Christie Whitman

Dennis Duggan: ''Whitman 'A Disaster' for EPA''
Christie Whitman

"What's your verdict, I asked Pringle Tuesday. 'She has been a disaster. The only people she exerted herself for were the fossil fuel people,' he said. Harsh stuff, but going through old news stories Tuesday I had trouble finding anyone except for those at energy companies who had something good to say about Whitman's 2-1/2-year tenure as chief of a highly sensitive regulatory agency... Tuesday [former EPA Deputy Eric Schaeffer] said Whitman 'wasn't really a fighter. She is a loyal Republican and I don't know why she quit. Maybe she got tired of trying to fend off the oil guys inside and outside the White House'... When Whitman quit in May she said she wanted to spend more time with her family... Maybe she had an advance peek at Friday's devastating inspector general report on the EPA's handling of pollution at Ground Zero. The report put in the bluntest terms what most suspected: The White House was running the agency and Whitman was simply wearing the ceremonial crown of leadership."

Christie Whitman Contradicted and Undermined by the White House
Christie Whitman

Harry Sterling writes: "Whitman maintained her early departure had nothing to do with Resident George Bush's own pro-industry policies vis-a-vis environmental issues. Notwithstanding such disclaimers, her decision arose primarily because her efforts to reconcile the conflicting objectives of environmentalists and U.S. industrial interests, especially in the influential energy sector, were unsuccessful. If anything, her attempts to walk a tightrope between the two sides resulted in pleasing neither. To compound her problems, she found herself being contradicted and undermined by the White House on key environmental issues... When rejecting Kyoto, Bush said he had no intention of implementing a treaty that could potentially undermine U.S. economic competitiveness or adversely affect jobs... Bush's intransigent position means that combating global warming is now badly weakened, since the U.S. alone is responsible for producing more than 25 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions."

Bush Beats Whitman
Christie Whitman

From a Madison Capital Times Editorial: "Over the past two years, Whitman kept peace with Bush by abandoning environmental stances she had backed as governor, including support for the 'polluter pays' method of paying for Superfund site cleanups and plans to cap toxic emissions, two policies rejected by the Bush administration. Whitman also promoted a number of other egregious administration proposals, including relaxing industrial pollution regulations and handing the Defense Department several major exemptions from environmental laws. Whitman did put up a fight occasionally but it's doubtful her replacement will. Bush's true colors as a hard-core anti-environment, pro-industry president have never been more vivid... The front-runners to replace Whitman include auto industry lobbyist Josephine Cooper and Florida Environmental Protection Secretary David Struhs, who recently backed sugar-industry-promoted moves in his state to postpone a cleanup of the gravely polluted Everglades."

Hapless, Humiliated Christie Whitman Resigns as EPA Chief
Christie Whitman

"Whitman had differences with White House officials early during Bush's residency when she advised him in a March 6, 2001, memo that global warming 'is a credibility issue for the U.S. in the international community' and 'we need to appear engaged' in negotiations. The administration later withdrew from the Kyoto, Japan treaty on the issue negotiated by former Vice President Al Gore, Bush's Democratic opponent in the 2000 election. She also pushed enforcement of a Clean Air Act provision known as 'New Source Review,' requiring that any increase in production from older factories, power plants and refineries be accompanied by state-of-the-art pollution controls. Those measures were opposed in Bush's energy policy initiative... 'Christie Whitman must feel like her own long national nightmare is over,' said Philip Clapp, president of the National Environmental Trust, an advocacy group. 'No EPA administrator has ever been so consistently and publicly humiliated by the White House."

Did Christie Whitman Lie About Trade Center Air Safety to Benefit Citigroup?
Christie Whitman

According to Hugh Kaufman, an in-house watchdog and longtime EPA critic, Christie Whitman is letting her family's financial ties to Citigroup influence EPA decisions. "Kaufman said Whitman falsely assured New Yorkers that the air around the World Trade Center was safe in the days after the structures were leveled by the Sept. 11 attacks. That, he said, saved Travelers Insurance -- owned by Citigroup -- millions of dollars. And he said Whitman tried to dissolve the EPA national ombudsman's office, where he works, so it wouldn't interfere with a court settlement with Citigroup about Shattuck." Whitman's husband worked for Citigroup and still owns stock in the company. The probe is being conducted by the Justice Department, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enron.