intelligent queries and commentary. I left heartened by the possibility that even in Texas, Bush was vulnerable." (This article also links to the text of Weiner's speech to the progressive-Democratic ROADwomen.)

Let's Make the Democratic Party Child-Friendly
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Natasha H. writes, "Every flower was once a bud. Every fruit was once a seed. Every voter was once under eighteen years old. As election year approaches, eighteen year olds who want to have a say in the future of their country will fill out the form that gives them a right to determine who will be mayor, governor, senator or President. But which party will they choose? Statistically more and more eighteen year olds are registering as declines to state or with third parties. A large number are even registering as Republicans. What about the Democratic Party? This is the Party that promotes children's issues, health care and education. Why aren't all eighteen year olds registering in this pro-child party? Or is it pro-child?... The Democratic Party is frequently closed to most children, who, if they are allowed to be present at all, are often treated as dangerous carnivores who have to be kept silent and under control. "

Watch Jim Hightower's Fantastic Appearance on Washington Journal
Democratic Voices

'America's #1 Populist' Jim Hightower was the guest on C-Span's Washington Journal. 'Hightower looks at the Democratic candidates for President, and discusses the California recall as well as other topical news.' Watch Hightower blast 'The War to Make the World Safe for Haliburton'... GREAT stuff!

The Best Antidote to the Bush Reich: An Anti-Indifference Vaccine?
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Cheryl Seal writes: "Due to their laziness and indifference, most Americans have failed to learn about any philosophical point of view but their own. And most don't even go that far (just try questioning the average citizen closely about the contents of the Constitution - even the Cliff Notes version!). Instead, there is the vague but firmly held 'belief' that God likes us best. Based on what, it is hard to determine. Unless it is how much cash one raises in boiler room scams in His name or how much news coverage one sucks in from making a grotesque display of their 'Godliness.' If these are the criteria, then Tom DeLay and Pat Robertson must be eligible for sainthood!"

The DLC's Natonal White Man's Conversation -- Let the Rich Rump Party Go Where They Belong
Democratic Voices

From the Black Commentator: "The Democratic Leadership Council's appeal is empty, but its leadership's threat to undermine or desert the Party is real. Blacks and progressives must seize the opportunity to politically isolate and marginalize the DLC, whose role as distributors of corporate contributions has enabled them to subvert and co-opt otherwise honest Democrats. Blacks and progressives need more than just, in [Jesse] Jackson's words, 'someplace else to go.' They need 'something highly politically organized within the Democratic Party just short of a third party' a place worth staying in. African Americans, especially, have made an investment in Democratic structures at every level of organization. Let the Right retreat to where they belong: the Republican Party!"

What's Your Vision for America?
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"2020 Democrats is an independent organization dedicated to uniting young people around a vision for our future -- and then turning that vision into a reality. Do you want our generation to leave America better for the next? Change doesn't happen overnight, and it can't happen without you. If you don't like where our country is heading, it's time to speak up. Our effort to shape America's future will begin when you answer one question: What should America look like in 2020? 2020 Democrats is forming a network of young leaders and visionaries, like you, who will look beyond the issues of the current election cycle to define a vision of the America we hope to see in 2020. Together, we will work to give this vision, and our generation, a voice that cannot be ignored."

Streisand Attacks 'Destructive' Bush
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BBC News reports: "American entertainer Barbra Streisand has sent a fiery letter to leading Democrats attacking Resident Bush and defending Bill Clinton. The three-page memo tries to rally the Democrats against Bush because they seem 'paralysed, demoralised and depressed' since losing the November election. Streisand has been a long-time Democrat supporter. If the party does not fight back, she says, they will remain on the back foot 'with our fingers holding the dyke against the Republican revolution... She also said that bipartisanship only works 'if you can trust the other side'. 'As we have learned in the past weeks, we cannot trust George W Bush,' she says. Streisand said Democrats do not have to be 'ruthless' like the Republicans, but must be strong. 'This is not a time to be weak,' she said... 'George Bush [Sr] protected himself by pardoning those linked to him in the Iran-Contra scandal. He pardoned a heroin drug trafficker and a terrorist who was responsible for 73 deaths.'"

Gregory Peck: 'The Embodiment of American Decency'
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William Grimes writes: "Gregory Peck, whose chiseled, slightly melancholy good looks, resonant baritone and quiet strength made him an unforgettable presence in films like 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' 'Gentleman's Agreement' and 'Twelve O'Clock High,' died early yesterday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 87. In a career that spanned half a century, Mr. Peck often played morally anguished heroes who displayed grace under fire. In his most memorable role, as Atticus Finch in the 1962 film 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' he won the Academy Award as best actor for his performance as a gentle Southern lawyer who incurs the wrath of his fellow townsfolk when he defends a black man accused of raping a white woman. In this and other movies his persona as the embodiment of American decency made him a persuasive advocate for the liberal candidates and causes he supported."

Take Back America Conference Demonstrates Strength of Progressive Movement
Democratic Voices

"The Democratic presidential candidates brought their best attack lines against President [sic] Bush to an audience of progressives here... But it was an attack on the party's centrists that brought one of the biggest ovations and exposed the fissures Democrats will have to overcome before they can think about winning in 2004. The three-day conference sponsored by the Campaign for America's Future has revealed a resurgent liberal wing of the Democratic Party, energized by what its members see as Bush's close ties to corporate America and, for many, by his decision to launch the war against Iraq... Nearly every element of the party's grass-roots base -- labor, environmentalists, feminists, gays -- was represented at an event that organizers said quickly became oversubscribed, [while] there is considerable animosity toward Bush, the progressives roaming the corridors of the Omni Shoreham Hotel hold the centrist Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in low regard as well."

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's Remarks at the Conference of the Campaign for America's Future
Democratic Voices

"Do you want a different President in 2004? I'm asking this as a serious question, not a rhetorical one. Do you want it badly enough to actually do what is necessary to win the election that will take place just 17 months from now?"

'A Chill Wind is Blowing in This Nation...'
Democratic Voices

Transcript of the speech given by actor Tim Robbins to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on April 15, 2003.

The Greatest Sedition Is Silence: Four Years in America
Democratic Voices

"William Rivers Pitt's caustic critique of the last four years of American government gives voice to the growing tide of dissent and outrage with America's leaders both inside the country and in the wider world. Burning with anger, this incisive and readable book argues that, under George W. Bush, America makes a mockery of the values of liberty and truth that it purports to stand for, and that it is now more important than ever to speak out. In the aftermath of September 11, America has in many senses lost its way. Citizens are counselled to 'watch what they say' by the White House, just as questions of deadly import are ignored by the government and the media... Yet how do we save freedom by limiting it? Why, after all this time, have there been no answers regarding what really happened on 9/11? Pitt's message is clear: seeking answers and demanding truth is not treasonous. In these dangerous days, with all that is at stake, the greatest sedition in America is silence."

Stop Screaming from the Outside
Democratic Voices

Mary MacElveen writes, "We must stop screaming from the outside, and get involved in our local Democratic organizations. It is one thing to write an angry letter or to make those angry calls, but let me leave you with the following thoughts. How have you helped our party? An elected official can only do so much. What they also need are workers to help them accomplish the many things they set out to do. That is commitment. It also holds their feet to the fire. Because they know you as being an active member within the party structure. As being an active member of the formal organization, should they not actively lead as Democrats; you through networking, can be the catalyst to replace them."

Take Back America - by Taking Over the Democratic Party
Democratic Voices

Thom Hartmann writes, "Marching in the streets is important work, but wouldn't we have greater success if we also took control of the US government? It's vital to point out right-wing-slanted reporting in the corporate media, but isn't it also important to seize enough political power in DC to enforce anti-trust laws to break up media monopolies? And how are progressives - most standing on the outside of government, looking in - to deal with oil wars, endemic corporate cronyism, slashed environmental regulations, corporate-controlled voting machines, the devastation of America's natural areas, the fouling of our air and waters, and an administration that daily gives the pharma, HMO, banking, and insurance industries whatever they want regardless of how many people are harmed? ... The Democratic Party can [win these fights] if we, in massive numbers, join it, embrace it, and ultimately gain a powerful and decisive voice in its policy-making and selection of candidates." You go, Thom!

After the W-ar, Who Will Rebuild AMERICA?
Democratic Voices

Bob Borosage writes, "Will Americans accept that one man may rush us into wars of his choosing against countries that pose no imminent threat, contrary to the intent of the Founders, the design of the Constitution and the charter of the UN? Will we relinquish our liberties in order to secure them? Is there a residue of institutional pride in the Congress that would lead even some in the Republican majority to challenge a leadership that casts them as court jesters? These are the challenges that must now inform the agenda of the remarkable citizen movement that spread across the nation and the globe to oppose Bush's course... Citizens of conscience must challenge the imperial and the craven congressional majority at the voting booth. The Bush administration's radical posture is clear. It will require a regime change in America to alter it."

Hungry for Political Rock 'n Roll? Check out Barry Thomas Goldberg's 'Empire Moon'
Democratic Voices

Nathan Hall writes for 'Lost Cause', Minnesota's music journal: "[Barry T. Goldberg] forewent the ubiquitous midlife crisis and focused on the songwriting craft, eventually leading to his masterful and gritty second solo output, Empire Moon. Goldberg has a raspy delivery that's strangely soothing...His prose is eerily haunting, drawing comparisons mostly to the mournful earthiness of Leonard Cohen circa the 'Natural Born Killers' soundtrack...Goldberg's sarcastic, sorrowful visions of post-apocalyptic nightmares on the opening title track echo classic Lou Reed wordplay. The sprawling, long-winded closer 'Washington Avenue' simultaneously channels the wheezy streetname-dropping and world-weary storytelling of Bob Dylan and Tom Waits." The political songs include 'Empire Moon', 'Don't Target Me' and 'Dangerous World' - which takes a sly jab at Ann Coulter and the Federalist Society! Click on the free MP3's to sample some tracks from the CD, which you can order online at cdbaby.com.

'Armageddon Blues'
Democratic Voices

"The Connecticut cowboy wants to attack Iraq
But once it's done there's no going back
It's an offer that we all oughta refuse
There's a question here and I'm gonna ask it:
Are you ready to go to Hell in a hand-basket?
Oh Momma, I got them Armageddon blues."

Read the rest of Tony Peyser's poem!

The Dubya's Burden (Based on Rudyard Kipling's poem 'The White Man's Burden')
Democratic Voices

Take up the Dubya's Burden
Send forth young men to bleed
Go bind your sons to endless war
To serve your leader's need
To wait in anxious worry
Who this week has him riled?
His new found mortal enemy
Half devil and half child

Read the rest of Mark Hoolihan's poem.

Hunter Thompson Asks, 'Who Does Vote for These Dishonest Shitheads'?
Democratic Voices

Salon's John Glassie writes, "In 'Kingdom of Fear' and in a telephone interview with Salon from his compound in Aspen, Colo., [Hunter] Thompson did what he's always done: speak the truth about American society as he sees it, without worrying much about decorum. 'Who does vote for these dishonest shitheads?' he writes, referring to the people currently occupying the White House. 'They are the racists and hate mongers among us - they are the Ku Klux Klan. I piss down the throats of these Nazis.' That's his enduring attitude in this new age of darkness: a lot more loathing than fear. The godfather of gonzo believes America has suffered a 'nationwide nervous breakdown' since 9/11, and as a result is compromising civil liberties for what he calls 'the illusion of security.' The compromise, he says, is 'a disaster of unthinkable proportions' and 'part of the downward spiral of dumbness' he believes is plaguing the country." Amen!

Governor Gary Locke (D-WA) Denounces 'Upside-Down Economics'
Democratic Voices

"America under Bush has been left with fewer jobs and not enough money for security, education and health, Democrats said Tuesday in a combative response to Bush's State of the Union speech. 'In too many ways, our country is headed in the wrong direction,' Gov. Gary Locke of Washington state said... 'We need allies today, in 2003, just as much as we needed them in Desert Storm and just as we needed them on D-Day in 1944'... Locke's response was markedly more critical than the Democratic reaction to Bush's first State of the Union speech a year ago... Locke, whose state has been among the hardest-hit by the economic downturn, said that under Bush's policies 'states and cities now face our worst budget crises since World War II'... Locke said Bush's 10-year, $674 billion plan to rejuvenate the economy, mainly through tax cuts, was 'upside-down economics. It does too little to stimulate the economy now and does too much to weaken our economic future.'"

Mark Crispin Miller on the Meria Heller Show
Democratic Voices

"Mark joins me again for a discussion of world events and 'The Bush Dyslexicon' (his book available at www.Meriaheller.com/books.html). The similarities of our loss of liberties since 9/11 and the Reichstag fire are discussed. Mark says the Republican party is a party of White Supremacy and the Democrats should be seizing on it. Bill Frist is a member of an all-WHITE country club; the mess in Afghanistan and how Bush & Saddam only pick on countries weaker than themselves; the mess in North Korea and our piss-poor response; Bush's attitude on affirmative action, the danger of his words and actions; the downfall of our economy since the stolen election. Mark contends they are crooks of the first order, reckless and hard hearted people." Also, check out Meria's recent interview with Bev Conover, editor of Online Journal.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) Calls for New Direction for Democrats
Democratic Voices

In a major MLK Day speech to the RainbowPUSH Coalition, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) called for a "New Direction" for the Democratic Party. "I recommend a strategy that has the broadest possible appeal for both wings of the Democratic Party; a strategy that has the best chance of energizing the 100 million non-voters; a strategy that can potentially bring young and old, middle-class and working-class, white and non-white, the educated and the less educated, the better-off and the poorest among us to the polls. It's not a message contained in a personality, a party, an ideology, a policy or a legislative program. It's a message contained in fighting for RIGHTS!" Jackson urges progressive Democrats to fight for Constitutional Amendments guaranteeing: a) the right to vote, b) the right to health care, c) the right to high quality public education, and d) the right to a clean, safe, and sustainable environment. This is a visionary challenge to progressive Democrats!

Laura Flanders Interviews Donna Brazile on Tuesday, January 14
Democratic Voices

One of our favorite radio talk show hosts is Laura Flanders, who hosts Working Assets Radio every weekday (10-11amPT/1-2pmET) on San Francisco NPR-affiliate KALW 91.7. Laura's show is also streamed live. On Tuesday January 14, "Donna Brazile, Al Gore's 2000 campaign manager, takes a look at the future of the Democratic Party. With Gore and Tom Daschle out of the picture, who will lead the Democrats in 2004? What issues will rally voters to oppose the Bush agenda? And what will it take to get more people to participate in the political process? Call up with your questions and share your ideas."

From the Wild West, a Pistol-Packing Democrat Takes Aim at BushRove to Settle a 'Personal' Score
Democratic Voices

SF Chronicle reports, "Garry South, the brash strategist credited with shaping a decade of Gray Davis' political victories... is embarking on a new career on the national stage, 'beating the bejesus out of George W. Bush'... Democrats said the career shift by South is sign of a more aggressive campaign against the Republicans -- and Bush -- starting in California. [One] of South's strengths is that his tough perspective comes from outside Washington's political circles. 'Garry is not a (Washington, D.C.) beltway guy, and doesn't have a beltway mentality -- but a curbside mentality... That makes him extremely valuable to the Democrats nationally.' South says the scuffle against Bush is 'personal'... South said he'll now plunge into work for independent political committees... aimed at tapping deep- pocketed donors -- unlimited by contribution caps -- and shaping political messages, are expected to mushroom in the wake of campaign finance reform."

Democrats Just Need Someone with a Pulse
Democratic Voices

Steve Lopez writes, "The Democratic Party doesn't need its own collection of talk-show carnies, popping veins and spouting nonsense. Forget the star search, and just look for anyone with something to say. It's not like you're going up against Winston Churchill, for crying out loud. For the right person, five minutes in front of the mike ought to be enough to wake the party from the dead. [For example,] on your pocketbook: Checked your pension plan lately, pal? Yeah, I'm talking to you, the average Joe who slogged through a long career, waiting on the day when you could hang up your hat. I hate to break it to you, but you just got stiffed, big-time. When you weren't looking, Bush signed an order that could cut your payout by half. What's Rush Limbaugh got to say about that?"

Archive of Mike Malloy's Talk Show at the White Rose Society
Democratic Voices

"The Mike Malloy show is now available as a downloadable MP3 web archive. This is with the permission of Mike Malloy, of course. We will be keeping the last five days on the site starting with this week''s shows." If you miss Mike's show, broadcast by unfortunately few affiliates nationwide, and also online at IeAmericaRadio.com, you can download it here. Mike's show is one of the few remaining true liberal talk shows.

'Shallow Throat' Predicts the Undoing of Bush&Co (Fiction)
Democratic Voices

"Shallow Throat," the high-ranking GOP mole in the Bush Administration, tells Bernard Weiner how the Democrats can help engineer the coming demise of Bush&Co. "The Democrats, at least in the House, seem to have learned something from the election results, and now are more willing to change and stand up for their party's traditional principles; the Senate is another matter, with too many presidential ambitions getting in the way of true oppositional politics. The saving grace is that Bush&Co. didn't learn a damn thing and are behaving even more arrogantly, as if they'd been swept into power with a huge mandate and can do whatever the hell they want...When the cracks begin to widen more, and they will as Bush&Co. keep pushing their extremist domestic and foreign policies, you're going to see the American people turn very quickly against their over-reaching rulers."

A Six-Pack Program for Democratic Recovery
Democratic Voices

Jim Hightower asks "What to do? First, don't despair, for our base is still there, still huge and still available for building a progressive future. Despite the pronouncements of the institutional pundits, America has not lurched to the right or turned Republican. Yes, BushCo gained five seats in the House and two in the Senate, but they're trying to throw a mighty big loop with that short rope, loudly proclaiming that they've won a mandate from 'the people.' Mandate? Hold your tiny pony right there, George. The great majority of the people either didn't vote or voted against your autocratic, plutocratic regime... CLUE: This year's lame campaign shows, yet again, that you can't beat Republicans with corporate money and political minimalism... Let's go where the Democratic votes are--out among the 67 percent of folks who are not voting. That's 121 million people; if we add even 10 percent of them, we start winning."

Reply to a Rightwinger Who Asks, 'Shouldn't You Be Ashamed of Yourself?'
Democratic Voices

Writes Mike Rectenwald: "If the Democratic Party had conspired to do to Bush what the Republicans did to Gore, we would, first of all, have been very surprised and completely appalled. The question is theoretically a valid concern, but practically not really relevant. The Democratic party traditionally does better when more people vote and when the votes are counted. The Republican party, on the other hand, does better when less people vote, and, as we have seen, when votes are not counted. Likewise, it is not really a practical possibility that the Democrats would conspire to keep tens of thousands of people from voting (as in the Florida Purge), nor to keep hundreds of thousands of ballots from being counted (as in the 'recount'). So, while theoretically we would assume the same position had the Democrats committed the crimes that the Republicans did, it is not really a practical problem with which we should expect to contend."

4 Ideas for Democrats
Democratic Voices

Jason Sanford writes, "the real reason that the Democrats lost is that the party hasn't produced a new idea in decades. The party that practically invented civil rights, the Great Society and Social Security between the 1930s and 1960s has been intellectually dead since the 1970s. And so in the interest of fomenting some new thoughts for desperate Democrats, here are a few ideas they might consider grabbing: 1) Health-care bills are taxes! 2) Equal rights for corporations - let them go to jail! 3) Cut bureaucratic waste - nationalize WorldCom! 4) Apply the Golden Rule to international policy." Read the full analysis.

A Democrat's Creed
Democratic Voices

John McCreery writes: "Q: What is the Democratic Party? A: Good News for the World We Share. 'Good news' because we offer a positive vision of what America can and should be. 'The world' because, besides death and taxes, the one inescapable fact of life is that we live on planet earth--and the globalization of trade, business, media, the Net, tourism and terrorism mean that interdependence is now inescapable. 'The world' because no nation stands alone, and the planet we share is one planet, one life, in which we all share. Pollution and environmental destruction are crimes against humanity."

Commemorating President Kennedy: In Words and Deeds
Democratic Voices

Thirty-nine years ago President Kennedy was assassinated. A few quotations from him, as fresh today as when he uttered them: "We can help make the world safe for diversity. For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal." "My fellow Americans, let us take that first step. Let us...step back from the shadow of war and seek out the way of peace. And if that journey is a thousand miles, or even more, let history record that we in this land at this time, took the first step." "...what really counts is not the immediate act of courage or of valor, but those who bear the struggle day in and day out--not the sunshine patriots but those who are willing to stand for a long period of time." "Dante once said that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality."

No One Is Safe from America's Killer President
Democratic Voices

John Kaminski writes: "In a country known around the world for the power of its democratic institutions to temper dictatorial impulses of its previous leaders, Homeland Security stands as a colossal betrayal of the peoples of the world, because it means that all of the lectures given by America over the years that democracy was the best way to govern are now exposed as cynical lies, convenient ruses used by American corporate shills to bleed other countries dry of their natural resources. President George W. Bush is remarkable among American presidents for his distinctive lack of business and life achievements prior to assuming his office in Washington. All of his business enterprises were devious shell corporations sustained by his father's superrich friends. And now we have a government of just such a nature."

Democrats Need a 'Fighting Patriotism'
Democratic Voices

Todd Gitlin writes, "Democrats need to give their supporters reasons to get excited. And they need to give swing suburban voters plausible alternatives to the GOP agenda. So you must make sure the Democrats have a national security program of their own. Bash Ashcroft, sure. Don't surrender civil liberties. Bash Bush for ditching the independent investigation into pre-Sept. 11 intelligence failures. Remind the country that on issue after issue Republican values are not theirs. Not least, don't let up on a woman's right to choose. But don't stop there. Bash Bush for walking away from Afghanistan once the fighting was over. Remind the country that our safety depends on keeping al Qaeda on the run. Bash Bush for distracting from the necessary fight against al Qaeda with an unnecessary, risky, and unjustified (but easier) war against Saddam Hussein. And don't stop at bashing. Put forward a fighting patriotism -- tough on terrorism and equally tough on the political roots of terrorism."

How Can the Democratic Party Regain its Soul? Read 'The New Americanism' by Steven Jonas
Democratic Voices

"Since the demise of Lyndon Johnson's 'Great Society,' the Democratic Party has been searching for a core philosophy to answer the question, 'what does the Democratic Party stand for?' 'The New Americanism' finds the ansewr in the most patriotic of all American documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The Declaration provides the Statement of National Purpose and the Purpose of our National Government. The Preamble to the Constitution then lays out the functions of the national government that will fulfill both the National Purpose and that of the government itself. The book shows how these documents can be mobilized and taken into battle, just as Churchill mobilized the English language and took it into war against the Nazis, to end the right-wing Republican dominance of our national government since the time that Lyndon Johnson, who could have been one of our greatest Presidents, was seduced by 'the best and the brightest' into the Vietnam War."

Press Corps' Grand Dame Says 'Dissent Is Patriotic'
Democratic Voices

Sarah H. Wright writes: "Veteran journalist Helen Thomas brought the grit and whir of a White House press conference to Bartos Theater on Monday evening, speaking with passion about the media's role in a democracy whose leaders seem eager for war. Actually, the 82-year-old former United Press International reporter didn't just speak: she surged into her topic, giving everyone present an immediate sense of the grumpy wit and fierce precision that gave her reporting on American presidents Kennedy through Bush II such a competitive and lasting edge. 'I censored myself for 50 years when I was a reporter,' said Thomas, who is now a columnist for Hearst News Service. 'Now I wake up and ask myself, 'Who do I hate today?'' Her short list of answers seems not to vary from war, Mr. Bush, timid office-holders, a muffled press and cowed citizens, pretty much in that order. Angered by what she views as the Bush administration's 'bullying drumbeat.'"

Hear Regular Democrats.com Contributor Cheryl Seal Live on Meria Heller
Democratic Voices

Cheryl Seal, author of "Smoking Gun: The Evidence that May Hang G. W. Bush" (run at Democrats.com 7 months before Gore Vidal's similar expose), Chilling Deja Vu (a comparison between Hitler and Bush first run here in July 2001) and many other Dems.com commentaries now talks about her work, the state of the media and the Bush regime live on Meria Heller - through 12:00 EST 10/30.

Roger Ebert Reviews 'Bowling For Columbine'
Democratic Voices

"McHugh and I were sitting in O'Rourke's one day when a guy we knew came in for a drink. The guy pulled back his coat and we could see he had a handgun in his belt. 'Why are you carrying a gun?' McHugh asked. 'Because I live in a dangerous neighborhood,' the guy said. 'It would be safer if you moved,' said McHugh. Michael Moore's 'Bowling for Colum-bine,' a documentary that is both hilarious and sorrowful, is like a two-hour version of that anecdote. We live in a nation of millions of handguns, but that isn't really what bothers Moore. What bothers him is that we so frequently shoot them at one another. Canada has a similar ratio of guns to citizens, but a 10th of the shooting deaths. What makes us kill so many times more fellow citizens than is the case in other developed nations?"

Bishop Curry Says Bush & Co. Are on a 'Neo-Nazi, Right-Wing Mission' - We Agree!
Democratic Voices

Bishop Victor Curry, pastor of New Birth Baptist Church in Miami, hosts a talk show on WMBM-AM (1490). Earlier this month, he said "the Bush administration, all the way down to Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and John Ashcroft, these people are on a mission. They are on a neo-Nazi, right-wing mission. They do not mean this country good. And I keep telling you all somebody is going to wake up. Black people are going to wake up. White people are going to wake up. Hispanics are going to wake up. America is going to wake up and they are going to rebel against this ungodly, wicked regime." Republicans have been screaming about this - but Bishop Curry is right!

Burning Houses and Patriotic Traitors (Belafonte-Donahue Transcript)
Democratic Voices

Mr. Belafonte: "The last conversation I ever had with Dr. King, face to face...he looked quite-he was quite sober. And I asked him why he looked like he was troubled. I said, what' the matter, Martin? And he said, you know, Harry, we fought long and hard for integration. But I'm coming to believe that we're integrating into a burning house. And I kind of took aback. What do you mean by that? He said, America's lost its moral soul. It's lost its sense of democracy and purpose....Over 85 percent of the African-Americans in the House voted against the war. Because they knew, you know, black folks are going to fight this war with Saddam. That's precisely what Dr. King meant when he said we've got to become firemen. We've got to walk into the breach. We've got to bring a moral imperative. A new constancy, a new point of view to the table....It was Teddy Roosevelt who said, any citizen who sees villainy in government and does not act upon it or lend his voice, is a patriotic traitor."

Oregon's Dem Senatorial Candidate Bill Bradbury: 'Our Greatest Force Is Not Our Armaments, But Our Ideals'
Democratic Voices

Bill Bradbury writes: "A preemptive, go-it-alone approach risks short-circuiting diplomacy and would undermine the very support needed to win the war on terrorism. It would also jeopardize the diplomatic and financial support of our allies--who were critical to our success in the first Gulf War, and are necessary for success in the future. Americans understand that our greatest force is not our armaments, but our ideals. It is America's allegiance to justice and democracy that make us a source of inspiration to the world. Our response to Iraq presents an opportunity to send a message to the world that democracy is stronger than tyranny. Prudent and decisive action in collaboration with our allies and the United Nations is the best way to achieve long-term national security. A preemptive, unilateral attack merely demonstrates America's power. A measured, well-deliberated international response demonstrates America's strength."

Harry Belafonte Speaks on Larry King Live (Transcript)
Democratic Voices

On Larry King Live, Harry Belafonte said, "Where is Colin Powell's conscience? In a time when the world is getting ready to go up in flames in a war that's hugely ill-advised, you know. Today we are going to go after Iraq. You know, where do we go next? After Iran? And then, when our present friends fall out of favor with us, do we go after Pakistan?...I would like him to live up to a higher moral standard. You know, Jeffords doesn't have to be the only one who sits in disagreement with the policies of this country and this government and acts upon it out of conscience....I'll tell you this, Larry, many black people still live out the -- the facade of the minstrel. We wear a mask. Much of what we say and what we do is done in metaphor, and done with subtext and other meaning, because we have not had the best of experiences when you go straight to the heart of the problems in this country, because this nation becomes so punitive when it hears the truth about us."

Democratic Peacemakers Mike Thompson (CA), David Bonior (MI) and Dr. Jim McDermott (WA) Attacked for Their Efforts
Democratic Voices

Mark Shields writes: "Thompson and Bonior, men who answered their nation's call...traveled along with their House colleague Dr. Jim McDermott, D-WA (who, coincidentally, in 1970 was an active duty US Navy officer and psychiatrist treating Vietnam casualties) to Baghdad to try to avoid an all-but-inevitable U.S. war against Iraq... Among the three lawmakers, during the nation's longest and most divisive foreign war, was 10 years of honorable military service - and their efforts at peace-making are attacked and condemned by little men whose own counterfeit patriotism led them to exploit college and graduate-school deferments until their own exposure to the draft ended at age 26... Thompson objects to the 'idea that somehow a pre-emptive, unilateral strike is OK,' especially when he (and every other Member of Congress I have interviewed) has seen 'no evidence of a link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda' and 'no evidence that Iraq constitutes an imminent threat to the United States.'"

Senator Byrd (D-WV) Declares 'You Are My Heroes...Let Your Voices Be Heard!'
Democratic Voices

Senator Byrd writes: "... people across America...are my heroes...The next front is the White House, and I urge all those people who are following this debate, and who have encouraged me in my efforts, to turn their attention to the President. Call him, write him, e-mail him. Urge him to heed the Constitution and not short-circuit it by exercising the broad grant of authority that the Iraq resolution provides....The President has said on many occasions that he has not yet made up his mind to go to war. When he does make up his mind - if he does - then he should come back to Congress and seek formal authorization....In this debate, the American people seem to have a better understanding of the Constitution than those who are elected to represent them....I say to the people of America, to those who have encouraged me and others to uphold the principles of the Constitution, keep up the fight. Keep fighting for what is right. Let your voices be heard."

Ramsey Clark: 'Law Has Become the Enemy of Public Safety'
Democratic Voices

Dear Secretary General Annan,
George Bush will invade Iraq unless restrained by the United Nations. Other international organizations--including the European Union, the African Union, the OAS, the Arab League, stalwart nations courageous enough to speak out against superpower aggression, international peace movements, political leadership, and public opinion within the United States--must do their part for peace. If the United Nations, above all, fails to oppose a U.S. invasion of Iraq, it will forfeit its honor, integrity and raison d'etre. A military attack on Iraq is obviously criminal; completely inconsistent with urgent needs of the Peoples of the United Nations; unjustifiable on any legal or moral ground; irrational in light of the known facts; out of proportion to other existing threats of war and violence; and a dangerous adventure risking continuing conflict throughout the region and far beyond for years to come.

Taxation without Representation is Now a Reality; Meanwhile Media Tries to Sell Absurd Bush-JFK Comparison
Democratic Voices

"In what's left of our constitution, it clearly states that the American people shall HAVE NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Guess what? We have no representation. We are no longer legally obligated to send these usurpers our tax dollars...who is it, afterall, who pays these people's inflated, ever-increasing salaries? Who finances their incredibly complete medical insurance coverage? Who pays for their transportation, lingering meals in posh restaurants, and staffs (lest they have to work too hard for their money?). Why the HELL should WE be financing their illegal occupation of their positions as our representatives?" - Cheryl Seal.

Senator Byrd Says 'You Are My Heroes - Let Your Voices Be Heard!'
Democratic Voices

Senator Byrd writes: "...people across America...are my heroes...The next front is the White House, and I urge all those people who are following this debate, and who have encouraged me in my efforts, to turn their attention to the President. Call him, write him, e-mail him. Urge him to heed the Constitution and not short-circuit it by exercising the broad grant of authority that the Iraq resolution provides....(Bush) has said on many occasions that he has not yet made up his mind to go to war. When he does make up his mind--if he does--then he should come back to Congress and seek formal authorization....In this debate, the American people seem to have a better understanding of the Constitution than those who are elected to represent them....I say to the people of America, to those who have encouraged me and others to uphold the principles of the Constitution, keep up the fight. Keep fighting for what is right. Let your voices be heard."

Harry Belafonte Blasts Colin Powell, Likens Him to 'House Slave' Who Serves His 'Master' Without Dissent to Keep Place
Democratic Voices

During a recent radio interview, outspoken civil rights activist and legendary crooner Harry Belafonte shocked listeners with his frank comments on fellow Jamaican Colin Powell and Powell's refusal to take a firm stand on civil rights or Iraq: "There's an old saying, in the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and were those slaves that lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master...exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him. Colin Powell's committed to come into the house of the master. When Colin Powell dares to suggest something other than what the master wants to hear, he will be turned back out to pasture." Belafonte believes Powell's presence in the Bush cabinet amounts to racial tokenism. "What Colin Powell serves is to give the illusion that the Bush cabinet is a diverse cabinet, made up of people of color...when in fact none of that is what is true."

Senate Democrats Fold: Reid, Biden, Kerrey, Dodd OK Iraq Attack
Democratic Voices

"Many Democrats said unilateral action could come at a terrible cost in lives and resources, set a bad precedent for other countries seeking to depose the leaders of other countries and create a backlash in the Muslim world. 'It is not a victory to strike down one tyrant and breed 10,000 terrorists,' said Rep. Jay Inslee, D-WA...Reid urged Bush to use his warmaking powers carefully, saying: "As president of the United States, you are the leader of the free world, not its ruler." Biden, who had favored more checks on presidential authority, came along as well...Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, a possible Democratic presidential contender in 2004, said he would vote with the president because Saddam's weapons posed "a real and grave threat to our security."..."Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., gave his support, saying he hoped the show of unity 'will reduce the likelihood that force will be necessary.'"

Jessica Lange Tells The World: 'I Hate Bush'
Democratic Voices

After receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the San Sebastian film festival in Madrid, Spain, Jessica Lange declared: "'I hate Bush. I despise him and his entire administration - not only because of its international policy, but also the national. It makes me feel ashamed to come from the United States - it is humiliating. Bush stole the elections and since then we have all been suffering the consequences,' Lange told the enthusiastic crowd. Although Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg have recently spoken out in support of Bush's proposed attack on Iraq, Lange joins a growing list of stars who have questioned or condemned it, including Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin." You go, Jessica!

An Open Letter to Dick Gephardt from Cheryl Seal: How Could You Do This To America?
Democratic Voices

"After weeks of struggling here at democrats.com to encourage our reps in Congress to do the right thing and reject the Bush W-ar, after a week of protests all across the country by anti-Bush W-ar activists, after poll after poll now shows that Americans are swinging toward the Democrats - mostly because they have started to show some spunk against Bush, you did a 180-degree turn and compromised with Bush on the war resolution. Why, Dick, why? ...Who did you most hurt by your self-appointed, unanticipated actions? Those same people who would be your strongest competitors in a presidential election."

Streisand Inspires Democrats with $6 Million - and New Lyrics to 'The Way We Were'
Democratic Voices

On September 29, a record-setting sum of over $6,000,000 was reached by the Democratic National Gala, a fund-raising concert headlined by Barbra Streisand at the Kodak Theatre - new home of the Academy Awards. Providing a huge boost to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's effort to re-take the House in the upcoming November elections, the evening also featured get-out-the vote speeches by House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt and Ms. Streisand. The singer/activist's powerful message was conveyed in a rendition of one of the songs most closely associated with her "The Way We Were." Marilyn and Alan Bergman, lyricists of the award winning song, provided new lyrics addressing the importance of the approaching elections and the crucial issues crying out for Democratic victory. These were performed by Streisand interspersed with her impassioned thoughts about the need to have control of the House of Representatives transferred once more to the Democrats. You go, Babs!

A Dillusioned Democrat Speaks Out to His Reps in Congress: Do Not Do This To America!
Democratic Voices

"Are you really going to vote to give this person authorization to make war at will? No matter how it may be worded, with any tip of the hat to the UN, with any cursory 'inspect first', you will be giving your tacit approval to an immoral dunce and his cadre of zealots. You will be voting to change the very nature of our country. Our 'peace loving nation', as he is so fond of chanting, becomes an aggressor, a warrior-state. How can you allow such a thing, Senator? Because you don't want to be accused of being 'soft' on defense? Because you want to hurry up and get it over with so you can get back to talking about the economy? My God, My God."

Bill O'Reilly -- The Most Gutless Man in the Media
Democratic Voices

"The Bob Fertik vs. Bill O'Reilly contest will never rank with Ali vs. Frazier, thanks to O'Reilly's utterly gutless performance. Facing a fresh faced newcomer to television, Bill 'Tough Guy' O'Reilly folded like a cheap table and ran away like a little boy. Fertik, a driving force behind Democrats.com, opened with a reasonable assertion, that the media has continued their petty vendetta against Al Gore. The evidence supporting Fertik's position is nearly endless. I refer readers to the peerless archives at the Daily Howler. O'Reilly arrogantly attempted to wave away this point, and restated it into some vintage double talk -- some might say spin." So writes Mike Hersh.

Senator Byrd: 'Tired of Trying to Connect Dots in the Dark'
Democratic Voices

Charleston Gazette Online reports: "Long a student of the U.S. Constitution, Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-WV, may be its most eloquent defender today. In his striving to prevent the Bush administration from seizing complete power, Byrd has become the foremost advocate of the checks-and-balances system between the three branches of government....'For all of their blustering about how al-Qaida is determined to strike at our freedoms, this administration shows little appreciation for the constitutional doctrines and processes that have preserved those freedoms for more than two centuries....I have not seen such executive arrogance and secrecy since the Nixon administration, and we all know what happened to that group,' Byrd said....'as the Constitution demands, it is the role of Congress to declare war. When the president is ready to present his case to Congress, I am ready to listen. But I am tired of trying to connect dots in the dark,' Byrd said."

Open Letter to Congressional Democrats from a Disillusioned, Angry Constituent
Democratic Voices

Democrat Steve Warren of Texas writes, "You have an unelected 'leader' who was placed into office through a rigged election and five members of a Supreme Court whom, in a normal and sane world, would all be impeached for their blatantly partisan ruling. The Bushies are even campaigning against you now saying Social Security 'privatization' was not a Republican idea, even though the words are there in black and white in their 2000 platform. You don't even seem to get irritated at that. Now, yesterday on the first day of Senate hearings the very first thing you hear is that intelligence indicating an attack here in the US using airplanes was coming to us from all sorts of places. How can you trust them about ANYTHING after that? Yet, the Democratic response is to seriously contemplate giving these men More Power?! Have you lost your ever lovin' minds? For all our sakes, find your damned spines, your honor, your duty and your patriotism."

Ann Richards Urges Democrats to Stand Up to Bush's Lies
Democratic Voices

On Larry King, Ann Richards said: "You are not going to hear a word about Medicare, Social Security, any kind of health care, prescription drug for seniors, the environment, certainly the economy. You're not going to hear a word on any of those subjects this year. You're not going to hear a word out of that administration about anything but war. And they're good at it. They are really good at it. And when Bush doesn't have anything to say, they are good at pulling him back and allowing, you know, Cheney to talk or somebody else to talk. And here is where I discredit the Democrats. There is no opposition voice. There's no one on the other side saying, 'Well, wait a minute'... So my own party, they don't take after this guy. And I think the sensitivity is that they're scared to death that they'll appear unpatriotic in a very sensitive war time. And that's the White House still keeps talking war." You go, Ann!

Greg Palast Guesting on Phil Donahue Tonight Thursday 9/5 on MSNBC
Democratic Voices

Greg will be Phil Donahue's guest Thursday night, September 5, 2002 on MSNBC at 8 PM ET, 11 PM ET and 3 AM ET on Friday September 6. The topic will be Jeb Bush. Hear the investigative journalist who connected the dots to the Florida voter purge discuss the upcoming Florida gubernatorial race. Author of "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" Greg Palast will also appear on Democracy Now! Fri Sept 6, 2002 9 AM ET with host Amy Goodman on Pacifica Network radio.

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"Peter Werbe's long experience in talk radio, combined with intelligent calls and interesting guests, creates a lively and engaging forum for tracking news and current events. Although Peter welcomes all points of view, he is fervent in his defense of working people, the environment, a woman's right to choose, civil liberties and civil rights. Peter's audience is treated to a vibrant discussion, sometimes tinged with humor, as he encourages his listeners to not only think about issues relating to social change, but to become actively involved in them." Check out this excellent progressive talk show. If your local affiliate doesn't carry Peter's show, call them and demand they put Peter on their schedule! You can also hear the show live at the IE America site. It is replayed on the Internet from 6 to 9 ET. Also check out Peter's "Partner in ThoughtCrime" Mike Malloy (3 to 6 ET, replayed from 9 to 12 ET), as they lead resistance radio against the Bush gang, Limbaugh and all his clones!

Dennis Kucinich Sings in Praise of American Workers
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"The hopes and dreams of the men and women who sent me to Congress are the stars by which I journey. Whenever there is an organizing campaign, a picket line to walk, jobs to save, working conditions to improve, laws to champion, I'm there. This is my purpose: to stand up and to speak out on behalf of those who have built this country and who want to rebuild this country. This is my passion: to raise up the rights of working people. Workers' rights are the key to protecting our democracy. Workers' rights embody spiritual principles that sustain families, nourish the soul and create peace. Workers' rights are human rights. Today, let us begin anew to rededicate our efforts to bring economic justice to those who have created the wealth through their work. A re-energized labor movement will re-energize America's politics and create a more just society."

Al Gore is Right, the DLC is Wrong: Progressives Will Save Capitalism -- from Itself
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The New Republic writes: "The DLC contrasts populism with progressivism, but in many ways populism was progressivism's forebear. Many populist demands--such as the eight-hour day, direct election of senators, and the graduated income tax--were adopted by progressives and liberals. And the Democratic populism of today--the populism that worries From--falls squarely within this tradition... Far from demonizing corporate America, Democrats have been at pains to make exactly this point. [As Gore wrote in his NYT] op-ed: 'When powerful interests try to take advantage of the American people, it's often other businesses that are hurt in the process'--most of all, smaller companies that play by the rules.' This is the kind of balanced, reformist populism the Democrats need more of, not less. It's in their best tradition, and it might just win them back Congress, too."

And Yet, In My Heart, I Know I'm A Patriot
Democratic Voices

"If being a patriot means hanging an American flag from the antenna of one's car or from the flagpole in front of one's house, then I don't qualify. If being a patriot means standing behind the president, no matter what he and his administration do, then I guess I'm out on that count too. If being a patriot is not voicing your opinion because it goes against what the government is saying, I lose again. If being a patriot means giving up my civil liberties, then I guess I'm out of luck. If being a patriot means supporting the use of torture in questioning suspects, holding people indefinitely without bail or legal representation, or holding military tribunals to try 'war criminals' out of the sight of the public and judiciary, then I am the antithesis of a patriot. And yet this is what our government is calling for, in the name of patriotism. Anybody who doesn't get in lockstep behind the president and embrace what I've outlined above is considered a traitor, or worse, a terrorist."

Mad Kane Joins the Bloggers
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Our readers know Mad Kane as the author of Dubya's Dayly Diary and great parody songs. Now Kane is blogging away. Here's a recent installment: "Be afraid. Be very afraid. Ann Coulter has launched a website. And it even has photos! No doubt she posted them as a public service. Who needs pornography when you have Ann Coulter? The Rittenhouse Review did a very entertaining send-up of Coulter's site on June 24th. Don't miss it! I note that Coulter's June 20th column, currently decorating her home page, has something negative to say about Bush's policy on racial profiling. She'd better watch out, or Ari won't let Dubya walk around pretending to read her new book. And now that we're discussing Bush, his administration's motto re corporate malfeasance (and so many other things) could well be described as 'Feign Outrage. Do Nothing.'"

A Tale of Two Citizens: The Cynical Nonvoter and the Grateful Daughter of Immigrants
Democratic Voices

Cynical Nonvoter: "America is not a democracy. Its a corporatocracy - government which operates as a subsidiary of corporations." Response "And why is this? It is because of the INDIFFERENCE of people like you, who, now that the "wolf is in the sheep pasture" and has eaten half your sheep, want to blame the wolf for the fact that you have been sleeping... Democracy isn't just voting - it is "exercising your power in government".... as in running for office, getting involved in the government process, even at the local level - When was the last time you attended a town meeting? Voted in a local referendum? Proposed legislation to your local town or county? Worked with a grassroots organization to make a change in your immediate neighborhood, county, or state? I bet the answer to all is a big fat NEVER." So writes Cheryl Seal in Unknown News.

My 12 Step Program for those Wimpy Democratic Politicians
Democratic Voices

"1. Do not be intimidated by Bush's high approval ratings-they are a mile wide and an inch deep. In spite of brainwashing by the media, there is no great affection of Americans for the White House bum-George W. Bush." Read the rest of the 12-step program by Reba Shimansky.

See Greg Palast in Portland Today - On Wednesday See Him in Eugene
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Hey Oregonians, here is your chance to meet Greg Palast and hear him talk about his new book, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy." Palast is the reporter who exposed the illegal Florida voter purge. He also has uncovered key documents and interviewed insiders about the pernicious methods of the World Bank, IMF and WTO. He reported that the Bush Administration told the FBI to back off on their investigations of the bin Laden family in the months before 911. Palast has also exposed chicanery and corruption by Pat Robertson, the Wackenhut Corp. and Enron. Don't miss this opportunity to see Palast! Today June 18, Palast signs books in Portland at 3:30 PM PT at Powell's Bookstore, 1005 W. Burnside Portland, OR. Then, you can hear Greg speak at 7:00 PM PT at the First Unitarian Church, 1211 SW Main Corner of 12th & Main in downtown Portland (Suggested donation $5-$10). On Wednesday, see Palast in Eugene: Book signing at Tsunami Books (6 PM) and lecture at McDonald Theater (7:30 PM).

On Tuesday, Hear the Progressive's Matthew Rothschild on the Meria Heller Show!
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On Tuesday, May 28, 2002, from 1-2 ET, Meria will interview the Progressive's Matthew Rothschild. "Matthew is a great reporter with Progressive.com. We will be discussing his series called the New McCarthyism in America. You will want to listen in and find out what is happening to the rights of AMERICAN citizens in America." Afterwards, it will be available for listening in Meria's archive. Also, check Meria's archives for her recent interviews with popular essayist William Rivers Pitt and the Media Channel's Danny Schecter!

20 Tough Questions for Bush, the Media, and the Democrats
Democratic Voices

Ray Berry is best known for his humorous toons. But Ray has 20 tough questions that he'd like answered. "What in the hell is going on in Afghanistan War and the Far East today? Does the average American citizen know? I sure don't and I see most stories on the net, cable tv, print and broadcast news? I have some basic questions I would like answered in this so called open democracy where the entire government, including pResident Select Bu$h, is responsible to the citizens first. In war and not in war!"

Great Interviews on the Meria Heller Show, including Greg Palast!
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"5/6/02 Money in the bank safe? Think twice. Listen to my interview with Greg Bates, publisher at Common Courage Press and how the POWERFUL Bank One was able to take money away from him and other publishers WITHOUT even having an account with Bank One. 4/30/02 The U.S.A.Patriot Act (nothing patriotic about it) with Jennifer Van Bergen, who authored the series 'Repeal the U.S.A.Patriot Act' on Truthout.org; learn what the patriot act means to YOU, as an American citizen or immigrant. How this mimics the 1996 anti-terrorist laws, which numerous federal courts declared in violation of the Constitution; how it was rushed through Congress without time for them to even READ it. 4/25/02 About 20 minutes into the news, my guest Greg Palast of www.gregpalast.com arrives to discuss world events and his latest BEST SELLING book 'The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth About Globalization, Corporate Cons, and High Finance Fraudsters.'"

Cool Interviews on the 'Meria Heller Show': Buzzflash's Mark Karlin and More!
Democratic Voices

4/23/02: "I interview the Founder and Editor of www.Buzzflash.com, Mark Karlin. Mark is an intelligent man who provides an excellent resource for real news on his site. Today we discuss the GHP 'The Grand Hypocrisy Party' according to Mark. As Bush's popularity is on the demise, learn why. Bush lives a life of privilege and doesn’t understand what true leadership requires, unfortunately we are all paying the price." 4/17/02: " I interview Charles M. Kelly, author of 'Class War In America, How Economic and Political Conservatives Are Exploiting Low and Middle Income Americans' one of the most EYE OPENING books I've read. Charles says NEVER EVER vote for a Republican or a Conservative Democrat, find out why. Trust me, this interview will astound you." Also, available is her Earth Day show from earlier this week.

America, Where Art Thou?
Democratic Voices

"It was inspiring to see thousands of you come to Washington DC on April 15th, 2002 in support of Israel in this latest crisis, whose ramifications are being felt world wide. But, I am left to question your priorities. You come together in support of one side versus another side in a foreign country. Yet, how many of you would have done just that for our country on December 12, 2000 when a group of Supreme Court InJustices came together to select the leader of the free world? Which thereby undermined our very foundation for what we have come to believe is democracy. That foundation is the right to vote and have those votes counted. While there was no blood shed in this event, many gave of their blood to insure we have this right throughout our history. Since the Supreme Court InJustices saw fit to impose their will upon the American people, they gave us an administration who through it's inept handling of this situation in Israel should be held accountable for this latest bloodshed."

Time for a Change
Democratic Voices

"We are all now part of a great drama in human history, a crucial historical struggle between a rising tide of peaceful but sweeping democratic change around the world driven from below, by the diverse peoples of the planet earth; and a motley assortment of reactionary patriarchs and crony capitalists who are bent on sowing disinformation, war, repression, and fear of terrorism and economic insecurity in order to salvage their ill-gotten gains and undemocratic powers... The time has come to say "NO" in as loud a fashion as possible and to mobilize the citizens of these United States in a great, non-ideological movement to reform and revitalize our endangered democracy and halt the slide toward war, fascism and environmental catastrophe brought about the dance of death between the unelected leadership of the United States and the fundamentalist-fascists of the Middle East and South Asia." So writes Marc Garcelon.

Courageous Representative Dennis Kucinich on the Meria Heller Show
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"Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Dem-Ohio) joins Meria in the latter half of [the 4/08/02] show. A brave voice for PEACE and people action, a man who speaks out against an unelected President, the endless war, The U.S. Patriot Act and weapons in space...We discuss bill HR2459 and Bill HR3616 to keep weapons out of space...Dennis contends that Congress must stand up and speak out NOW on this administration and policy." Also, check out her 4/9/02 interview of Canadian Journalist William Thomas. "His book 'All Fall Down, The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion' reveals more than you already think you know about our Government...In 1989 George Bush Sr. SOLD biochemical weapons including Anthrax to Saddam Hussein with White House Approval, so why is Junior 'suspecting' Hussein of having these weapons? Poppy Bush sold them to him! Did you know that ABC was owned by William Casey and the CIA? Lose that television news."

Rolling Thunder Tour Gets Off to a Thunderous Start, with Help from Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.
Democratic Voices

"US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill, delivered the day's most passionate address. 'We come to this Chautauqua because Dr. King was right: America has issued a promissory note and it has come back marked insufficient funds,' boomed Jackson, recalling the sudden shift in attitudes about federal spending last fall. 'On September 10, we were told there was not enough money for Social Security. But on September 12 or thereabouts, there was $40 billion to find a cave man in Afghanistan -- and we haven't found him yet... We come to this Chautuaqua because 53 million children trapped in separate and not equal schools, and 45 million Americans without health insurance, deserve the same (level of) national response that bin Laden got,' boomed Jackson, as he called for a restructuring of national priorities that recognizes a need not just for security against attack from abroad but also for security from hunger, illness and neglect at home.'" So reports John Nichols in The Nation.

Focusing the Anger: An Open Letter to Democrats and Progressives
Democratic Voices

"Our anger at Bush and Co. is genuine, deep and well deserved. The writing of articles about Bush's dangerous military adventurism and the Enron influence-peddling scandal -- along with the dispatching of petitions and letters to our newspapers and elected officials on these and other topics -- should proceed. But if we stop there, limiting our responses to simply detailing the alleged crimes and misguided policies of the Bush Administration, we're playing in their court." So writes Bernard Weiner.

Carville Tells Congressional Democrats to Grow Spines
Democratic Voices

In an interview with Salon, James Carville pulled no punches. "I think the Democratic Party has the chronic problem of appearing to be weak, of not standing and fighting for what it believes in, not fighting for its own. I think that America will not trust a party to defend America that isn't willing to defend itself. And that's basically my message. The Republicans are hard-hitting, ruthless, and we don't have to do everything they do, but we ought to be just as willing to stand up for what's right as they're willing to stand up for what is wrong... Democrats in Washington are completely mortified that somebody's gonna say something bad about them at a dinner party in Cleveland Park on a Saturday night. You tell them there's an Op-Ed piece coming out, with somebody saying they're being divisive, and they'll fall apart." Carville also talks about Bill Clinton, Tom Daschle, and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. You go, James!

In Letters to the Editor, Americans Express their Anger over Bu$h and his Agenda
Democratic Voices

Ever since Usurpation Day (1-20-01), the corporate media has been brainwashing Americans into believing that Bush is God's right hand man on planet Earth - and all thinking Americans recognize this. Of course, we know that more than half of all Americans opposed Bush on Stolen Election Day (11-7-01), continued to oppose him on Usurpation Day, and only reluctantly accepted him as Commander-in-Thief on Attack on America Day - because we had no other choice. The corporate media's polls don't measure the feelings of the "Silenced Majority" - but you can get a glimpse of these feelings in some remarkable letters to the editor, as collected by Maia Cowan on her "Voice of the People" page at FailureIsImpossible.com.

Remember the Inauguration Day Eggs
Democratic Voices

"Michael Moore has done us all a large favor. His latest work, 'Stupid White Men,' contains something I needed to remember. Something we all need to remember. A day we need to relive whenever we feel like we're losing our grip. The day that redefined a collective sense of community between many of us in the face of something we never thought could take place in America. Something many folks refuse to admit took place. January 20, 2001. The day 'The Coup' became reality." So writes W. David Jenkins III.

If: A poem by David Podvin
Democratic Voices

"If you can keep your head
when all about you
Are losing theirs and approving
of that which is wrong

If you can trust your own vision
when it seems all others
Are blind to the truth that the
Emperor has no clothes

If you can wait and not be tired
by waiting for the redemption
that looms two years hence

Or hearing the lies, refuse
to cede the debate to the liars,
Or seeing the hatred, refuse to
cower before the bigots
And never shy from the battle,
nor surrender to the gloom:"

So begins a poem by David Podvin of MakeThemAccountable.com

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) Offers a Powerful 'Prayer for America'
Democratic Voices

"Let us pray that our nation will remember that the unfolding of the promise of democracy in our nation paralleled the striving for civil rights. That is why we must challenge the rationale of the Patriot Act. We must ask why should America put aside guarantees of constitutional justice? How can we justify in effect canceling the First Amendment and the right of free speech, the right to peaceably assemble? How can we justify in effect canceling the Fourth Amendment, probable cause, the prohibitions against unreasonable search and seizure? How can we justify in effect canceling the Fifth Amendment, nullifying due process, and allowing for indefinite incarceration without a trial? How can we justify in effect canceling the Sixth Amendment, the right to prompt and public trial? How can we justify in effect canceling the Eighth Amendment, which protects against cruel and unusual punishment?" So begins a powerful Prayer for America by House Progressive Caucus chair Dennis Kucinich (D-OH).

It's Time for Democrats to Dissent from B%$#'s Outrageous Policies
Democratic Voices

"The Taliban is gone, yet the world is, if anything, a more dangerous place. America today is less free and not noticeably more secure. Are we truly pursuing the best course? For all the commentary about how much George W. Bush has grown in office, there is still reason to worry about how well he understands geo-politics and how clearly he thinks when he is momentarily untethered from the adults around him. In a democracy, even a president [sic] with 83 percent [now 73%] approval ratings is not beyond challenge. The remarkably foolish axis-of-evil comment -- Bush's own idea -- should remind us that this president does not walk on water. The Afghan emergency is over; so is the moratorium on dissent." So writes Robert Kuttner in the American Prospect.

In a Word, the State of the Union Sucks
Democratic Voices

"My fellow Americans: As I sit before you typing this, I am struck by the power of the office of the presidency. Anyone who says that it really doesn't matter who occupies that office hasn't lived in America in the last year. After eight years of a Democratic administration, Americans allowed George W. Bush to sue his way into the White House. What a difference a year under Bush has made! A nation, once at peace, is now at war. An economy, once prosperous, is now in recession. A federal budget, once in surplus, is now running deficits. A stock market, once gripped with 'irrational exuberance,' is now gripped with trepidation. A people, once filled with optimism, are now filled with fear. I say to you today that the state of the union... sucks." So writes the Angry Liberal.

West Wing's Bruno Gianelli Tells Democrats to Fight Back - You Go, Bruno!
Democratic Voices

From an 11/14 episode: In a conference room in a part of the West Wing, Bruno is trying to get Sam and Toby to agree to use soft money to counteract some leaflets from the opposition that label the President as "Super Liberal". Sam doesn't want to "get around the law", but Bruno doesn't want to lose the election by running under different rules than the opposition uses, and he finally blows up at their reluctance to run in the same election as the other guys. "We all need some therapy because somebody came along and said liberal means soft on crime, soft on drugs, soft on Communism, soft on defense. And we're going to tax you back to the Stone Age because people should have to work if they don't want to. And instead of saying, 'Well, excuse me, you right-wing reactionary, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-education, anti-choice, pro-gun Leave it to Beaver trip back to the '50s,' we cowered in the corner and said, 'Please don't hurt me'... Let's have two parties!"

Position Denounced
Democratic Voices

My poems cover many aspects of life, including animals, special events and places, some of which are in The International Library of Poetry. This is my first poem about politics, which focuses on the sad events of our past year. It points to the 2000 "elections" and highlights several events that bring down prosperity enjoyed during the previous presidential administration.

Gary Hart Says 911 Requires Changes in US Military, Diplomacy, and Energy Policy
Democratic Voices

"The greatest folly for the United States since the September attacks would be to assume that the world has not changed fundamentally. The devolution of warfare, the erosion of US credibility in the Middle East and throughout much of the Arab world, and profligate consumption of oil from an unstable region, all must be addressed in comprehensive ways to form the basis for an American grand strategy for the 21st century. It should not require a disaster to cause a great power to understand historic shifts of forces and interests. But a number of great powers have in the past failed to apprehend a hinge of history and they have all ceased to be great powers." So writes former Senator Gary Hart (D-CO).

The Unspoken Tragedy
Democratic Voices

"We must remember that dissent is our birthright. We must remind ourselves that the threat Bush posed to the health and welfare of our country before September 11th pales in comparison to what he is capable of now. His agenda is not our agenda, his way is not our way, and his idea of freedom is one we do not share. Again, here is proof that not everything has changed. We must once again gather our collective strength and raise our voices against him if he comes within shouting distance of damaging our country. We must not be afraid to speak. We must again mount the watchtowers and go where angels, and too many of our elected representatives, fear to tread. If it was important on September 10th, it is crucial today. We are still patriots, lovers of America, and we still have work to do. Stout hearts. The battle has only just begun." So writes William Rivers Pitt in Democratic Underground.

Who Would Stop Emperor George?
Democratic Voices

David Podvin writes: "It is August, 2004. The public opinion polls show that Democratic nominee John Kerry is ahead in the race for president as George W. Bush steps to the podium to accept the Republican nomination and says, 'In order to maintain the new atmosphere that I have created in Washington, I am canceling the presidential election. It is with great pride and humility that I accept the responsibility to be president for life.' After the thunderous cheers of Republican delegates who celebrated the Miami-Dade ballot-shredding riot finally died down, what would happen? Would the Supreme Court stop Bush?" Would the Democrats? Would anyone???

In the Wake of Helms' Jim Crow - style Regime, Southern Democrats Are a Breath of Fresh Air
Democratic Voices

The South may rise again -- on the wings of a new progressive spirit - nurtured by Democrats like Bob Etheridge. "If you want to meet Bob Etheridge, just find a spot alongside any tobacco field or sweet potato patch in this part of North Carolina and wait," writes Gail Russell Chaddock of the Christian Science Monitor. "He'll be along soon. This summer, the North Carolina Democrat has been all over the state's sprawling Second District...the territory of retiring Sen. Jesse Helms, where conservative 'Jesse-crats' spotted George Bush 11 points over Al Gore in 2000. Not a safe place for a Democrat, the pundits said. But Mr. Etheridge, the son of a sharecropper, isn't about to get tagged as another Ted Kennedy liberal who is out of touch with how real North Carolinians think. His success in winning votes here is writing the book on how Democrats hope to take back the South: by finding candidates that fit their districts and can build a message from the ground up."

George W. Bush, Father of the Internet
Democratic Voices

Ironically, the Bush now squatting in the White House is doing more for the development of the Internet than President Gore could have. It is true that Gore was thinking, writing articles and writing legislation about the Internet when 99% of Americans had never heard of it. President Gore would have set into motion programs that would invest in and develop the Internet. But what Bush is doing is inflaming passionate opposition to his anti-democratic seizure of power, and to the agenda of corporate robbery he is forcing down the throats of the vast majority who oppose him on nearly every issue. The Right Wing oligarchy's uncompromising approach to governing includes the silencing of dissent, the monolithic control of information, and the extinction of public debate. It has forced the citizens who still believe in democracy to find and create alternative channels for political discourse and action. The Internet provides an excellent means for harnessing grassroots democratic power.

Gore, Democrats, and Fighting the Republican Mentality
Democratic Voices

I don't know about you, but I am sick to death of listening to Republican propaganda coming out of the mouths of everyone... INCLUDING Democrats! We are forced to listen to it on the nightly news, read it in our newspapers, hear it out of the mouths of right-wing radical politicians. And now we hear it coming out of the mouths of our trusted representatives and finally... out of the mouths of... well... ourselves. This is playing right into what I call "The Republican Psych Plan."

The 'Real America': It Takes a Neighborhood, Not Cash to Make a Community
Democratic Voices

Here's a slice of life painted by Seattle columnist Jerry Large to remind us of just what 'everyday Americans' (i.e., not the corporate version) are all about. "There are a couple of cats that make the rounds of the homes on our block, looking for a human to pet them, a sunny spot in which to stretch out or a critter to chase. Every house on the block is home to them. Tuesday night, most of the humans who live on our block near the hydro pits stretched out, ate potato chips, chocolate-chip cookies and watermelon, and talked. People around the country were doing something similar, trying to show solidarity and form bonds that will deter crime in their neighborhoods. That at least was the original idea behind the yearly gatherings, but they do more than fight crime. They make people meaningful to each other and make home feel larger than one yard's boundary."

Busting Out: Corporate Greed, Reaching Out to the Right, Cheney's Power Bill
Democratic Voices

What an incredible smorgasbord of mind and soul food there is in this selection of letters! Our readers prove that there's no doubt about it - we are the party of inclusiveness, deep thinking, and deep feeling.

Living in Fantasy Land - What to Expect From Bush
Democratic Voices

We must plant our feet firmly in Reality and prepare for the absolute worst-case scenario -- that Bush will bounce back by election time. During the 2000 election, many Democrats said, "Voters will see through Bush" or "No one will elect Bush because he lacks substance" or "He's too dumb; he can't even find a coherent sentence with a flashlight." However, people familiar with W. begged Democrats not to underestimate him. But underestimate him we did, and now history is repeating itself.

It's Time Again for Grassroots Voices to be Heard
Democratic Voices

"We haven't had a democracy in this country for quite some time, and it looks like things will probably get worse before they get better. It's getting time again for grassroots voices to be heard. We have to be loud, we have to be consistent, we have to be persistent. What we have going on now affects many different sections of the population equally now, some of which didn't have much in common with each other before. Black people didn't just get screwed in the election's theft, we all did. Women, the elderly, children, every person of color, the lower economic classes, gays, lesbians, you name it. We have to exercise our power together, and we have to do it with one consistent, unanimous voice." So writes Isaac Peterson.

Call to Progressives: 'Don't Whine and Don't Beg: Change the Rules'
Democratic Voices

Writes Spruce Hauser in this week's "Eugene Weekly" : "If the progressive movement could only unite its forces to produce a victory on campaign spending, the groundwork would be laid for all kinds of potential victories on the other issues that are so near and dear to our hearts. A curtailment of clearcutting, health care reform, toxics "right-to-know" extended statewide, and on and on -- the entire progressive agenda becomes significantly more achievable. Too many progressives are fatalistically allowing corporations and wealthy individuals to dictate the rules by which elections are played out. Such concession pre-determines that our side will very likely lose. I emphatically agree with Mary O'Brien's advice in a recent column: 'Don't whine and don't beg -- Change the rules.'"

Busting Out: Our Readers' Thoughts on the Current State of the Union
Democratic Voices

As always, we are in awe of the quality of the letters we have received from our incredibly caring, morally passionate readers. Alas, the insight and intelligence in your comments stands in painful contrast to the double-digit quality of the "bright lights" now "illuminating" the White House.

Jim Hightower on Corporate Salaries, Tom Delay's Tedious 'Piety' and Shrub's Retread-filled Pentagon
Democratic Voices

Jim Hightower, author of "If God Had Wanted Us To Vote, He Would Have Given Us Candidates" reflects on corporate bosses, the "Christian vision" (as in nightmare) of Tom DeLay, and Shrub's selective Pentagon recycling. As Hightower observes, this recycling is aimed at benefiting a few, like "Norththrop Grumman, which now stands to make a killing off taxpayers by recycling one of the most notorious of boondoggles: the B-2 stealth bomber. The B-2 is the world's most expensive plane, it's not very stealthy, it's slow, it requires a massive support force, it can't fly in bad weather, and it's a maintenance nightmare." Sounds like the "recycled" staff at the Pentagon.

Julian Bond Speaks Truth to Bush's Illegtimate Power at NAACP Convention
Democratic Voices

At the NAACP convention in New Orleans, Chairman Julian Bond lived up to the conference theme of "Speaking Truth to Power." Bond said, "A cursory review of the Bush administration's first months ought to convince anyone that black people voted in their self-interest. He has selected nominees from the Taliban wing of American politics, appeased the wretched appetites of the extreme right wing, and chosen Cabinet officials whose devotion to the Confederacy is nearly canine in its uncritical affection." This was too much truth for Ari Fleischer, who whined once more about "changing the tone" in Washington. Hey Ari - if you really want to change the tone, why don't you call off Trent Lott, Tom Delay, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and all your other Republican attack dogs? And get your facts straight - Kweisi Mfume is STILL president of the NAACP.

Taking America Back
Democratic Voices

"To restore Democracy to the United States, we need to plan for the next two elections now. With Bush in office, it will be easier for the Republicans to continue to defeat the rights of the voters unless everyone is vigilant and willing to work to preserve the country our founders envisioned. In furtherance of this effort, I have put together the following list of 8 areas that the future work needs to focus on." So writes 10-year-old Natasha H. - so read this carefully!

For Flag Day, Here's a Powerful Speech by Vietnam Veteran Ed Reiman
Democratic Voices

For Flag Day, here's a powerful speech that Vietnam veteran Ed Reiman delivered to Voter March West on May 19. "As a veteran I ask these questions: When a few hundred individuals -- through the shear force of their money -- can buy a presidency, would the United States be worth fighting or dying for if the call came again? Would our young men and women be defending our country and Constitution on our behalf, or on behalf of an un-elected committee for the benefit of defense contractors or oil companies? Should there be even a shadow of a doubt? Of course there should not be, but as long as Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld and their appointees are running this country, there sure as hell is a doubt - a huge doubt. But until we -- and I mean all of us -- young and old -- right now, right here -- pledge to vote in every national election (even if we have to knock down doors to do it), things won't change."

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Calls for Progressive Constitutional Amendments
Democratic Voices

"I am, at this stage of my political career, more interested in the idea of being a founding father than being a candidate for President... When you amend the Constitution of the United States, whoever you are, it's as if you were at the first meeting... There was one America before the Fourteenth Amendment and equal protection under the law; today, we live in a completely different America because of the Fourteenth Amendment. There was one America before women could vote, and now 51 percent of voters are women. I want to shape the next America. I want to be a founder of that next America. I want to shape that America where, when someone is denied access to health care, the Solicitor General of the United States goes into court and says, 'No, you cannot deny care to this American. You cannot deny care to any American. That care is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.'" So declares Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in an interview with The Progressive.

'Counting Coup' Art Exhibit Goes on Tour
Democratic Voices

A group of activist Democratic artists has organized a series of art exhibitions on the election and Bush Agenda called Counting Coup. The artists currently on exhibit include famous artists such as Barbara Kruger, Leon Golub, Tom Otterness, the Guerilla Girls, and Dread Scott, plus many not so well known but excellent artists in different media. The work in the exhibition varies from traditional figurative painting, to sculpture and conceptual installations. The content of the show varies from pointed political barbs to veiled and personal references, which show a wide-ranging, freewheeling, and fun approach to a show on such an important theme. The organizers are looking for more work from artists and further venues from sympathetic galleries.

Zell Miller Explains Himself - But Leaves Us Dumbfounded
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Why did Zell Miller support Bush's tax giveaway to the rich? To fix the government's "trust deficit" with southern voters. Say what??? Except for rich Republicans, southern voters (who are generally less affluent than the rest of Americans) were not clamoring for a tax cut for the rich - no more than voters in any other part of the US. Southern voters, like the rest of Americans, want better schools, better health care, and a cleaner environment - and put these priorities ahead of tax cuts for the rich. If southern Democrats really want to help our Presidential candidates, they can take advantage of their legislative majorities to accomplish 2 things: 1) enact strict laws to guarantee every vote gets counted, and 2) enact proportional allocation of Presidential electors, as is done in Maine and Nebraska and was considered in North Carolina. If one southern state had such a system, Gore would have won the Presidency. Are you with us, Zell?

Democrats Should Embrace Progressive Agenda
Democratic Voices

"The exit polls from the 2000 presidential election should convince the Democratic Party that its greatest chances lie with its left wing. Despite almost a half-century of aiming at the political center in America, the party continues to win elections only by accident. By examining its stalwart constituencies, the party can regain a sense of purpose that it has not enjoyed for a third of a century. Doing that, however, will require political courage that its centrist masters have lacked." So writes Tim Francis-Wright in Bear Left!

Carville & Begala Offer A Battle Plan for the Democrats
Democratic Voices

"We don't believe the spin that stopping Mr. Bush's assault on middle- class programs will hurt Democrats with voters. Bob Dole helped lead his party to victory in 1994 by stopping everything he could... and Mr. Clinton's proposals were far more popular than Mr. Bush's are. If Democrats are seen as the people who save America from Mr. Bush's right-wing agenda, they will be regarded as principled, courageous and effective. Accommodation with the radical Bush agenda - offering a kinder, gentler Mr. Bush, as it were - is a prescription for policy failure and political defeat. But if Democrats follow Jim Jeffords's lead and speak with candor and conviction about George W. Bush's misdirected plans, if they stiffen their spines and use their power to stand up for the majority of Americans, who rejected the Bush agenda in the November election, they will be worthy of the majority status Jim Jeffords has given them." Right on!

The Unholy Grail: Who Will Stop Bush? No One, It Seems
Democratic Voices

"What America needs are some tough, principled Democratic Senators who are willing to buck the party leadership and the establishment media in order to protect the interests of the average citizen on the basic issue of who this government exists to represent. Until some ethical and fearless champions of the common people emerge, George W. Bush will continue to screw over the powerless many in order to benefit the privileged few." So writes contributing writer David Podvin.

Hear Bob Kunst on Meria Heller's Show
Democratic Voices

Fresh from his attendance in Quebec's WTO protest, learn what it was really like from someone who was THERE and tear gassed with the rest of the peaceful protesters. Bob Kunst joins up with Democrats.com and VoterMarch.org to focus on the goal of taking back our Democracy from an illegal administration. Due to "outside interference" Meria has to now Suprise Guest her interviews, and this one is one not to be missed. Corporate media - eat your hearts out, the truth is BEING told.

Charge! Clear! Zap! Another Doctor of Politics Pokes the Democratic Party's Bones and Pronounces Us Healthier Than You May Think
Democratic Voices

Author George Packer charges the Democratic Party with returning to its natural posture -- the defensive cringe. As he wrote in the New York Times, "the conservative movement of the late 20th century framed the terms of political debate so successfully that the Democratic position became the embattled view on a host of issues." And yet, he observes, we are closer to the majority of Americans than the GOP and we have the freedom now to say what we mean.

Humanity At A Crossroads
Democratic Voices

It's a cliché expression, perhaps, but I believe the human race is really at a crossroads. Of course, the space enthusiast within me likes to visualize a wise and mature human civilization expanding into the solar system and outwards. I also like to visualize other scientific and technological advancements, such as eradication of diseases and further improvements in transportation and communications. But along with all this I like to visualize a human race where our old hatreds have been left behind on the rubbish pile of history where they belong, and where every person is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of skin color, religious belief, sexual orientation, and so on.

It's Time for the Democrats to Draw a Line in the Sand
Democratic Voices

Alas, Bush's modus operandi of keeping the sh-t flying from the fan has been working all too well - sort of like the alcoholic parent in a dysfunctional home who keeps everyone from leaving or standing up to him by initiating one crisis after another. (In twelve-step circles they call this "playing uproar."). But the Dems, who have so far played the codependent family members, must regain their balance - immediately.

Moment of Truth for the Democrats
Democratic Voices

"This is the moment of truth for the Democrats. In the face of the conservative policy steamroller that is threatening to crush a century's worth of economic and social reform, they must stand up and fight for the common good. They have the issues and the bulk of the American people on their side. All they need is the will to free themselves from the grip of big money politics and return to the principles they discarded in their mad dash to co-opt the conservatives." So writes Randolph T. Holhut in The American Reporter.

Streisand Tells Dems 'Nice Guys Finish Last'
Democratic Voices

"We have a President who stole the presidency through family ties, arrogance and intimidation, employing Republican operatives to exercise the tactics of voter fraud by disenfranchising thousands of blacks, elderly Jews and other minorities. We have a Congress passing laws that benefit corporations and the privileged few at the expense of the working men and women of this country... We should have one goal, and that's to win back the House, Senate and Presidency." So writes Barbra Streisand in a wake-up call to Congressional Democrats. (Requires Adobe acrobat reader)

Illinois Attorney General Clears Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/Push Coalition
Democratic Voices

"The Illinois attorney general's Charitable Trust Bureau examined the financial records of the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and found no irregularities." Said Illinois AG Jim Ryan, "The evidence is they are in compliance with the law. There's no basis for me to launch an investigation into Operation PUSH." Will the "liberal" media try as hard to get this news out as they did in pillorying Rev. Jackson and Rainbow/Push?

A Nation in Trauma
Democratic Voices

This is a nation in trauma. This is a nation of people who are silenced. This is a nation of many people who have just lost trust in their democracy, who everyday feel betrayed as a far right agenda is implemented in a time when their collective choice was not to do so.

Progressives Must Show Democrats How to Fight Bush
Democratic Voices

"The only hope for Democrats is if their progressive base leads the party into fierce opposition. For a play-book, they'd be smart to remember what conservatives did in 1992, when Clinton was elected and Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. From day one, movement conservatives outside Congress declared open season on Clinton... Congressional conservatives, led by then-Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), put forth their own agenda. Gingrich rallied the Christian Coalition and other radical-right groups to support tax cuts, deregulation, an end to welfare and term limits, which eventually became provisions of his 1994 'contract with America.'" So writes Bob Borosage, founder of the Campaign for America's Future.

Tom Paine is Rolling In His Grave
Democratic Voices

In 1775, Thomas Paine asked a few tough questions like this: "How came the king by a power which the people are afraid to trust, and always obliged to check?" Christian Livemore updates the answers for 2000 in Online Journal.

A Celebration of Compassion--A Pep Rally for the Human Race
Democratic Voices

Is there any reason not to take some time out now, with our fellow people(s), and begin to celebrate the inevitable: unconditional compassion both for ourselves and for each other? How about: "A Celebration of Compassion--A Pep Rally for the Human Race?"

The Case for Northern Secession
Democratic Voices

"The United States doesn't have to refight the Civil War to set matters right. Rather, North and South should simply follow the example of the Czech Republic and Slovakia: Shake hands, says it's been real, and go their separate ways. And if the South isn't inclined to leave anytime soon, then we should show them the door by seceding unilaterally." So writes Mark Strauss in Slate.

More Jan Schakowskys!
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New York Magazine columnist Michael Tomasky went to the progressive summit organize by the Campaign for America's Future in search of the future of the Democratic Party. He found it in second-term Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL). Tomasky, who just published a book on Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign, writes: "She's got something. First, that midwestern sturdiness, kind of like Hillary in her better moments. But unlike Hillary, she's emotive; a whippersnapper. She's funny... She has moxie. She epitomizes the kind of joyful spirit Democrats need right now... Most of all, she's got the right idea." Schakowsky said "We have to inspire people, get in touch with the rage that's out there, and build confidence in what we're doing."

Bush Cuts Earthquake Preparedness Funds The Morning Of The Seattle Earthquake
Democratic Voices

"The [Seattle] earthquake - and Bush's same-day proposed elimination of the very program that helped us prepare for it - underscores the folly of believing Margaret Thatcher's pronouncement that 'there is no such thing as society - there are only individual families.' Invest in our infrastructure, and it will stay mostly solid, even while the ground shakes, rattles, and rolls beneath it. Invest in all our children, and they'll grow up healthy and strong. Invest in our communities, and ordinary citizens will feel hopeful. Invest in technologies like wind power, compact-fluorescent light bulbs, and efficient mass transit, and we won't have to choose between rationing electricity and despoiling our environment." So writes Paul Rogat Loeb, author of Soul of a Citizen.

Stability v Legitimacy?
Democratic Voices

"A republic can no more be separated from its franchise, than a monarchy can be separated from its crown. Both confer authority and legitimacy upon their possessors. Separate them, and you lose both legitimacy and stability, descending into chaos." So writes Dane Cobb, the Mountain Monk.

Absolute Power
Democratic Voices

"All of the ingredients are in place for a Bush Dynasty, that could stretch well beyond this decade; sixteen, or possibly more years. To underestimate the rapaciousness of this crime syndicate is pure suicide. The ability of the Karl Rove propaganda machine to control public discourse, and use the media skillfully in campaigns of misdirection, is Hitlerian and yes, evil. If we don't treat the 'Republican' leadership as the totalitarian-minded jackals they are, we will very soon be left with nothing but silence as an inheritance." So writes Dane Cobb, the Mountain Monk.

The McAuliffe Majority
Democratic Voices

While the rest of the country knows new DNC chair Terry McAuliffe only as a money guy, up here in Syracuse we know him as a Democrat whose faith in our party and dedication to its principles are deeply rooted, and whose contribution to Democratic success is larger than the talent he is most widely known for.

To U.S. Senators from the Grass Roots: ACT NOW!
Democratic Voices

"I'd like to think that somewhere out there – maybe in the House, or perhaps in a governor's office, or maybe even among all those blow-dried and well-coiffed Senators – there's someone with the wisdom and the guts to say that this is an illegal regime, that we don't cooperate with illegal regimes, and that the Democratic Party can have but one goal: the removal of George W. Bush from office and the impeachment and removal of Scalia, Thomas, and Rehnquist." So writes Bill Weintraub in Gay Today.

Soviet Republicans in the 21st Century
Democratic Voices

"Soviet Republicans are people accustomed to a deferential totalitarianism, in which those who know their place give due respect to those who are naturally in command. This is a major reason for Republican strengths in racially polarized regions of the United States, such as the Southeast and southern California. The Republican Party has become the last bastion of white folks upset that they are not given the respect they are due as white folks per se... Ultimately, of course, these folks will go the way of the old Soviets who couldn't stop cellular telephones in automobiles when they tried to shut down the new ideas permeating Moscow." So writes speechwriter and consultant Frederick R. Reenstjerna.

Athanasius Redux
Democratic Voices

"Athanasius, the 4th cen. Bishop of Alexandria, is said to have responded to the heckle 'Athanasius, the world is against you,' with the retort 'No, Athanasius is against the World.' if you've been feeling a bit like Athanasius these days, standing alone against a veritable avalanche of lies and propaganda. If all your friends are telling you to 'just move on,' or 'get over it,' just think of Athanasius. One day you might be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say 'I stood against the world.'" So says Dane Cobb, Publisher of coldmountain.net.

Democratic Senators Should Take Lessons from Civil Rights Leaders
Democratic Voices

"It's been painful to watch the Democrats roll over and play dead for George W. Bush since his coronation. They don't seem to realize that they can stand firm without reenacting Newt Gingrich's scorched-earth destructiveness. They might do well to remember (or learn) some basic lessons of nonviolence: When facing a bully, you don't have to demonize. You can speak to your opponents' core humanity, and even at times work together. But you don't have to give your cooperation just because they tell you to do something. And you have to honestly challenge actions you oppose." So writes Paul Rogat Loeb in the Christian Science Monitor.

What if Alan Dershowitz Had $40 Million to Investigate W?
Democratic Voices

University of Oregon Law Professor Caroline Forell asks, "What if Attorney General John Ashcroft appointed a special prosecutor to investigate whether Bush engaged in or knew of anything illegal in Florida that affected the outcome of the presidential election? What if the special prosecutor were a skilled and gifted lawyer who was a partisan Bush-hater? What if, like Starr, he had free rein to spend more than $40 million to go wherever the investigation took him?" The mind reels at the possibilities!

Nobody Asked Me, But...
Democratic Voices

We live in the greatest and most powerful country on this earth, but that does not mean it is perfect. The most fundamental and basic rights we have are human rights, civil rights, freedom of speech, the right to vote and to make sure those votes are fairly counted. Yes, it takes a village, and that village is our grass roots efforts to continue to change our country, always for the better. We must take these basic rights as a blessing and remember the hard days our predecessors had to live through to give us these rights that we now seem to take for granted. We have much work left to do in the areas of stamping out poverty, giving every American access to health care, and have every child in this country receive the best education possible. Most of all, we must treat each other with respect and remember what Dr. King said was on the inside of the person, and not by the color of one's skin. Furthermore, we must respect the sexual orientation of every individual.

FUQ: How do we Pick the Time and Place for Battle?
Democratic Voices

Why have the Republicans been winning? Because we have been letting them decide when and where to fight. It is long past time for the Democrats to stand their ground and force the GOP to engage them on hostile and dangerous territory -- the true center of American politics.

The Ragin' Cajun Hangs Out His Shingle
Democratic Voices

Yes it's true -- James Carville has his own website. For inspiration, check out his archive of speeches, articles and especially his list of "Ten Things You Can Do".

Until My Last Breath I Will Fight the Republicans
Democratic Voices

"Until my last breath...I will fight the republicans...I will never get over them stealing the...u.s. presidential election of 2000...when the only vote that bush won...was 5-4 on the u.s. supremely partisan conservative court..." Read this "poetic manifesto" by Kevin J. Shay.

America: The Incipient Fascist State
Democratic Voices

"It was that hellish mix – the greed of corporate oligarchies, a lunatic, right-wing movement that had gained legitimacy through years of propaganda and social agitation, and the acquiescence of powerful individuals and institutions in the previously democratic German government - that produced Hitler's Third Reich. And that's what we are now dangerously close to seeing in America – a fascist state." So writes Bill Weintraub in a sobering essay in Gay Today.

Words We've Waited Months To Hear
Democratic Voices

"George Bush says he's for election reform. Reform this: I say, park the state police cars, take down the roadblocks, stop asking people of color for multiple forms of ID, print readable ballots, open the polling places, count all the votes, and start practicing Democracy in America again. President Bush, will you join me in calling for those reforms?" So said new DNC chair Terry McAuliffe, who received a standing ovation from Democratic delegates who have been waiting since November for someone to express the collective outrage felt by the 51 million Americans who voted for Al Gore.

Fringe People Unite!
Democratic Voices

Bush recently declared, "Well, my picks obviously activated the voices of a few, the fringe people, the special interest groups-whose job it is to make a lotta noise in Washington, DC." It seems an awful lot of folks just found themselves on the fringe. If you're one of them, click here.

New DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe Hits it Out of the Park
Democratic Voices

"I believe our critics are wrong. Our Party is united. Our Party is strong. In the last election, we beat Republican incumbents. We picked up seats in the House. We picked up seats in the Senate. We won State Houses. And we won the popular vote, rolling up 50 million votes nationally. And you know this: if Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush, Jim Baker and the Supreme Court hadn't tampered with the results, Al Gore would be President, George Bush would be back in Austin, and John Ashcroft would be home reading Southern Partisan magazine... We will transform the anger about Florida into energy about politics. We will prove there is victory after denial, democracy after Florida, Daschle after Lott, Gephardt after Hastert, and justice after the Supreme Court. We will give the American people a Congress they can be proud of, and we will show George Bush the door in two thousand and four." So says the new DNC Chair, Terry McAuliffe.

A call for Democratic Party reform
Democratic Voices

"No other subjects in our current political life deserve as much thorough scrutiny as (1) the stealing of presidential election 2000, (2) the mainstream media's cover-up of the election theft, and (3) the need for reforming the Democratic Party." So says Carla Binion in Online Journal.

Streisand for Democratic Chair!
Democratic Voices

"The Democrats have been too conciliatory," Barbra Streisand told columnist Mitchell Fink. "Maybe they don't realize how far to the right this man is. Bush is shamelessly arrogant. He says he's a uniter, and he's putting together a cabinet of far-right people." Streisand spent most of last week lobbying Democratic senators to block Ashcroft.

Medieval Spin Doctors at the DLC Recommend Leaches and Bloodletting to Put the Democratic Party on the Road to Recovery
Democratic Voices

Hard to believe, but the centrist Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) is trying to sell the incredible argument that Gore lost because he was too far to the left of center. That's right; in the face of Bush's brilliant success at blurring the distinctions between himself and Gore on issues like Social Security and Education that Democrats have always given an edge to Democrats, the DLC is counselling getting even CLOSER to the Republican Party's positions so they can do a BETTER job co-opting the Democratic agenda. This one goes in the amazing but true file.