Al Sharpton

Roger Stone Isn't the Only Rightwinger to Get His Hooks into Sharpton -- There's Also Reverend Moon!
Al Sharpton

In 1998, the counter-cult ministry New Covenant wrote, "Al Sharpton is another one also now being used by Sun Myung Moon to further Moon's agenda. He is very involved in seeking to persuade Christian Ministers to participate in this up-coming Unification Church 'Blessing Ceremony.' One of the main strategies of the Unification Church in promoting their 'Blessing Ceremony' is to target Christian Ministers hoping their influence would persuade whole congregations to participate." Also - from the Moonie 'True Parents' site (tparents.org): "Reverend Sharpton, father, husband, mayoral candidate and President of the National Action Network became Co-chairman of the Coalition for Harmony. The Coalition for Harmony was founded by [the Unification Church's] Rev. Joong Hyun Pak and Rev. Simon T. Levine in 1990." According to cultwatcher Steve Hassan (freedomofmind.com), Sharpton renewed his marriage vows at a Moonie mass wedding. Moon has paid George Sr. and Barbara Bush up to $10 million.

How Al Sharpton Became a Tool of Rightwinger Roger Stone
Al Sharpton

Black Commentator writes: "The Sharpton campaign's descent into what looked like madness became apparent shortly after the resignations of Frank Watkins and Kevin Gray, September 30. We don't know what precipitated their exits, but Roger Stone and his Republicans moved right in... [Sharpton's] real mission was to seize the mantle of national Black leadership [from Jesse Jackson]. What we did not know was that Roger Stone was methodically channeling Sharpton's ambitions and grievances. Like all of Bush's men, the dirty Republican trickster aims to suppress the Black vote in the general election. He hoped that Sharpton could be deployed as a disruptive force in the primary process, thus tamping down Black enthusiasm for the ultimate nominee. $2-300,000 is a small price to pay for the chance to wreak havoc among Democrats - and who knows where the money really comes from. Sharpton, who thinks he's a player, played right into Stone's hands. Now he can be broken at will."

Why Did Al Sharpton Endorse Senator Al D'amato (R-NY) in 1986?
Al Sharpton

When Tim Russert asked Rev. Al Sharpton why he endorsed right-wing Senator Al D'Amato (R-NY) for re-election in 1986, Sharpton replied: "We did not feel that he was going to be a conservative Republican." Joe Conason writes, "Everyone in New York knew that Al D'Amato was 'going to be a conservative Republican,' because six years earlier he had defeated Jacob Javits, the liberal Republican incumbent, in a bitter primary that featured his right-wing credentials and financing from ultraconservative national organizations. Everyone in New York knew that Green was the progressive candidate (including all the African-American politicians of any stature). Actually, D'Amato purchased the endorsement of Sharpton's 'ministerial group' with a federal grant. Sharpton's covert relationship with the Republican Party didn't end back then. On election eve in 1994, he lent his considerable presence to a George Pataki rally at a Harlem church."

Like Ralph Nader, Rev. Al Sharpton Wants to Play the Spoiler - to Give Bush 4 More Years
Al Sharpton

Adam Nagourney writes, "Rev. Al Sharpton has run for office three times from New York, and has lost each time. He has been embroiled in polarizing disputes throughout his career, including the handling of his personal finances and his involvement in a racially charged rape case that a jury found to be a hoax. Even the ever-energetic and indefatigable Mr. Sharpton acknowledges it is unlikely that he will ever be elected president of the United States. Not to say Mr. Sharpton is not going to try." Hey Al - Ralph Nader ran as a spoiler in 2000, and he helped Bush steal the Presidency. America - especially black America - cannot afford 4 more years of Bush. Find a way to HELP the Democratic Party, not DEFEAT it. Drop out now!