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Democrats Use Arnold's Sexist Joke as a Chance to Honor Women and Make some Cash
Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)

Unlike Repugs, Democrats HONOR the feminine side of life's coin. So they have turned sexist pig Arnold's anti-woman joke into a chance to show their support for women AND make a campaign buck or two. Reuters: "Days after Schwarzenegger called state Democrats 'girlie men' for failing to pass a budget by the state's July 1 deadline, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur has begun selling T-shirts over the Internet with the slogan "Sacramento Girlie Men." 20% of proceeds will benefit the California Democratic Party. Meanwhile, the [obviously sexist]state's College Republicans announced plans to sell T-shirts reading ''Don't be a Girlie Man. Vote Republican." Is it any wonder most women are voting for Kerry?? "[The shirts] will be cheaper than the Democrat version," said group spokesman Ryan Clumpner." Of course they will! They'll be made in Burmese sweatshops!

DLC Losing the Battle for the Democratic Party's Future
Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)

"Chatter among presidential campaign staffers in the weeks since the DLC conference suggests that Al From's grip on the younger generation of his ideological compatriots is weakening. 'I don't think anyone thinks of From as a leader,' says one senior aide to a presidential candidate regularly praised by DLC heavyweights. 'People don't like Al From,' remarks a campaign operative with a different DLC-backed presidential candidate.... Adds an aide to a third DLC-supported candidate, 'I think they've gone out of their way to pick a fight with Dean to satisfy their need to stay relevant.' Those are surprising words from people whose candidates' might be expected to benefit from From's harsh talk and the DLC's now 4-month-old 'Stop Dean' campaign. But an increasing number of Democratic elected officials, consultants and campaign operatives are beginning to suggest that the DLC's campaign against Dean involves a fundamental misreading of today's political environment."

The DLC: Trying to Preserve a Power Base within a Losing Strategy
Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)

Stuart Finkel writes: "'Dear Los Angeles Times and Heads of the DLC: I was deeply distressed to read Al From and Bruce Reed's divisive and unhelpful article about how Democratic 'activists' are 'out of step' with the Democratic 'rank and file.' Their continued (intentional?) miscomprehension of what motivates Americans, and especially Democrats, is enormously harmful to the Party. The myths that they perpetuate about liberal 'activists' may as well have been written by Karl Rove (and most definitely serve his interests)... BuzzFlash Note: BuzzFlash Has One Question for the DLC. Except for Bill Clinton, Your Strategy Has Been a Losing One. Who Controls the White House and Congress? Look at the Election of 2002. Case Closed. And Bill Clinton Won Because He Was a Fighter, a Charismatic Candidate and a Brilliant Strategist. The DLC Was Just Window Dressing."

Centrists Losing Ground in Democratic Tug of War
Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)

"After soaring in prestige under former President Clinton, the centrist 'New Democrat' movement is struggling to maintain its influence in the party as the 2004 presidential race accelerates... New Democrat leaders have engaged in escalating confrontations with more liberal party elements -- battles that could help determine whether Democrats largely follow Clinton's centrist course or tilt to the left... 'It is a matter of arithmetic: If we are going to win, we have to win not only the Democratic faithful, we have to win swing voters,' said Al From, founder and chief executive of the DLC.'" Goodness...we don't want to offend those swing voters by speaking out against our fine grandson of a Nazi Financier, son of a CIA-Iran-Contra/Iraqgate gangster, National Guard-Deserting, Harken insider trading and tax evading, Enron colluding, WMD-lying, election stealing, Constitution-shredding White House Resident! No... that wouldn't be 'patriotic' or 'moral.' Wouldn't be prudent. Na ga da...

Corporate Handmaidens at the DLC Call the Democratic Wing of the Party 'Elitist'
Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)

Ron Fournier writes for the AP: "The Democratic Leadership Council... ended its two-day strategy session with swipes at Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt... A memo written by Al From and Bruce Reed, the chairman and president of the DLC, respectively, suggested that Dean is an elitist liberal... 'What activists like Dean call the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party is an aberration: The McGovern-Mondale wing, defined principally by weakness abroad and elitist interest-group liberalism at home,' the memo said... Separately, a former Republican came to Dean's defense. Independent Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont cited Dean's statehouse record for balancing the budget and providing health care coverage as far from elitist and urged DLC leaders 'to stop their divisive tactics. 'I have heard such charges coming from Republicans most of my political life, but I find it incredible to hear such charges coming from Democrats,' Jeffords said in a statement."

DLC Attacks Dean and Kucinich over W-ar Opposition
Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)

Democrats.com believes in Democratic Unity, so we rarely criticize fellow Democrats. But the Democratic Leadership Council has gone out of its way to attack Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich for opposing Operation Bush Empire, adding nasty slurs against two leading Democratic candidates. Clinton's "muscular internationalism" was fine with us, since it was used for humanitarian purposes (stopping ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia) and to strengthen international institutions. Bush's War is not about "liberating" the Iraqi people from Saddam's tyranny - it's about stealing Iraq's oil, establishing a US empire in the Middle East, and "taking down" the UN and other international institutions. The lesson of Vietnam is that a poor nation will fight to the death to defend itself against a US invasion, no matter how badly we delude ourselves about the beauty of our motives. Bush's War is criminal, and it's wrong. Share your views here: http://www.ndol.org/cobrand/contact_us.cfm

Why Democrats Must Be Populists, and What the DLC Doesn't Understand About America
Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)

The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) "can take credit for many of the Democratic Party's successes in the 1990s. It was instrumental in deflecting Republican charges that Democrats condoned crime, favored welfare over work, and backed higher deficits and taxes. But since the [2000 election, the DLC has] waged a scorched-earth campaign against 'populism' in the Democratic Party. This campaign, if successful, would deprive Democrats of what historically has been one of their most important ideological assets, and make it more difficult for the party to win back the majority that it lost to conservative Republicans in 1980. [What's wrong are the DLC's] indictments of populism. The DLCers have got political history backward. The original populists were not out to destroy capitalism but to preserve it. And Democratic populism didn't suddenly disappear in 1992; it was integral to Bill Clinton's successful campaign that year." So write John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira.

Why the DLC is the Darling of Republican Corporate Donors
Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)

Robert Kuttner writes "The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was organized by southern governors, business Democrats, defense hawks, and social conservatives to push the party to the center. The theory was that this repositioning would win presidential elections (and also raise a ton of corporate money)... But how is the DLC doing now that the Democrats are in opposition? ... The Republicans and their DLC allies are stuck in a 1996 time warp, in which the issue is who can be tougher on the poor... The DLC's New Dem Daily Web feature even counsels Democrats to avoid pushing popular liberal issues such as Social Security and prescription drugs... I recently debated Bill Kristol before an audience of prominent conservatives. Several expressed real worry that Democrats will eat the Republicans' lunch on Social Security in this fall's midterm elections. If they do, it will be no thanks to New Democrats."