Ann Coulter

Sickie Ann Coulter Ridicules Terrorism Victims
Ann Coulter

Unbelievable! Sociopath Ann Coulter has demeaned and ridiculed every victim of real terrorism and their families by comparing being hit on the shoulder with a cream pie to (for ex.) being beheaded or blown up by a roadside bomb. Media Matters reports: "Commenting on an incident in which two men threw pies at her during an October 21 appearance at the University of Arizona, right-wing pundit Ann Coulter said, 'An act of terrorism was committed against me.' Coulter made the remark on the October 26 edition of FOX News Channel's Hannity & Colmes." We suppose that sickie Coulter will now claim that having the video of her being smeared with whipped cream shown on the Internet is "just like" Al Qaeda showing beheadings on radical websites! Stop whining Ann. Take your pie like a man.

Ann Coulter Gets 'Pied' During Hatespeech
Ann Coulter

kron4: "It appears they didn't like what conservative columnist Ann Coulter had to say. Two men ran on stage and threw custard pies at Coulter as she was giving a speech at the University of Arizona last night. Coulter was hit in the shoulder. The men were arrested by university police. In her speech, Coulter trashed Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, liberals and Democrats, while praising conservative students who attended her speech." What a sociopathical egotist! It would take a lot more than one cream pie to sweeten this miserable sourpuss up! We hear she kills rats with her teeth and eats broken bottles for breakfast!

Ann Coulter Tries to Wax Intellectual on 'Passion,' But As Usual, Ends Up in the Gutter
Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter desperately wishes that she were an intellectual with a scintillating wit and biting insight ala Dorothy Parker. But even her best efforts end up a grotesque parody of her goal- like a five-hundred pound gorilla in a tutu trying to make like Pavlova. In her attempt at a biting commentary on the Gibson's 'Passion' controversy, she instead sounds more like a drunken bigot on a rant just before the barkeep tosses them out. "Being nice to people is, in fact, one of the incidental tenets of Christianity (as opposed to other religions whose tenets are more along the lines of 'kill everyone who doesn't smell bad and doesn't answer to the name Mohammed')." The Council on American-Islamic Relations has called on the media to stop airing her hatespeak. (http://releases.usnewswire.com/GetRelease.asp?id=139-03102004)

Shame on You, Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

"From Coulter's column: 'Cleland lost three limbs in an accident during a routine non-combat mission where he was about to drink beer with friends. He saw a grenade on the ground and picked it up. He could have done that at Fort Dix. In fact, Cleland could have dropped a grenade on his foot as a National Guardsman - or what Cleland sneeringly calls 'weekend warriors.' Luckily, for Cleland's political career and current pomposity about Bush, he happened to do it while in Vietnam.' But he didn't 'give his limbs for his country,' or leave them 'on the battlefield.'' Coulter saying that Cleland was 'lucky' the incident happened in Viet Nam is despicable. If Cleland was stateside he probably wouldn't have faced live grenades... Coulter's claim that it was a non-combat incident was also false, as the 8/1/99 Esquire Magazine notes: 'Cleland lost two legs and an arm in Vietnam when a grenade accidentally detonated after he and another soldier jumped off a helicopter in a combat zone.'"

Tell the Media What You Think of Ann Coulter!
Ann Coulter

From the Corrente blog: "I'd intended to do some posting on how the right is handling the Kerry 'rumors,' and Bush's National Guard 'problems,' and I'll be back to do so, but this caught my eye. Tired of gnashing your teeth at another Coulter outrage? Tired of talking back to your computer screen? Someone's got a plan, an excellent adventure of a plan. This, via the irrepressible Scoobic Davis, who pointed me to 'George W. Bush, Will You Please Go Now, a blog new to me, where 'Doug' is the guy with the plan. Quick backgrounder: Ann Coulter has taken upon herself to savage Max Cleland, a man who is minus three limbs, which he lost in wartime. TBoggs has also been on the case. Coulter claims that Cleland's injuries occurred not in combat, and that he was injured when he picked up his own grenade. This time, the claim is not merely bogus because she's left something out, or mis-read meanings, or selectively quoted. This time she seems to have just made up a lie."

Monstrous Coulter Smears Cleland with the Vilest Attack: 'Didn't Give His Limbs for His Country'
Ann Coulter

"Facing more questions about the President's National Guard duty, conservative allies of the White House did the only thing they could do: disparage triple amputee Vietnam war hero Max Cleland, a man who only a year and a half ago the White House and its allies likened to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein in television ads. In a column posted on the conservative Heritage Foundation's Web site, Fox News contributor and White House ally Ann Coulter unleashed an attack on Cleland's service to his country, claiming that the triple amputee/decorated war hero displayed 'no bravery' in Vietnam. The politically motivated assault came after Cleland appeared at events critical of the Administration, once again showing the conservatives' pattern of impugning the patriotism of those who question their policy... e-mail the President of the Heritage Foundation to tell him to stop publishing Coulter's work, and e-mail Fox News to tell them to stop putting Ann Coulter on TV."

SNL's Tina Fey Puts O'Lielly and Colt-er in Their Place
Ann Coulter

From Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: "Everything was going so nicely at New York magazine's New York Awards lunch yesterday, and then Tina Fey got up at the Four Seasons restaurant to introduce honoree Al Franken. Fey, 'Saturday Night Live' head writer and 'Weekend Update' co-anchor, noted that 'most of us see Bill O'Reilly or Ann Coulter on television and just kind of say, 'Eww! Gross!' and change the channel. Have you seen Ann Coulter in person? It's like when you see a rat.' The audience in the Pool Room, including fellow awardees Caroline Kennedy, Tim Robbins and Kevin Kline, howled with laughter. A Fox News Channel rep for O'Reilly declined to comment and conservative pundit Coulter didn't respond to an E-mail." Way to go, Tina! As Janeane Garofalo suggested, we wish NBC would stop stifling your keen sense of humor for the sake of protecting the Bush boy and his regime.

Matthews Nails Coulter on a Blatant Lie - Why Does He Still Invite Her On?
Ann Coulter

David Corn writes of his Hardball appearance with Ann Coulter, who argued that "'George C. Scott turned down his Academy Award for playing Patton'...because the filmmakers' plan to destroy Patton's image by portraying the general 'as negatively as possible' had gone awry. Matthews wasn't buying. 'Who told you that, who told you that?' he shouted. Her Oracle-like response: 'It is well known.' She added, 'Why did you think he turned down the award, Chris? You never looked that up? It never occurred to you?' Matthews retorted, 'Because he said he wasn't going to a meat parade, because he didn't believe in award ceremonies.' And Matthews was right." It turns out that Scott "had explained his action by slamming such awards as 'demeaning' and he had dismissed the Oscar ceremony as a 'two-hour meat parade.'... As Matthews [finally] remarked, 'Facts mean nothing to you, Ann.' If so, why continue to have her on?" Good question, David - why don't we ask Chris ourselves? - hardball@msnbc.com

Ann Coulter, There Is Hope For You! Paranoid Schizophrenia IS Treatable!
Ann Coulter

Ann, there is hope for you! Paranoid schizophrenia responds very well to even moderate doses of Haldol. You will feel like a new woman!! No more hallucinations of monstrous 12-foot high liberals looming over your desk chanting Bob Dylan songs! No more terror of using the ladies' room for fear Bill and Hillary Clinton are hiding in the next stall... No more hearing Pat Robertson's disembodied voice urging you to "Kill them! Kill them all!" You will soon begin to live life as a normal woman....though that may be the most difficult part to treat, as your condition comes with persistent illusions of grandeur. Alas, many patients experience a profound sense of loss when their delusional world, in which they are the queen, dissolves. But, with the right therapist, Ann, you can lick this thing!! (Here's a sample of the patient's latest delusional fantasy).

Joe Conason Rips Crazy Coulter on CNN
Ann Coulter

From Paula Zahn's interview of Joe Conason and Ann Coulter: "ZAHN: So are you suggesting, then, that the United States shouldn't even have gone back to the U.N....? COULTER: No, I don't know why we need that. I would disagree with Joe. Our traditional allies are very much with us, Britain and Israel, the two allies liberals loathe and are constantly knocking. I suppose you could call Germany and France allies, but it's a theory that's never really been tested. CONASON: Ask the British whether they think we should go back to the UN -- our strongest, oldest allies, yes, the British.... They are strongly in favor of getting a new United Nations resolution.... But certainly, we need traditional allies and new allies, like Russia. Germany certainly is a traditional ally and has been -- was throughout the cold war, as I'm sure Ann actually knows, although she pretends not to. And France has been a long-term ally of the U.S. And we need their help, and they're helping us now."

Deranged Coulter Says Veterans Gore and Davis Make Case for Friendly Fire
Ann Coulter

A Buzzflash Reader Commentary: "Ann Coulter has crossed a line, a line etched in stone, that cannot be easily ignored, excused, justified, mitigated or forgotten. In fact, it should attach to Ms. Coulter for the duration of her political and public life. On August 14, 2003, in her weekly column on the extreme right wing mouthpiece, FrontPageMag.com, about former Vice President Al Gore and current Governor Gray Davis, Ann Coulter wrote: 'Both were veterans, after a fashion, of Vietnam, which would make a Gore-Davis Presidential ticket the only compelling argument yet in favor of friendly fire.' This from a woman who has written two best selling books entitled Slander and Treason. One does not have to look very far to find examples of Ms. Coulter's blatant hypocrisy. The very first line of her latest book reads: 'Liberals have a preternatural gift for striking a position on the side of treason.'" The 'Liberal' Media doesn't seem to mind that she is a psychopath -- they keep booking her.

Has She No Shame?
Ann Coulter

Joe Conason writes: "So how appropriate it is that in the rapidly growing Ann Coulter bibliography, last year's bestselling 'Slander' is now followed by 'Treason,' her new catalog of defamation against every liberal and every Democrat -- indeed, every American who has dared to disagree with her or her spirit guide, Joe McCarthy -- as 'traitors.' And like a criminal who subconsciously wants to be caught, Coulter seems compelled to reveal at last her true role model. (Some of us had figured this out already.) She not only lionizes the late senator, whose name is synonymous with demagogue, but with a vengeance also adopts his methods and pursues his partisan purposes. She sneers, she smears, she indicts by falsehood and distortion -- and she frankly expresses her desire to destroy any political party or person that resists Republican conservatism (as defined by her)."

Up is Down, Down is Up: Building a Discourse for Treason
Ann Coulter

Laura Ross writes, "Ann Coulter will soon have a book out which calls for her readership to consider liberals treasonous. Treason! This, from a woman created and funded by a movement so audacious in its drive to spread disinformation among the American public for the past two decades, so brazen in its usurpation of the media content we rely on for democratically informed opinion, that one can't help but wonder whether it hasn't operated on strategies most people would consider treasonous or, at the very least, antidemocratic. If they only knew."

Penn State Editor Cancels Ann Coulter's Column
Ann Coulter

"Dear Ann Coulter: You're fired. It's not that extreme viewpoints are unwelcome on the opinion pages of the Centre Daily Times. All political viewpoints, from Cal Thomas on the right to Molly Ivins on the left, are welcome here. But, we don't welcome haters, Ann, and that's what you are. Well, you are either a hater or a hypocrite who calls names and spews enmity because you believe it will get your pretty face on television more or sell more copies of your best-selling books... We decided not to publish a piece of yours a few weeks back because it was nothing more than a sexual history of some of your enemies -- i.e., private citizens who dared to give money to the Democrats. I ... told readers then that if you continued to cross the line, we'd can you. Your Friday column, in which you declared that liberals are 'no good,' then trashed the entire Kennedy clan as a collection of 'heroin addicts, convicted killers, cheaters, bottleggers and dissolute drunks,' crossed that line."

The Coultergeist is a Sick Woman
Ann Coulter

This is a direct quote from Ann Coulter from the New York Observer. "My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building." The reporter George Gurley told her to be careful. "You're right, after 9/11 I shouldn't say that," she said. Maybe we should report her to the TIPS program as making a direct terrorist threat! And who can forget her boasting on "Rivera Live" back in August 18, 1999 that it's a big joke that she lied to the FBI. What was so funny to her is that she denied her friends' prior drug use, when the FBI was checking them out for Justice Dept. clearances.

Want to Buy Tax Free Cigarettes and Get a Laugh? Go to Ann Coulter's Official Website
Ann Coulter

Here is the official website from the delusional liar, Ann Coulter, "The good part of being a Democrat is that you can commit crimes, sell out your base, bomb foreigners, and rape women, and the Democratic faithful will still think you're the greatest." Commit Crimes and Bomb Foreigners? Sure sounds like BushCheney to us! Cheney's company Halliburton traded with Libya, Iran and Iraq. Prescott Bush's assets were frozen in 1942 for trading with the enemy, Hitler. Committing Crimes? Consider George W. Bush's fraud with Harken, his DUI, his cocaine use, his AWOL. Raping woman? Those claims are no more substantial than those leveled against Reagan. And look at all the GOP sex offenders just in the past year alone – such as Waterbury, CT Mayor Giordano. By the way, Coulter also has a HUGE banner on top of the page to buy tax-free cigarettes. Then read her intro with even more lies and fabrications!