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Kerry Names Outspoken Legislators Dick Durbin and Stepahine Tubbs to Top DNC Posts
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US Newswire: "John Kerry today announced two key appointments in his record breaking campaign to win back the White House and rebuild America. Two of the Democratic Party's strongest voices, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, will serve as co- chairs at the Democratic National Committee (DNC), working with DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe and his team to amplify John Kerry's message nationally and in key battleground states as the campaign moves into the general election. Durbin and Tubbs Jones will serve as liaisons for both the campaign and the DNC to the Senate and House and aid the party in raising the necessary resources in order to compete against Bush. " http://releases.usnewswire.com/GetRelease.asp?id=170-04152004

Kicking Ass -- Daily Dispatches from the DNC
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The DNC has launched it's own blog -- and it lives up to it's name! "Up is down, black is white, dirty is clean. Trivia time. To whom did resident Bush say, 'You're good stewards of the quality of the air'? a) The Sierra Club. b) The League of Conservation Voters. c) A group of high school students who formed a club to take action to protect the environment. d) The executives and workers at one of the dirtiest, most polluting power plants in the nation, which would be able to pollute even more under Bush's rollback of Clean Air Act rules. Is anyone surprised to learn that the answer is 'd'?... The American people have long been aware of Bush's pro-pollution environmental record, but this seems like a new low point, even for Bush."

In Florida, Terry McAuliffe Blasts Bush's Lies, Affirms Gore's Victory, and Promises Massive Voter Turnout
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"'Today is the beginning of the end of George Bush's administration,' declared [Terry McAuliffe]... 'He has been a dismal failure for this country,' McAuliffe said, blistering Bush on the economy, the federal surplus- turned-deficit, and a deception of the public about the reasons for war in Iraq. McAuliffe said the issue is whether Bush deliberately misled the American public to justify war... 'We're going to put massive resources into [Florida]. You will see a massive voter turnout,' ... Democrats will be geared up better than they were two years ago, when he said they had little money and no computerized voter lists. McAuliffe repeatedly reminded the crowd that Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000, and he said the Democrat actually won Florida if the votes had been counted properly - two lines guaranteed to draw partisan applause. The chairman promised that the party will have observers at every polling place in 2004 and will check every ballot design in the state."

New DNC Press Secretary Specialized in Lambasting Jeb
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"Tony Welch, the Democratic spinmeister whose zingers got under Gov. Jeb Bush's skin during two elections, is taking his partisan act national, aiming directly at the governor's brother. Welch, the Florida Democratic Party's leading verbal attacker for four years and currently the state teachers union communications director, will begin a new post July 1 as press secretary for the Democratic National Committee. He'll likely become a fixture on cable television talk shows, ripping Resident Bush and putting Florida's political importance back in the spotlight."

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Urges DNC to Adopt Iraq Resolution to Solve Crisis through the UN
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"Rep. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. (D-IL-2), and Dr. James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute, today announced that on Friday when the DNC meets, they will introduce a resolution on Iraq. Rep. Jackson said, 'There is a reason why the American people and most other people in the world strongly support making Saddam Hussein get rid of his weapons of mass destruction, but do not support a war against Iraq at this time - not to mention a pre-emptive U.S.-led war with Iraq apart from a UN Security Council Resolution. It doesn't meet the historic criteria of a 'just war.' The world, through the UN, should keep the pressure on Iraq to adhere to UN Resolution 1441 and allow enough time for the inspectors to do their assigned job.' Dr. Zogby said, 'Americans have many unanswered questions about a war on Iraq... It is therefore incumbent on the Democratic Party to take a leadership role on this issue.'" Call your state Democratic chair to urge support! (http://democrats.org/states)

DNC Aims for 51% in 2004
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"Project 5104 - shorthand for winning 51% of the vote in 2004 - is the DNC's answer to the GOP's much-talked-about '72-hour project,' which mobilized Republican voters in unprecedented numbers in the fall... At its heart, the project is a huge, new database containing the names of 158 million voters nationwide, along with demographic, economic and consumer data about them and assorted technological bells and whistles that will allow the party to carve up the electorate in infinite ways and for a variety of purposes... McAuliffe said, the national party hopes to find potential voters in states that Bush carried in 2000. 'We have got to do a much better job of targeting Democrats in red states,' he said, referring to the color that TV network maps used in 2000 for highlighting the states won by the GOP. 'Beginning in 2004, we'll be ready with very precise targeting maps,' McAuliffe said. 'We will be able to hand a binder over to our nominee with very precise targeting information.'"

Democratic Base Votes with its Wallet - and Maybe its Feet - Against Democratic Surrender on Iraq
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Washpost's Tom Edsall writes, "With the House and Senate elections less than four weeks away, several Democratic officials cite a troubling drop in contributions from disaffected groups and they fear a sluggish Election Day turnout from minorities, women, suburban professionals and others. 'Our liberal base wants us to stand up and challenge Bush on the war,' said Donna Brazile, who runs the DNC's Voting Rights Institute and managed Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign. She said loyal Democrats in low-income areas and black neighborhoods, along with many women and liberal suburbanites, are bitterly complaining that 'no one is talking to us, no one is addressing our issues' on the economy and preparation for war. 'There is a real danger out there.' Party insiders, however, are increasingly worried about the potential impact on fundamental mechanics that win or lose elections: fundraising and get-out-the-vote efforts."

Help Democrats Win - and Earn $1,000
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The Democratic Party writes, "Want to earn $1,000, get national exposure, and help Democrats win elections in 2002? Then get behind your keyboard and take part in Flash Fest 2002! The Democratic Party is sponsoring a nationwide search for the smartest, hippest, funniest, most compelling Flash animations telling people why they must vote Democratic on November 5! Here's how you can win: Put together a piece of Flash that shows exactly why voting for Democrats on November 5 is vitally important. We'll feature the five best Flash movies on Democrats.org and highlight them in a national headquarters press conference. The person who creates the best animation will get $1,000 in cold hard cash!" Of course, you should share at least HALF of your prize with Democrats.com :)

The 2000 Democratic National Platform Was Prophetic
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The Democratic Platform is the official statement of the Party's position on a wide variety of issues, and a new Platform is adopted every four years by the Democratic National Convention. In the year 2000, America found itself in the midst of prosperity, progress, and peace. The Platform's prescient introduction states: "Yet this moment is clearly one of possibility, not absolute guarantees. We must remember that our achievements were accomplished only with creativity, courage, and conscience; with a willingness to innovate and imagine; and with a recommitment to our basic American values of hard work, community, embracing diversity, faith, family, and personal responsibility. And all of it can be imperiled again" - which is exactly what happened under Bush.

Contrasting Democrats with Republicans on their Values and Positions
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Here is a quick reference index of where Democrats stand on the important issues facing America's families, which provides quick "sound-byte" contrasts on major issues like Social Security, Medicare and prescription drug coverage, Education, Pension Protection and the Environment as well as links to more detailed descriptions of Democratic positions and actions on the issues. Check it out!

DNC Training Institute Holds Classes this Summer
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The DNC writes, "Much is at stake in the 2002 elections. We must increase our razor-thin majority in the US Senate. We need a gain of only 6 seats to make Dick Gephardt the Speaker of the House. With 36 gubernatorial elections on tap, we also have an opportunity to take back a majority of the nation's governorships for the first time since 1994, as well as to effect many other statewide elections. We have targeted seven legislative chambers for pick up and must protect control of another six. All of this while hundreds of mayors and over one thousand county officials are being decided in 2002. We need skilled campaign professionals on the ground... But these training sessions encompass longer-term vision as well; cultivating Democratic talent today will make us a stronger Party in the future. We know that today's trainees are tomorrow's Party leaders. Your participation is vital to the Democratic Party winning in November and in the years to come." Training is $100 - register today!